Bloody Mary And Dreams That Come True …

Hi All

It is still trying to snow here in Leicestershire. I have been out and fed the birds and attended to the chucks and it sure is cold. Various shrubs are on the verge of opening their buds but even they look reluctant to send forth their new-born leaves into this icy cold. It seems truly impossible that spring is just around the corner

We took a drive out yesterday morning, heading north to the picturesque town of Ashbourne, in Derbyshire. It was a beautiful day. At least it was sitting in the car with the heated seat turned to maximum. When we arrived and got out of the car the wind almost took the skin off my face. But it was a nice day all said. Nice to take a break. We found a lovely little coffee shop where we had tea and a cream cake and I found a couple of little trinkets for the kitchen.

I think sometimes you do need to take a break from things. I know I do. But I also know that I rarely do. That’s just the way I am. If I am doing something – then I am doing something and I won’t stop until I have achieved it. And once I set my mind to something I won’t give in. I know that in your eyes what I am about to say will probably cause you to scoff, snort in a derisory fashion, or just think that I am a big-headed cow (I am not – truly) –  but I shall say it anyway.

First you have to understand that I have never had a dream that didn’t come true.

Maybe the knack to that is never having too BIG a dream? But then I’ve had some massive dreams. I wanted to marry a vet – so I did. I wanted to own a racehorse that could win a race and be able to lead her into the winners enclosure – I did. I wanted to write a book – so I did – three in fact. I wanted to have a book published – I did that too, albeit self published. And two weeks ago, when I held the paperback version of Mulligan’s Reach in my hand, I turned to Richard and informed him that all my dreams were now realised. That I didn’t have a single dream left.

Richard being Richard and not the most positive of souls said that was very sad. But it isn’t sad at all. It’s brilliant. To have achieved all your dreams in one lifetime? To have actually emptied the pot of wishful thinking and dreams which, frankly, did have massive odds stacked against achieving some of them? You see Richard is wrong. It isn’t sad at all because me being me will dream up another one or two little goals before much longer. As Bloody Mary said in South Pacific, ‘You gotta have a dream – if you don’t have a dream, how you gonna have a dream come true?’

I have had little trouble in achieving goals or dreams or whatever other handle you wish to put on it because I won’t give up or give in until I have reached the point at which I am happy or satisfied. My problem, and I will call it a problem because it is something that I don’t really understand myself, is this. Having achieved these things – I then walk away. The dream is realised. Fulfilled. Whatever. But then I guess you have to leave one place in order to arrive at another?

I didn’t intend this to be a blog with a message but I think it has turned out that way. And the message is this, I guess. If you have a dream, bloody well go for it. Dream it. Do it. Live it. Don’t let others tell you it isn’t achievable. Your dream may well be ‘not achievable’  to them because they can only dream in black and white, you, on the other hand, can only dream in glorious colour.

And do you know something else? There is no magic to it. No formula. Nothing special. Just grim determination. Just whack old Bloody Mary on your headset and sing after me …‘You gotta have a dream, if you don’t have a dream, how you gonna have a dream come true…’

Take care my lovelies xMH900281105

P.S Today is Richard’s birthday and he wishes to go to the cinema to see Oz in 3D. Don’t ask me why. Frankly that’s all I need – a munchkin (or whatever they are called?) in my lap. But wishes need to be realised just as much as dreams, so off we will trot.

11 thoughts on “Bloody Mary And Dreams That Come True …

  1. Happy Birthday to Richard X Enjoy the cinema hun.
    Now you have published 3 books you had better not walk away from that particular dream, think another dream up related to your writing, quick, or I will think of some for you.


  2. You need determination, but you also need a lot of ‘luck’; hootspa, or whatever to come anywhere near fulfillment. Not ever yone can do this for one reason or another. Quote Oprah Winfrey who says that anyone can make a business and become self sufficient. It doesn’t happen to everyone. Never has or nor never will or there would be no one out there who is just ordinary, everyone would be an entrepeneur. Society isn’t built that way, so, I laud your logic, but doubt its veracity.


    • I’m thinking dreams don’t have to be entrepreneurial based. A dream is a dream is a dream. Even achieving small ambitions are still achievements. Not everyone may achieve all their dreams but one thing is definite – if you never have that dream you stand no chance of achieving it. Some people’s dreams begin and end with winning the lottery!!! Hmmm. I think not. Not for the majority that’s for sure! And the film was good. Being a prequel it was very cleverly plotted.


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