Mulligan’s Reach, Dalmatians and Reviewers… (Not Necessarily In That Order )

Hi All

I can’t promise much joy from today’s blog because to be perfectly honest with you I’m right annoyed. Doesn’t sound like you, I hear you scream! I’m being pedantic. Why? Because I’m annoyed. Why? Well I shall tell you.

Firstly, after flying high yesterday over pink candy-floss clouds, smiling at every angel I passed, I was brought swiftly back to earth, landing on my butt, on a very sharp stone. Someone had dashed over to feedaread to buy my book, Mulligan’s Reach, (did I mention it is now in paperback?) and the gits are charging what I consider to be a bit too much for the postage. I am not mean by nature and I have always considered that something is worth whatever someone is prepared to pay for it but … there is no way on this or any other planet that I am going to let my friends and followers go unprepared.

If I wanted to purchase a book I would consider the postage a necessary evil and in truth it is and maybe I am just out of touch with reality. I guess I don’t really buy stuff that needs delivering. I shall leave the decision to you. If you consider I am worth it then go ahead by all means, I shall be delighted and more. However…

I have paid to make Mulligan’s Reach available through Amazon and I understand that they do not charge postage. Obviously I understand your burning desire to belt off and buy my book but if you want to wait a bit it will be coming to an Amazon store near you – as they say.

And don’t go thinking that this is reversed psychology because it isn’t. I am way too stupid to attempt that.

The other thing that tweaked me a bit last night was an email from a writer friend saying that some low-life (I’m sure it wasn’t anyone reading this because I only have lovely people on here) gave him a ridiculous 2* star review.

Actually it wasn’t a review, it was a short sentence of near abuse. I seriously doubt that they had even read his book – a book, which by the way has many 5* reviews. I am pretty sure it upset him. I had much the same, once. And it upset me. It upset me to the point of seriously considering wearing a bag over my head when I went out in case someone should recognise me and link me to the ridiculous review. But nowadays I am older and wiser and these reviews and crappy people can’t touch me. Why? Aha! Why indeed…

Desensitization. Whoop woo!

When I was married to Mr Vet I was a naive sweet young thing – well naive at least. The first time I saw a dog put to sleep, a Dalmatian, I had to peek through a gap in the consulting room door. The sight of a dog actually ending its life before my eyes was horrific. The second dog I saw put to sleep wasn’t nice. The third dog? I held the third dog securely with my left hand and with my right hand placed my thumb on the dogs leg while the lethal injection was administered .


The first lambing I witnessed took place on the surgery driveway, in the back of a farmer’s trailer. It was pitch black out there except for a fragment of light shining from the surgery window. The lambing itself was being performed by torchlight. I was massively excited, almost bouncing, waiting to see my very first live lambing. After thirty minutes a head rolled down the ramp and landed at my feet, settling in the splinter of light from the surgery window. The head had a tongue sticking out! I stood my ground but my heart turned over. The lamb was already dead and had to have its head cut off in order to get its body out of the ewe. After a good few more ‘lambing’ encounters I found that my heart no longer turned over, in fact it didn’t miss a beat. Why?


And this is how it is with reviews. You just get used to the crap and the nonsense of others. The first time hurts as it knocks you off your feet and destroys your faith in your own abilities but after that? Nah. Bring it on.

I no longer fear dead dogs, headless lambs and crap, pointless reviews. Half the time I think these dick-heads only write a review because they want to see their sad little names in print. Well go and write a book you pathetic person and then each and every one of us can unnecessarily slag you off and ruin your day!!

I have to go shopping now to buy some icing for Richard’s Valentines cake. And then, this afternoon, when he has gone to work, I shall dig out the heart-shaped tin and make him a lovely little cake. I tell you – I am way too nice. But as my dear mum used to say, ‘You’ll get your rewards in heaven.’ Hmmm. OK …

Take care my lovelies x




21 thoughts on “Mulligan’s Reach, Dalmatians and Reviewers… (Not Necessarily In That Order )

  1. Can you post a link to your book please? These trolls who set out to flame new authors not only destroy the confidence of those that they attack, they discredit genuine reviewers who’s opinions readers come to rely on and who offer constructive criticism to the writer so that they can develop further.

    What I find so very sad is the suggestion (not from you) that these attacks are perpetrated by other authors, attempting some sort of nobbling of the field. Why is this sad? Because i suspect it is true. Within the last 6 months at least one high profile author has been caught doing this very thing.

    I hope your friend weathers the storm and rejoices in the 5*’s and ignores this 2*


    • What you say is totally true. No one – myself included – minds a review from someone that has actually read the book. There are some great reviewers out there, Adele Symonds being one such reviewer. Her reviews are honest and balanced. A one-liner that states, ‘I didn’t like it. It was bad,’ to my mind is not exactly constructive and leads me to believe that they never read the book in the first place. I will certainly post a link – my absolute pleasure.


  2. Thanks Gail, really witty blog as ever, but I find that some days things go well, other days badly, but I’m sure you;re a natural optimist like me and bounce back quickly. It must have been awful seeing that poor lamb;s head, vets have a terrible lot to put up with. They say that doctors get desensitized, seeing so much terrible suffering. As for my abusive review, frankly it looks rather ridiculous stuck there like a sore thumb – I am used to criticism from clever editors I;ve worked for, so I can put up with silly rants. Thanks to rambling babble too for his support, he sounds like a really nice chap – he likes land rovers too I believe, so he has good taste


  3. I had to read your blog before I start my somewhat traumatic afternoon ahead because you always make me smile. Good luck with your book sales Gail and gdwest123. I agree some people just love to criticise. xx


  4. When I see a review like that, I take it for the crap that it must be, and always click the “not helpful” button next to it in the hope that if enough people do, Amazon will remove it. If it”s stuck in between five star reviews it’s obviously one of those vindictive fools -that usually can’t speak English – that get their small jollies by hurting others. Prats!


  5. I find Kindle eliminates need for delivery and I’m not a patient person so I have instant gratification with the purchase of ebooks. I am working on being desensitised as I have held on to a lot of overwhelming emotions in life. The desensitisation programme I have has a virus I think! In fact I’m being over sensitised as I approach my 40s.on reflection I think bad reviews are pointless, we all have different tastes and a book I enjoy immensely may be totally vetoed by someone else. If I don’t like a book I don’t review. I have the opposite problem I love too many books and my reviews look like I love everything and everyone because I don’t review books I don’t like. I always try to be positive about books as I think writing is a journey and those brave enough to take it (not me ATM) should be encouraged. I have been outraged by books in the past but I realised there are so many books out there to love why be negative about the ones you don’t enjoy? Just my opinion!


    • I totally agree with you. No writer can please everyone, regardless of who they are. It would be like saying broccoli is the spawn of the devil just because it isn’t to your taste – but thousands of people love broccoli. It is all subjective. And frankly, no one is forcing their books on to anyone. Everyone has the opportunity to read the blurb and the first few pages (on kindle) so I would suggest if they don’t like what they read at that point don’t buy the book because chances are it won’t get any better. Makes sense to me. I’m sorry, regarding your held-on-to emotions. That must be difficult at times?


  6. Hello lovely lady, stupid people, leaving stupid reviews, I will always tick the not helpful box, if I ever come across really awful review, no need for it at all. I know where you are coming from in the ‘Desensitization’ saga, I used to be so upset in my job and sadly to say I slowly became practically ‘dehumanised’ by the horrors I used to see. Great blog as always, hmmm, about the postage saga. Love the ‘Toothy Peg Lady’ (lady is used loosely)
    p.s how are his Lordships teeth? and you love him to bits making him a cake awwww sooooo sweet lol x


    • He’s doing OK. But I flatly refuse to give him any more ‘page’ space!! Well, until the next time. Yes his cake looks grand. He’ll neck that in no time, missing teeth or no missing teeth! Ha ha


  7. I have nominated you for the Very Inspiring Blogger award. Follow this link and follow the rules to nominate your favourites. http//


    • That’s brilliant Jaki, I couldn’t agree more, Jennie’s blog is the one I read first when there’s a post. A ray of brilliant sunshine on a Winter’s day. I’d love to support her on this can I nominate too and how? Sorry I am very new to blogging.


      • You are truly so sweet, thank you. I have looked at this and I’m thinking it is just a glorified blog-hop where you spend hours putting in the work, and just get a sticker that says you are a great blogger along with everyone else? Call me suspicious but I need to check it out a bit more. (Oh yea of little faith!) ha ha.But regardless of this I truly appreciate your support – as always.xx


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