Clucking Chucks And A Conifer Climbing Cat …

Hi All

I’m not sure if this is a late Thursday blog or an early Friday blog. I do know that it is quite late Thursday night as I write it – but knowing the way I faff about, breaking off to empty pooh from the litter tray and making yet another mug of tea, it will probably be well past the witching hour when I finish.

I’m not too sure where today went to. I was up with the lark and trotting into Morrison’s as they opened their doors at seven this morning. I wasn’t planning on shopping but Richard had this bee in his bonnet about there being no food in the house. A slight exaggeration on his part. What he actually meant was there was no ‘nice’ food in the house. By ‘nice’ food he means crisps, biscuits, chocolate, cake, etc. You get the picture? The fact that the freezer is full to busting is of little importance. Food that requires cooking doesn’t count – apparently. Unless of course it happens to be oven chips. He’s a master chef with oven chips. What that man can’t do with a baking tray and a bag of McCains  is no ones business. Straight cut. Crinkle cut. Nothing phases him. He has even been known to whack in the odd bit of battered cod and half a saucepan of Morrison’s value garden peas.

At least there aren’t many people in the supermarket at that time of the day. I can chat happily to the cashier lady without the huffing and tutting queues forming behind me. Although, to be honest, they usually join in the conversation. This mornings little discussion was about the cost of electricity, gas and the good/bad points of a wood-burner. Riveting?

After that I came home, loaded up all the cupboards, had a mug of tea and had Chea out in the garden. – not all at once, obviously. I let the two chucks out and they buggered off up the garden to murder their daily allowance of worms and bugs and I set about refreshing water and pellets and such like. I left Chea to her own devices. She’s been toddling round the garden on her own now, with me watching her like a hawk. She has no idea of danger. She thinks ponds are for walking on and conifers are for falling out of.

I did lose sight of her for a time and if it wasn’t for a tinkling bell and a wildly waving conifer I would never have found her halfway up it. She has no idea of how to put her body into reverse, so right now she can go up trees  – but she can’t come down.

After I’d rescued her she tore off up the garden, under the arch and collided with a chuck coming the other way. I’m not sure who was the most alarmed, Chea or the chuck? The chuck certainly made more noise and one or two feathers flew. Chea stopped  dead, shook herself and after thinking about it for a second carried on her mad dash up the garden.

The real confusion sets in when Chea and chucks are all heading in the same direction. The chucks bat off shouting and clucking and Chea gallops innocently behind with an expression on her face that says, ‘What? I wasn’t chasing them. I was just going the same way.’ Her favourite trick is stalking them through the shrubs.

After that I decided to move the furniture around in the lounge – with Richards help. He was in a bad mood and grumped and moaned and grumped some more. When I was happy with it I said, ‘What do you think?’ He just mumbled something about it didn’t matter what he thought because knowing me it would all be put back to its original position tomorrow. Honestly. You try to do your best to be the home-maker and that’s all the thanks you get.

The situation got a tad out of hand from that point. I threw a tantrum (hard to believe, I know) swore at him and proceeded to put everything back to where it had been thirty minutes earlier. In my manic tantrum I knocked over the bloody internet  box thingy and later discovered that we had no internet connection.

As you may imagine, that didn’t please him much either. He had another rant while he attempted to retrieve the connection and I kindly informed him that after he’d done that, and he’d made me a cup of tea, I wouldn’t be speaking to him for the rest of the day because he was a mardy git. So it has been a lovely peaceful night and he has now sloped off to work. But at least the internet is working!

And as predicted – Chea is scratching in her tray preparatory to … well … you know what. So I’m off.

Take care my lovelies x


8 thoughts on “Clucking Chucks And A Conifer Climbing Cat …

  1. I honestly have very little patience for hormonally mardy men. Try suffering with endometriosis and then enduring the hormone suppressing treatments I tell mine. Although I concede there has to be a small sensible supply of chocolate in the house. I love it when my cats try and look innocent which is the whole time to be honest. Two of my kittens (now cats really) went to a lovely home where they live with two Suamese cats and a rabbit. All happily coexist without anyone eating each other!


      • I am lucky that I am only getting symptoms of menopause emerging now after 5 months of treatment and I plan on going for a walk away from the homestead right after I’ve had my porridge this morning. Exercise (that dirty deed!) helps, which is great, if only I liked exercise!


      • I know just what you mean. I hate walking. I find it so boring but after having the inguinal hernia repaired I daren’t do the crazy stuff that I used to do – the stuff that probably caused it in the first place!! I hope your walk helped? x


  2. At least you have somebody to argue with Gail, a mardy git who loves you loads is better than living alone. Also, if I ever come to visit you had better have some chocolate in the house for me lol


    • Depends on your perspective Adele. I have done both and quite like my own company. That isn’t saying that I don’t enjoy Richards company but …And there is always chocolate in the house. I just have to hide it so that it is always available for my cake making!!


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