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Hi All

Extra Brownie points for me today. I was up before the lark this morning and arriving at the supermarket as they opened their doors at 7.00 am. No time for dust to settle on me this morning! I had a leisurely stroll up and down the aisles, falling for the hype on the new Garnier moisturiser that is supposed to make your skin feel smooth for 7 days and I also gave the new signal toothpaste a try as well. Not literally. Not yet. I’ve already applied said moisturiser to my forearms but have to say that they do not feel particularly smooth and as soft as a baby’s bum. But we will see. Maybe it will take a few applications before my rhinoceros textured forearms show an improvement?

As usual,  the greatest time was spent in the cat food section trying to find something that Chea actually likes. She has worked her way through the main brands, deciding that she doesn’t like them now. I thought I had the answer when I discovered she liked Sheba but that didn’t suit her delicate palate for long either -, at least not all of them suited her delicate palate. She doesn’t mind one or two of them. I pander to her wishes – up to a point. When she has pushed me far enough I simply inform her that is all she’s getting, eat it or leave it!

I also picked up the necessary Easter eggs. A bit risky I know. But if I hide them well enough from Richard they may survive until Easter. With trolley full and having bought the winning lottery tickets for this Saturday??!! I pushed on out to the car park and pointed the car key at my little black car to unlock it  – and nothing happened. And THEN I noticed a man sitting in the front seat. Horror! What the heck was I to do? And when the man turned on the engine and slipped the car into gear one thought went through my head, ‘How do I explain this to Richard?’ As the car pulled away, there, still waiting for me was my little black car. I’d tried to unlock the wrong bloody car, and not only that, I’m sure the bloke saw me attempting to do it. I wrote a mental message to myself, that, if I’m going to go shopping at the crack of dawn I really needed to wake up properly first! Probably won’t mention it to Richard. He told someone the other day that I was out on a day pass. I can’t even remember what I said to incur such a comment.

OK. Breaking news. It is official that Chea can only climb up trees and not down. She has failed to come down from a conifer ( well she fell out of it actually), she has failed to get down the highest birch tree in the garden and yesterday she became well and truly stuck up the apple tree. I have no idea why because it has a lovely slopping branch which any feline should be able to navigate. I gave her twenty minutes before I had to accept she wasn’t going to get down. Richard was out. I daren’t leave her in case she fell through the greenhouse, so I have to admit, although the situation seemed rather amusing for twenty minutes, the novelty soon wore off. I had to run down to the house for my mobile and ring Richard and tell him to hurry home because Chea was stuck in the apple tree. As my luck would have it Richard was just home and getting out of the car. So another dash up the garden with the middle size ladder and Chea was once again rescued. All this nonsense about leaving cats up trees because they will find their own way down is a pile of pooh. Chea thinks it’s all fun, swinging from weak, canker ridden branches that could snap at any moment and send her hurtling through the greenhouse roof. But then, after twenty minutes or so the penny drops and she realises she is stuck. Then the pitiful wailing begins … For a small cat she sure has a big voice.

I’m off to hide the Easter eggs2013-03-13 09.48.24

Take care my lovelies x

9 thoughts on “Engage Brain …Open Eyes! …

  1. That is so classic! No I couldn’t calmly walk away from any cat in a tree. I would have to see all 4 paws on terra firma. Mine eat what they are given! No fussy palates here.


  2. I’ve been feeding my cats on cooked (frozen Asda) chicken for a while now, and also boiled fish, but they are bored and picky, and yesterday were delighted with Whiskers. I think cats just want variety, caviare one day pilchards the next I suppose. And why do they always prefer to drink water from a filthy garden bucket than from their clean dish? I;ve mixed up my car before now – lots of cars looks the same. Now all I have to do is look for the dirtiest one and it;s likely to be mine


    • Yes, I have found a very reasonably priced bag of frozen chuck in Lidl – perfectly OK for a cat! And you are right, they do like variety. Chea will be back to liking what she started off with soon! x


  3. Ho ha! I think all cats are like this. One of iur motley brood could out-think, out-guilt, any of us on not liking food we put down. for days at a time, We once took in three an d their mother, they would eat anything at first, but soon got around to the idea that there might be better on offer if they stood their ground, Cats! Love ’em/be angry with ’em, didn’t make a difference. Cats do what cats always do, please themselves.


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