I Get A Little Sentimental Over You …

Hi All

I was pretty much overwhelmed yesterday by the kind comments, here and in private, to my blog.

It’s quite strange really because you think, after a certain amount of time, that loss lessens. There are even days when you look back and realise that you didn’t think about your loved one at all that day. And then there are days when that loved one is everywhere. In every thought. But, that said, let’s move on … I am supposed to be the wacky one, not the one to spread gloom and doom. Heaven knows there are enough of those people around …

So! What to please/bore/impress/annoy you with today? Er …

It’s really difficult today because I can’t get the kindness of you all out of my head. I just want to plough on saying how much I appreciate you all. But I can’t can I? No. I can’t!

So! Let’s start with Richard. He is always a good subject to get me going. If you read a previous blog you will know that he is currently undergoing dental work. Tomorrow he goes to have another tooth out and then next week he begins the treatment on the £1,000 tooth. Remember? As much as I have tried I CANNOT get my head around the fact that one tooth is worth spending £1,000 on it!

I’ve told him to have it taken out. He just sulked. So I enforced my argument and told him again to have it taken out. He moaned something about not being able to chew Bombay mix if he had the tooth taken out. Not be able to chew Bombay mix? Is this a necessary diet item? Frigging Bombay mix! He thinks that if he eats a few deep fried split lentils it goes towards his five-a-day necessary veg. This a a man who can eat a whole box of chocolates in one sitting. Probably explains why his teeth are rotten.

This is a disagreement that will roll on and on – until next week at least. But I know the outcome. He will go and have the work done. And he will spend the money that I had ear-marked for a garden shed! And I may have managed to squeeze in a new laptop as well. Both totally necessary items …don’t you think?

A quick update on Chea. She has now progressed to freaking around in the garden, still in her harness, but without the mile of string attached. Because she has the harness on she still thinks that she is attached! She has almost fallen into the pond several times and appears to get great satisfaction from standing on top of the waterfall. I wince several times when she slips on the rocks but the only way for her to figure out that the pond is not a good place to play, because it is cold and contains water, is to let her figure it out for herself. I always keep my eye on the net – just in case!

She stalks the chucks and makes their lives hell, having little mock attacks and naughtily dashing past them when they are dust bathing.  But, in her defence, they are a bit bonkers. They spend half the time looking for her when she isn’t around and the other half stropping off when she is. They are both still laying so they can’t be that upset.

And talking of hens laying eggs – I have quite a build up of eggs, so I think I had better make this morning a baking morning and use them up on a few Victoria sandwiches. Shame  Richard won’t be able to scoff them. Not if he is having a huge tooth out tomorrow and will be in excruciating pain. And oh dear! I don’t think there is a single pain-killer in the house. At least there won’t be after I have hidden them!

A thousand pounds hey? MB900021545


Take care my lovelies x


(I’d like to say a huge welcome to my new followers…

and thank you all for your comments and ‘likes.’)




15 thoughts on “I Get A Little Sentimental Over You …

  1. mmmmmmm! I could be in your bad books here Jennie. Richard if you have that money for that tooth go for it 🙂 sorry Jennie, I have a thing about teeth, one that I could write a blog about, so maybe you and Richard have given me the inspiration to write about them lol…. shut your eyes and put your hands over your ears for this bit Jennie…………sssssh this is between me and you Richard…..I paid £400 for a crown many years ago and it is still going strong, and was worth every penny….happy eating….nom, nom, nom. x


  2. Bit mean, don’t yer think? Hiding the painkillers. OK, so £1,000 on atooth. That is what it costs these days, sad to say. You will just have to grin and bear it, if not the grin, then a grimace, but bear it you will. A house with bad feeling is a terrible place. Make him put in double the money afterwards to get your shed and laptop sooner. Scrimp a bit, make it all the easier. Give hinm pasta three times a week, cut out the choccies. Pussy cat on a harness? Why?


    • Chea is only young, recently spayed and has no idea of her territory yet or even where she lives, so it’s a harness and long string until she gets her bearings. Hopefully by the weekend the harness can come off and be replaced by a collar. She has a pretty good idea now of how to get back to the house from the top of the garden.


  3. Oh dear oh dear, I think you might need to let him have the painkillers hon, he will be even more grumpy otherwise. I think you will be getting a new laptop for your birthday if you fake a little sympathy lol. Too many eggs? Making cakes? Where’s mine?


  4. I’ll get Richard to bring one when he comes to visit. Everyone seems to be taking his side so I’m going to share him out equally between the members of his new fan club. So I hope you guys are stocking up on the old ibuprofen …mwahhhh


  5. Hey Jennie, I’m new to the blogging thing, and have been trying to set up my own in the last couple of days – I am so enjoying your little entries every other day – and have a good chuckle every now and then! Glad to be following you now! have a great day! and yeah – a THOUSAND POUNDS!!!


    • I love you already! Thank goodness someone agrees with me re the tooth! And thank you for following me – that’s brilliant. Good luck with your blog. I shall follow you when you are up and running. Have a lovely day xx


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