You’ve Shamed Me Into It! …


Hi All

OK you rotters  – Adele, Evelyn, Sandra (tooth fairy) and Jaki, you’ve shamed me into it. Richard gets his very reasonably priced tooth (huh!) and I won’t hide the painkillers. Honestly, you’d think I was holding back on vital oxygen.  I still think you are all too soft but, because you are my friends, I will forgive you.

Actually it’s quite funny because I have never known anyone to take my side over Richards. Everyone thinks he is lovely. I’ll let that particular pony run – for now.

I was amazed this morning  to see that it was light at 7.00 am. The sky was a brilliant pink – probably a warning of bad weather – but it was truly beautiful. I think we have broken winter’s back now.

I noticed yesterday, when I was in the garden, that the snowdrops have their brave little domes out of the chilly soil. I just had to stand and stare at them. I wondered how many people have actually lifted a snowdrop to look into its depths.? Normally you don’t see their little faces because for some reason they insist on hanging their heads. Perhaps they are shy? Like maidens, coy and coquettish.

I also noticed that the only clump of daffodils are spearing through. I love daffodils. In fact I would say that they are one of my favourite flowers – but not in the garden. I don’t like their out-of-control legginess and the fact that they look such a mess after they have flowered, because you are supposed to leave the tatty leaves intact to put goodness back into the bulb. I adore daffodils in the house. My mum was totally opposite. She liked them in their natural state but not in the house. I remember her saying to me on many occasions, ‘look what your dad has bought. He knows I don’t like daffodils in the house!’ I think they are charming, bright flowers, indicative of the coming of spring.

So, guys, it will soon be Valentine’s Day. Whoop woo! I’m wondering how many of you are made to feel special on that day and how many of you make someone else feel special on that day? It’s a bit like Shrove Tuesday (pancake day) in this house. We eat pancakes whenever we feel like it and we make each other feel special whenever we feel like it. Though I must admit, sometimes we let that last one slide a bit. Having said that I did make Richard a lovely heart-shaped chocolate cake with fondant icing red hearts last year. Richard has three loves in his life, Land Rovers, chocolate and chocolate cake. So anything chocolate orientated is a winner.

Actually,  thinking about it, I’m pretty sure he has his very reasonably priced dental work commencingMB900122861 on his very reasonably priced tooth on that date. Still, it shouldn’t prevent him from tucking into cake that has been made so thoughtfully and lovingly with my own fair hands, should it? I don’t want to be repetitive though, so I think this year I shall make him a lovely rock cake!


He who laughs last – laughs longest!!


Take care my lovelies x





19 thoughts on “You’ve Shamed Me Into It! …

  1. Although £1000 is a fortune, look at the alternatives: Richard would have to have a plate, and that would be around £500. So really it’s only cost £500 if you look at it that way, not to mention the extraction cost, so he’s got a rebuilt tooth for about £400 that will last, without the inconvenience. I agree with him, chocolate is marvellous, as are Land Rovers. I personally love bricks and old buildings, we all have our peculiarities.


    • I am virtually heartbroken. I thought of all the people in the world you would agree with me! Ha ha. Only joking. Yes of course he must have the bloody tooth. But if I agreed and gave in immediately Richard would think there was something wrong with me!! I love sheds, trugs, wooden spoons and what used to be be called Tupperware, basically plastic storage containers …oh, and wheelbarrows. And I love re-using old bricks and rocks. Bardon – where we live, is built on the site of an old volcano, so there is no shortage of rock around here! You will find no one less ‘girlie’ than me. I’d rather roll in the garden than roll in silk sheets. Oopps, maybe I shouldn’t have said that – but I was just trying to make a point.


  2. An odd segue from dental dilemmas to daffodils to Valentine’s day to rock cakes. I think the little snowdrops will be covered in actual snow this weekend. I’m going all out with Feb 14th not that my man will be involved at all, more because it’s a very creative day… poems, songs, stories, art etc. I don’t bake (or cook at all actually) – cooking makes me obsessed with food so I stay out of the kitchen for the sake of my fat cells.


  3. Oh no chocolate cake, why did you mention that, im having to stay away from that ha ha, im drooling over the image of cake, and chocolate at that. I dont celebrate valentines day as single, actually didnt really when i was married lol. But it will probably get soppy in my house as my three eldest all have partners now. Another great comical blog, keep it up xx


  4. It was only my opinion so, you can do as you like really. Ha! Rock cake, now methinks I see you looking into a mirror on the wall….you know how it goes. Something …….. comes this way, only koking. I love lots of flowera and have rarely had snowdrops. but daffs, they do have lovely scents though most people would not notice. Myself, I loe the look of narcissus, which of course belong to the daffodyl family or vice versa. They are apromise of spring, as are crocus a little bit after. Niothing bad, only good, good, good. (and with a gleaminbg tooth win king at you?). Oh, I know we do not know your nearest and dearest and mostly I would agree with the woman, mostly, I have lots of pain and did not want him to suffer, (unless he is a rotter). Ha! Ha! Have a good day.


  5. It sounds, to me anyway, that Richard is in line for a chocolate Land Rover cake for Valentines! 😉 I love Land Rovers and often flick through the Land Rover mag’s although I’ve never owned one. Perhaps one day! I wouldn’t have agreed winters back had been broken this morning when I was outside scraping the windows but then I’m extra grumpy in the morn! x


    • Ha ha …well scraping ice off windows will bring on the grumps with the best of people Paul. Richard has, in the past, had 2 new Land Rovers but the one he is ‘doing up,’ is an old 1971,series 2 swb that he’s had for 27 years. It used to run but got left in his mother’s garage and fell to bits!! We need it for carrying rubbish and logs and stuff because last year we decided to downgrade from a Volvo xc90 to a VW Up. And as you can imagine we can’t get much in that! But it’s certainly economical! XX


      • Not you as well Paul! I’m turning this man into a hero. Now all I have to do is to get him to write a book on Land Rovers and we’ll be rollin’ iin it!! And then he can have as many new teeth as he likes! Good plan, hey?? x


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