There’s A New Kid On The Block …


Good Morning All


There is a new kid on the block! And this new kid is going to get a swift tickle behind the ears!

Those of you who have been following this blog for some time (thank you most kindly) will know all  about sweet little Rory, the neighbours cat. Rory isn’t his real name because I don’t want to be sued by irate owners for insinuating their pussy did this, that or the other.

Rory is a sweet little soul who wouldn’t hurt a fly. His attacks on birds are laughable. As soon as he goes into predator mode, lowering his body and preparing to stalk, his legs  don’t  appear to work very well. By the time he has launched an attack, the bird is flapping over the distant horizon, chirping insults.

Chea has met Rory now, nose to nose. Rory was hiding under the rhododendron and Chea bustled in, trilling away ( you would need to know cats to understand ‘trilling’) and Rory shot out and ran for home. He is actually frightened of Chea. All this demonstrates that he is a nice boy and gentle to boot.

I was sitting at the laptop, yesterday afternoon, when all hell broke loose. Looking up I saw Rory, flat on his back in subservient mode, screaming his little head off and some huge tabby and white horror  plastered across him beating him up. Even Chea heard the attack and ran for cover.

I sprang up (yes sprang) and  hurtled outside yelling, ‘Oi you little b*****d leave him alone.’ The tabby from hell ran off, racing by the chucks, who almost fell off their perch and went berserk clucking and screeching. Meanwhile poor Rory was staggering to his feet with torn-out hair still snowing down around him. He hobbled off and just made it over the fence and home. I trounced up the garden ready to …well …I don’t know what! But I wasn’t pleased. Why do the strong have to continually pick on the weak? If the tabby tool tries it on with Chea it will certainly wish it hadn’t.

Chea was massively upset – apparently. I say apparently because  she didn’t actually cross my mind until an hour later when I went into the lounge and calmly enquired of Richard, who was roasting in front of the fire, casually flicking through his Land Rover magazine. ‘Where’s Chea?’

‘Under the chair,’ came his reply. Frankly I was lucky to get that much of a response. Land Rover info is so absorbing!

‘What do you mean under the chair?’

‘Under the chair. She’s been there since all that shouting.’

‘What shouting!’

Now he looked up, saw my face and mumbled, ‘Er.’

How dare he insinuate I was shouting? I only raised my voice a bit. Well, I guess it was quite loud for a peaceful Sunday afternoon.

‘Well she isn’t frightened of me, is she?’ I said. ‘I shout all the time. It’s not like she isn’t used to it, is it?’

‘Hmm,’ he said.

Useless! Anyway, I encouraged Chea to come out from the under the chair and made it right with her. I mean, couldn’t Richard have done that an hour ago? Once he gets his daft head in one of those magazines he’s dead to humanity.

I have been quite concerned about Rory BUT whilst I’ve been typing this he has appeared and I’ve been out and given him some chicken, bless him. I shall be on tabby tool duty from now on. No one beats up my little friends and gets away with it. Not on my watch sunshine!

I know I don’t very often bore you with writing related crap – but today I AM going to SLIGHTLY bore you with writing related crap. I’m quite excited actually – and that doesn’t happen too often – so let me have my moment. I have decided to put my eBook, Mulligan’s Reach, into paperback form and it should be available shortly.

That’s it! That’s as near to writing orientated stuff that I need to go.

Obviously I will be over the moon, around the stars, and falling back to earth with a stupid grin on my face, if any of you choose to support me and buy a copy. Goes without saying, hey?

I hung out some washing first thing because it is a bright, windy day here and I thought that I’d get Richard back for not taking notice of Chea’s distress, by hanging out his LARGE underpants for the neighbours to goggle. I can see that they are still billowing away like sails on a pirate ship – like sails on Johnny Depp’s Black Pearl… Yes… Johnny Depp!… Jack Sparrow. If only. However, I digress –  the underpants  remain, probably due to the weight, but my delicate leggings have escaped one of the pegs and are trailing on the ground, so I’m off to re-peg the leggings and to stand, for a moment, beneath those billowing sails of Jack’s Black Pearl and dream …

And besides, I’m a writer – so I can do that dreamy, imaginary stuff and get away with it. mull


Take care my lovelies x





8 thoughts on “There’s A New Kid On The Block …

  1. Gail, you always cheer me up and give me a lift. Reminds me of a while ago when there was a devilish black cat in the area, whom all the local cats hated. My Russian blue, Sam, took him on in a savage tussle and I parted them, only to be rewarded by Sam’s teeth slicing through my thumb, almost to the bone – he was in such a frenzy he didn’t know what he was doing. Luckily the black swine left and our community of cats (all mates) continued as before, chatting to each other and climbing roofs together, nose to tail. And good luck with Mulligan;s Reach. Have started reading and I think it’s terrific, love your characters.


    • You also make me smile. I can just imagine all the cats meeting up again after the black baddie had left. I had a mangy white creature coming into the garden some years ago. It was quite wild. One day I walked up the garden and it was in my greenhouse. I think we saw each other at the same time. Being wild it went ballistic, threw itself at the glass and went straight through it smashing the bottom pane and dislodging the two above it before they also smashed. I just stood staring at the smashed glass, thinking, did that really happen? The cat was fine. Cats!! And I’m thrilled that you are still ‘with the book’ because I know it isn’t your usual genre. Be interested to know your thoughts as you get deeper into it? Oh, and in answer to your question of yesterday, no we don’t live on a farm – unfortunately. x


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