As My Tiny Feet Hit The Floorboards …

Good Morning All


Now picture this. Eyes opened. Said a quick thank you to the man up the stairs, whom had seen fit to bless me with another day here on this green and pleasant  land. Sprang out of bed. Trotted to the bathroom. Glanced at reflection in the mirror. Realised that the mop was looking a mess but didn’t want to waste time washing it, so  just did a panel wash. You know, where you tie back the bulk of hair into a pony tail and just wash the hangy down side pieces and fringe, under the tap, over the sink. Men won’t know what I’m talking about!

That done, I stripped the bed and galloped down the stairs, enthusiasm for the day pulsing through my bones, and whacked it all into the washer. Chea met me, as usual, trilling and informing me that she was hungry – when isn’t she? So she was fed. Then off I trotted to the chucks and gave them their early morning treat, promising I’d be back later to let them out. Floated back to the house on my little pink cloud of happiness and get-up-and-go, made my mug of tea and opened up the laptop, determined to come straight here and then to the word file that holds the next book. The one that I think I have turned around and can now go on with.

My mistake was in the deviation to other places first.

I was drawn to comments from someone who has never grasped the meaning of the word tact. Why is it that some people think they have God-like status and that we, mere mortals, should not only have to read their written word but carry the memory of it into our day and allow it to make us as miserable as they obviously are!

I am becoming more and more disillusioned with ‘virtual’ people as the days wear on. Why do people have to be so bloody minded and downright bossy? What are they trying to salvage from the rubble they cause.

So, my lovely, optimist, jolly, joy-for-life cloak fell to the floor and I’ve turned into a grump – again.

What I wanted to do was to tell you about the wood pigeons that are pairing up now and cooing from the conifer just outside my bedroom window. I wanted to tell you about the simple pleasure of seeing two chucks waiting for you to go to them with their crust of bread. I wanted to tell you about the lovely, cost-free things in life that please. And what happens? I read comments from someone that have the power to annoy me to the point distraction.

So now I am distracted.

But no worries. I am feeling the annoyance ebbing. Because, as I have told you before … it isn’t the incident that will affect you – what will affect you is your reaction to the incident.

So I shall count my blessings – one being that I am not a mean, shallow person and get on with my lovely day. And later, they say the sun will shine. It won’t be that warm but that doesn’t matter. I shall take Chea into the garden with me and have the chucks out. I will potter and do a bit of pruning. The chucks will dust bathe in the area that I’ve prepared for the new shed and Chea will continue to stalk them and have aborted attacks on them. And my little world will be back to normal. Obviously I use that word very conservatively!

So stay happy my little band of warriors. And if the sun shines for you today, turn and face it. And that way, shadow will always fall behind you.

Take care my lovelies x


34 thoughts on “As My Tiny Feet Hit The Floorboards …

  1. Certain aspects of personality you would not normally express come forward when one has just a keyboard and screen to contend with. If its me, I’m sorry I have no insight I’m doing it but thank you for telling me. I’m reflect on my behaviour. If it isn’t me then step back breathe and reflect.


    • NO NO NO it isn’t you. I wanted to put a header on here so that everyone who has left a comment could read it but I am too stupid and didn’t know how so I shall have to work my way down the comments assuring everyone that it isn’t them! You are lovely and I take your comments as they are intended, often with humour, as I hope you do mine! Silly Billy xx


  2. I love that out if the enforced pessimism comes your natural optimism. Yes , you do have it. Most of us do ( except for a certain person in my life) . If w didn’t, we would all go out and end it all. Try to put those people behind you, talk bout the pigeons, remind us that a glorious Mother Nature is out there, n She is ready to spring forth. Evelyn


  3. Gail, if someone tries to be nasty or bosses you around, I find it best to ignore them. I read someone’s blog ages ago, where a woman was saying that men actually proposition her online, make obscene suggestions. How cowardly and appalling. Most people online seem to be civilised, kind and decent, and they are the ones to take an interest in. Loved your blog as always


  4. Ah the comment, I wonder if it was the same one I saw this morning that almost flicked my rant button. We all have our moments but I despair of those who snarl first and think all can be forgiven with a smilie and an ill placed ‘lol’. However, spare them no mind, I am learning not to. I’m glad you got on top of the writing yesterday. Keep it up and of course, don’t let the buggers get you down!


    • Yes, Paul! Totally unnecessary. Totally uncalled for. And totally p****d me off! I only wanted to jumped gleefully from my slumber and talk crap about wood pigeons. Is that too much to ask?? x


  5. I really enjoy reading your blog, Jennie. But this one got a squeaky voice inside me saying, “Is that you, Jas?” Since, I’m one of the virtual fans of your writing, I thought it best to check if my comment/s had offended you in any way. No such intent even remotely; I assure you; if the answer is ‘yes’, and an apology if it is due.


  6. Jas, of course it isn’t you!! Tut! Honestly. You are lightness and air. I had to laugh though as I read the comments because it just brought home to me the fact that those of us with opinions and a sense of humour always think that it is us someone is talking about. But no, my friend, it is most definitely not you. OK. Normal service has been resumed?? Ha ha xx


  7. Oh, thank God, Jennie dear. I’m so relieved. I am most certain I would have cried, had I not received your kind reply. Nearly tearful right now. And as I regain my composure, I’ll go read your previous posts again and bring that smile back on my face. On its way back…:)


  8. I feel bad now because I automatically assumed it wasn’t me and all your lovely friends here automatically assumed it was them! 🙂 Have I found my character flaw….. I’m looking forward to the wood pigeons post!


  9. I know, as if I would write about anyone who visits here. And I don’t think for one moment you have a character flaw! At least, I haven’t found it yet. You’ll know if I do because it will be plastered all over this blog ha ha. (Joking – honestly) x


  10. wasn’t me was it? my laptop genuinely couldn’t find mulligan’s reach PAperback on “amazon’s search bar” without your magic link – apologies xxx


      • I’d be delighted to get 3 paperback copies – either from you directly when i see you next, or order from amazon (doesn’t matter to me which one).

        Either way, would be great to have them signed / autographed by you… (for when you’re rich & famous from mulligan’s reach being turned into a movie!)

        Let me know what works better for you (either is fine by me)… it will be an excellent surprise prezzie for my 3 colleagues 🙂


      • I guess if you don’t mind either way it might work better if you order direct from Amazon? Then I’ll still have copies here if I need one or two or three?I think it takes 7 – 10 days so if you order them now they should be with you by the time I see you. And it will also help the Amazon ratings, obviously! And then I will sign them when I see you. OK, my number one fan? xxxx


  11. I am finding more and more insensitive and opinionated people. I just want friends who I can have a laugh with and support and accept support from, is that too much to ask? Have I made some poor decisions recently?? I don’t know. I think I might just hibernate in my big, empty, cold house and forget about others for a while, I could do without the stress. Luv ya Gail.


    • Tut! What are you like? We all make poor decisions now and then – the answer is in recognising it and doing something positive about it. But you know that really, don’t you? xx


  12. Hi been meaning to pop on here and post for ages, you see I have this big secret at work. I visit the email I get of your post every day when the going gets tough hiding my boredom and nonchalance with the work! Unfortunately I can’t comment as access is blocked, can only access my e-mail under pretence of having home work within its pages!!!! Just love my daily dose of smile, keep it coming please. Gill xx


  13. Trying desperately to think what I’ve said in past comments, hoping nothing could have hurt. I love your blog and enjoyed today’s. The shadows behind bit was sooo good. Thank you.


    • It’s so funny Christine – if you’ve read any of the above comments you’ll notice one or two people holding up their hands. As if!! I only have nice, considerate people on here. And thank you for your kind comments x


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