A Light Dawns Over Yonder Hill …

Hi All

I think the light is finally dawning. I am coming to my senses and realising that not everything is hunky dory in this virtual world of ours. But then, think about it. Do we get on with everyone we meet in the real world? No. So why would we think that we can get on with everyone in this crazy, virtual war zone.

I think a part of the problem lies in the fact that I was an October baby and as such I share the sign of Scorpio. Yes, yes, yes, I know, many of you will think it a load of old tosh, but I say, whatever gets you through the night, sunbeam. So take another bite of your eggy toast and listen.

It’s my extremism that is the problem really. You see, there are no grey areas. Everything is black or white. I either like someone or feel totally indifferent towards them. People will either please me or annoy me. And once I have made up my mind about someone or something I am harder to shift than the fairy on the Christmas tree with the point stuck up her bum.

So having said this I have decided to cut back from certain areas of this social networking. I have already left certain groups. I feel that these take up way too much time. Time that I should be spending on trying to figure out why I can’t make sense of the next novel that I am working on. Or rather, not working on and should be!

It no longer pleases me to waste time on unproductive things and on people who create in me the wrong vibe or response. I need to be a happy little bunny, skipping and hopping around in the lovely spring grass, chomping on four-leaf clovers, chatting with my bunny friends.  Actually I’m not too sure what I’m taking about now. I think I have fragmented over night! Maybe I’ll leave it there for now.

Sensible head now on. A friend of mine brought up the subject of e-book pricing and asked if 77p was too cheap. I said that I thought it was. What do you think? And do you think that these freebies are a good thing?

I know when I first started out all those years ago (August 2012) I had no idea what to do and what to price my books at. A good friend advised me on all of this and the advice was sound. She also explained to me that until readers ‘knew your book was out there’ you stood precious little chance of making even one sale. So following her advice I put one of my novels on free promotion for one weekend. At the time I think I had 500 twitter followers and probably 25 Facebook friends. A mere drop in the vast ocean.

I sat at the laptop for most of the weekend and tweeted and watched as my followers (I hate that word. It makes me sound like the great Messiah!) retweeted for me. They pulled out all the stops to help me – the newbie – and I can never thank those people enough. The novel had over 7.000 downloads and went to number 1 on Amazon . Following the promotion the novel sold quite well, because I was now visible. Visibility soon dropped however and now the book sales trickle. But trickle is OK. I just wonder if we are lowering our standards as well as our prices? Should something that has taken us goodness knows how long to create really only be worth 77p? Or even free? Is that truly possible?

This is a tricky one because there are those who say that readers will buy your ‘cheapo’ book, like it and then look for others. What if they don’t like it? What if the author has spent half of his/her life producing that one book?

I feel that I am producing more questions than answers today so I think I will gather up my fragmented brain and spend a little time trying to piece it back together in a more acceptable form. And hopefully, by tomorrow, I may be restored to my former self?

I would honestly value your opinions on e-book pricing and freebies, so if you have the time to leave your thoughts and opinions please do.


Take care my lovelies x




12 thoughts on “A Light Dawns Over Yonder Hill …

  1. Yes, Gail, pricing is all so complicated, goodness knows the answer. I know what you mean about liking someone or not, you just get certain feelings about some, not others, instinctive I suppose. But on the whole it seems writers seem to be nice. And liking animals is always a good sign – those who dislike animals are usually a bit suspect in my opinion.


  2. I know there are complex marketing theories and algorythms that tell you much about what price sells etc, but the only time I feel strongly is when I have had to pay £10.99 for an ebook. I do buy it but I still feel enraged about having to do so.


  3. As one of your loyal fans & followers, i don’t have any answers to your pricing question… however i do have a further question that i wouldn’t mind an answer to:
    I’m a bit confused as to why i can’t buy the Paperback version of Mulligan’s Reach on amazon? I already have the ebook version, but i wanted to get 3 more copies to pass onto my nearest & dearest colleagues (yes, i’m sure u can guess who they are!) – so they can also enjoy your book as much as i did…. and perhaps the autographed version to make it extra special? xxx


    • Amazon .com have it on their site but as yet it doesn’t appear to be available from .co.uk. You could definitely get it from feedaread – the publisher – but with postage it would cost £9.32 per book (£27.96 for 3) which I wouldn’t want you to pay. I ordered a batch of 10 which spread the postage out and brought the cost of each book to £7.99 (£23.97 for 3) which is the price it will sell for on Amazon – when they actually have it in stock!! So it will work out cheaper to have the copies from me – and signed of course!!. And huge thanks. That is so kind of you. Just let me
      know and I will put 3 copies to one side xxx


      • Yes, i do remember reading on a previous blog you could get it from feedaread, but was curious as to why the paperback wasn’t on amazon also. (I hadn’t heard of feedaread until you mentioned it, but have been an amazon shopper for many years – hope that makes sense!).

        Speaking of which, i just typed ‘mulligan’s reach’ into amazon.co.uk search box, and it only brings up the kindle edition… Seems as though only you have the magic link (see post below) to find it on amazon!

        I have other items in my amazon basket, which is why i was trying to find the Paperback mulligan’s reach on amazon at the same time – hope that makes sense xxx

        Perhaps you could paste the magic amazon paperback link on the side of this blog (the pale purple bit under the other 3 books), with “paperback” written under – so people who don’t have kindles, or dont enjoy reading on their PC, but prefer handling a paper book can click & buy it 🙂 … And yes, i am thinking of one of my aforementioned colleagues who is exactly that type of person who likes paper books!


  4. That long list isn’t as long as it looks. I’ll get through those in 2 weeks at the most I think. mulligan’s Reach can be my number 20! Will add to my list! Watch this space!


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