Sap Is Rising … Start That Diet Now! …

Good Morning All

Yes you are in the right place! I’ve binned the pink for now. You can have too much of a good thing – and frankly I’m not too sure that it ever was. We will go with this pretty little theme – for now. I’ll most likely be fed up with it by the end of the week . But as they say, ‘A change is as good as a rest.’ And I believe that to be true. And besides, resting has to be the most boring thing on the planet? I believe I will rest when my bones can no longer support my body. I shall have all the rest I need when this old heart beats its last beat and the congregation are mumbling their way through Danny Boy, exchanging glances, all of which will silently say, ‘Trust her to over dramatise!’

I feel positivity, change and renewed enthusiasm all around me today. Sap is rising. Spring is a blink away. Buds are ready to burst. The days are lengthening. This morning the birds were clearing their throats, preparatory for the dawn chorus, which I am sure will be in full flow by the weekend. The wood pigeons, already paired, were coo coo-ing from the conifer just outside the bedroom window. How can we not feel this happening all around us and by default feel it happening to us too?

I realise that I am applying these sentiments to followers in the UK. You other guys have probably all had your springtime’s  But it would have felt much the same, wouldn’t it? Renewed hope and enthusiasm?

I think New Year resolutions should be held on to until the first day of spring. How on Earth are we expected to keep resolutions made at that time of the year. It is dark, cold, miserable. Many people have little extra cash to go around because Christmas costs more and more each year.

And what form do these resolutions take?

The biggie is, ‘I’m going to lose weight!’ Really? Plates full of lettuce and tasteless imported tomatoes? Really? How long is THAT resolution going to last? Days I should think. By the second week we are ensconced in front of the TV, watching some crap New Year programme on the perils of a fatty liver, scoffing spotted dick and custard. And bloody rightly so. Get the carbs down your neck. It’s cold out there. You need flesh on your bones! Mashed potato, thick gravy and the odd veggie sausage will see you right!

No, much more sensible to have resolutions on the first day of spring. NOW you can start your diet because you’ll be out walking, gardening, doing the odd spot of tile repairs on the house roof etc etc. Fruits and vegetables will actually come into season and they will taste so much better. Have we never stopped to think that our bodies  are designed to eat SEASONAL food. You try going out into your garden in January and picking fresh strawberries  You won’t because nature didn’t intend it that way. So filling up our little bodies on tasteless, watery fruit isn’t going to satisfy us now, is it?

This makes sense because yesterday Richard put down his Land Rover Weekly and peered at me. Never a good sign. Always preparatory to some odd word of wisdom. He said, ‘That’s it! I’m going on a diet tomorrow! I feel like shit.’

I merely widened my eyes slightly and nodded.

‘No, honestly. I’m going on a diet tomorrow. I know I’ve said it before but this time I really am.’

I nodded. This meant that apples would be purchased. Many apples! Whenever Richard goes on a diet apples are purchased … and thrown into the compost heap 4 weeks later.

I ventured, with a barely disguised yawn, ‘Yes, but it’s always tomorrow, isn’t it Richard?’

He shuffled the old mag a bit and said, ‘Well it would be today but Matt (my son) is coming over and he said he’s bringing chocolate with him that he picked up from Austria when he went skiing. So I’ll eat that and then tomorrow that’s it!’

The mentality of men. I’ll never suss it out. And if he thinks I’m dashing off to buy ten kilos of apples he can think again. I shall suggest that he walks to the supermarket and fetches his own Granny Smiths!!

But let’s again look for the positive in the negative. The apples will not be eaten but they will go into my lovely compost heap and make delightful compost!

I am off now to clip on Chea’s collar and go out into the garden with her. The chucks have had it hard the last week or so. The weather has been dreadful and they haven’t even wanted to venture far from their cage. And although today is springlike and the sun is shining there was a hard frost over night and yesterday it was snowing.

Spring isn’t quite here yet – but it is on its way. Of that I am sure. Sap is rising!



Take care my lovelies x





12 thoughts on “Sap Is Rising … Start That Diet Now! …

  1. Like the new background colour Gail. I agree with Richard, why waste all that lovely chocolate? But apples are marvellous too. I thought not having sugar but honey instead was good for you, but apparently honey is also full of sugar, thought it was less harmful than sucrose. Anyway, another nice cheerful blog. I am going to diet too, as soon as I;ve finished the box of choc flapjacks from Morrison – need them for energy


  2. Just had a story about a guy in the US, his chickens were in his garage as it is really cold over there, and had everythinbg set on remote control for opening the little hen house inside the garage so the chucks can come out, something to start the UV lamp and another thing to dump mfed into a hopper, all done by remote conteol on his Uphone. How about that? Anyway, yes, spring will be here shortly, the sun has just come out and I don’t think is is as cold as it was. I have not yet heard a dawn chorus but as I am not awake at that time of the morning, no reason why I should. We should all wax lyrical about the changing of the season. Seasonal fruit and veg.? My opinion is that we keep lots of it in stoage, Nature meant us, and squirrels to do this!


    • Can’t agree with you on the stored veg, Evelyn. It may be OK for squirrels nuts but I don’t want my fruit and veg 6 months old before it gets to me. Having said that, it more than likely is!!


  3. Bring on the mash, gravy and veggie sausage! We’re going in to Autumn here, but you are so right. There’s nothing like spring. The two best seasons. I bet you’ll get Richards apples. Softy I think. 😀 xxx


    • Could never do that somehow. I couldn’t ‘do’ the gym either. I figure there is enough exercise to be had with general housework and gardening and running after the man in my life – though in all honesty, there is less energy spent on that than anything else. xx


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