Dear Sir Or Madam Will You Read My Book? …

Hi All

In  words, from one of the songs by the best group ever – in my opinion – The Beatles, let me say,

Dear Sir or Madam

Will you read my book

It took me years to write it

Won’t you take a look?

My novel, my first love, Mulligan’s Reach, is now available to purchase in paperback. My copy arrived yesterday and it was a really weird feeling. To flick through a book and actually see your words springing up at you is unreal.  As you flick, sentences escape from the pages and log into your brain and you are taken back into the book and have little choice but to dwell a while. For quite some time I was back on the island of Mulligan’s Reach. I walked along the shoreline, felt the hot white sand between my toes. Caught the smell of the sea as it gently lapped against the beach.

I saw Kane Mitchell riding his horse towards me, sitting tall in the saddle. As he passed I caught the smell of leather and horse and man. I heard the creaking of the saddle and the steady drumming of the horse’s hooves as they contacted the wet sand. I turned to watch him go – and again I fell in love with him. My hero. Ahh.

But, as all good things come to an end, so did my flicking. I patted the cover and placed it on the table.

Later in the day Chea found it the ideal place to sit and perform her bottom cleaning operations. I tried not to see this as a sign!

I have never managed to get Mulligan’s Reach out of my system. The characters wrote themselves and danced to their own tunes. When I wrote ‘The End’ I cried.

I am in the process of writing another novel, The Sleeping Field. I have 23,000 words treading water. They have been attempting to keep their heads above the swell for a couple of weeks now and I seem unable to rescue them. I honestly do not know which bank to head for. Sometimes I think that I should just leave them there to gently take in water and sink into the mire?

A reviewer has suggested that I write a sequel to Mulligan. I immediately evicted that thought from my head, before it could attach to my brain and do serious damage. But, I must have left the tiniest sliver of possibility in there because the idea is growing stronger and stronger by the day – by the hour almost.

And who could blame me if I did seriously consider it? Mulligan’s Reach is an amazingly beautiful place with quirky, interesting people, mad horses and weather to die for. The alternative? Well, the alternative isn’t exactly horrendous but it comes a very poor second.

I am off to see Archna, my chiro lady, at midday. She is possibly my biggest fan so I just know that she will be needing a paperback copy, even though she has read it in Ebook form. So I shall just wipe off the er … slight smearing of … er … whatever it is that Chea left behind and take it with me to show her.

I make no apologies for my self-centred ramblings today because I am just a tiny bit excited. I have my cake. If people buy my book – that will be the icing on my cake. And if people buy my book and actually like it – that will be the cherry on my cake.

Take care my lovelies xmull



15 thoughts on “Dear Sir Or Madam Will You Read My Book? …

  1. I can’t express just how pleased I am for you. Publishing electronically is a great thing but to see your words in print, in a traditional book that is tangible and will have its own place on the coffee table or bookshelf must be mind blowing and fantastic.


  2. I am banned from paper books but will read you on Ebook. I witness feline bottom cleaning quite regularly with my lot and I often take such a sight as non-verbal communication from my furry family. Congrats on paperback!


  3. Congratulations Jennie. So good to hear that you are now in paperback. Have shared your blog link on my personal fb page. I hope that it brings you more readers. xx Dawn


  4. Check you out hey!!! Congratulations. Seeing it in your hands as a ‘real’ book must be a fantastic feeling. It was such a lovely read, so hopefully now we may get a book two??? a trilogy??? oooo that would be good 🙂 xx


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