VW UP… Up And Away … Eat Your Heart Out Betsy Land Rover! …


Good Morning AllMH900262538


It has stopped snowing! Hurrah! Having said that the temperature is still -4. But not to worry. They predict a cold week and then after that who knows? We could have a mini heat wave? I may have to abandon The Sleeping Field and start pushing seeds into compost faster than a squirrel hoarding his nuts! Talking of which …

Yesterday we decided to pop off in the morning and see Richard’s mum, Betty, she, after whom the dear rot-box that is Richard’s Land Rover is named. I prefer to take the motorway. Richard prefers to take the cross-country, scenic route. I prefer the shortest point between A and B. Richard prefers to go around the houses – usually getting lost on the way. So I was a little surprised as we turned right off the drive and headed for the M1. It was totally clear and no incidents occurred.

When we left Betty’s house Richard headed back towards the M1 and I flicked through a magazine that his mum had given to me. When I looked up we were heading towards the country.  I remarked sharply, ‘Where’s the motorway!’

He mumbled, ‘Thought we’d go back cross-country.’

‘You idiot!’ I spat. ‘If we get stuck in a snow drift don’t expect me to be impressed. And you can bloody well get us out of it!’

Silence ensued but I could almost hear Richards ‘chuffness’ at the fact that the lanes were quite passable. And then it happened. We suddenly came up behind a snow plough. Richard stopped the car and his vibe changed. I said nothing. He pulled around the plough which appeared stuck in the snow and from that point onwards it was like something out of Ice Station Zebra. The wind had whisked the snow into twelve-foot drifts with just the narrowest of tracks leading through them. I didn’t say a word. I didn’t need to. With the drifts towering above us, Richard, with his nose pressed hard to the screen and me contemplating calling a taxi and leaving Richard with the car, we crept on.

Eventually we came out the other side and Richard, who was looking quite pink and slightly guilty said, ‘That was fun wasn’t it?’

Actually, and I would rather die than admit this to him but it was fun. And beautiful. Totally and utterly beautiful. Nature at its prettiest. And our little VW UP coped beautifully with not a slip or a skid at any point. Eat your heart out Betsy you old heap of tin!

My new garden shed arrives today!! Yippee! Unfortunately you can’t see the garden for the snow so I fear it will have to wait for the thaw before we can begin construction of said article. Oh well, Rome wasn’t built in a day so I guess there is no shame in not building a shed in one day either?

… Oh hold the sodding horses! Richard has just received a call from the ‘shed people.’ They can’t get through the snow so it is going to have to be tomorrow now! Brilliant! Bloody brilliant! Who are these people? WE ploughed through snow drifts in a tiny VW UP – they have a truck! Where is the Dunkirk spirit? That’s what I want to know? This only happens in Britain. You do know that don’t you? Pathetic! A mere sprinkling of snow and the country grinds to a halt. Oh well, I learnt a long time ago not to beat myself up regarding things which are out of my control.

I’m clock watching. I can’t wait for 1.30 when Richard goes to work. I NEED to work on my novel but simply can’t with him on the premises.

‘How do you set the video?’ ‘Do you know where my thermal socks are?’ ‘What do you think I should take to work for my tea/supper/snack?’

I don’t know and I don’t care. Just bugger off to work and let me get on with my book. I’m a good mind to tell him that I need the car this afternoon and make him go to work on his ‘pizza delivery’ moped. Lets see if he decides to go ‘cross country’ on that! I may even go out there into the snow, find a shovel and attach it to the back of the moped for him!

But of course, I won’t. I shall just have to turn off my brain for a few hours and hope that I can find the enthusiasm to write after he has gone to work. It’s tough though because I’m a morning person and I write best in the mornings. Oh well, it appears you can’t have everything – neither peaceful writing time or a garden shed.

I shall have to go and find his bloody thermal socks now. It’s way too much to expect him to find them. Maybe I need to label his sock drawer, ‘Sock Drawer.’ Perhaps then the clue will be in the labelling and he can find his own socks?


Take care my lovelies x


PS A huge welcome to those of you who have recently started following this blog. Lovely to meet you and please feel free to comment/share -whatever.

PPS I also wanted to say that any comment which gets delivered to my spam box gets deleted whether it looks cool or not. And I will always delete comments that may be hurtful or inconsiderate to others who read this blog. That, to date, has not been necessary because my readers are lovely, sensitive human beings.



14 thoughts on “VW UP… Up And Away … Eat Your Heart Out Betsy Land Rover! …

  1. Great post. My wife has said she will also start following your blog as she SO sympathises with you. I went out to play in our Land Rover yesterday (actually hers as mine is in bits in the workshop) and I was quite upset that she didn’t come to help take some pictures of me driving through the 36″ snow drifts…..

    …..I just don’t understand why she and the girls wanted to stay behind, surely everybody enjoys driving through snow so deep it’ll bury you and the car, in sub zero conditions and with a wind so strong that it turns your fingers to ice the minute you step out of the car? 😉

    I think she also feels empathy for you trying to get some peace and quiet to write, she has taken to telling me off quite frequently recently when I have wondered into the lounge and started tp rant about something whilst she is in the middle of writing or reading a post 🙂


  2. Ha ha love it! Actually, to tell the truth, I would have loved to have gone in old Betsy through the snow. Listen to me – now I’m calling the rust-bucket Betsy. Land Rovers are addictive. They bring with them such drama – like – are we going to get back home today? Is it going to drink the last of the diesel before we can find another petrol station? The joys are truly never ending!! And then, a Land Rover isn’t a Land Rover without a border collie draped across the front seat – usually as the only form of warmth!!! We have owned new and ancient (Land Rovers not border collies) and the heating system in all of them has been the same – dire! Oh, and this is not to mention the oil on the front drive because for some reason the engine always leaks. I’m loving your set-up though. You both sound very similar to us!! Never would have believed it! And your wife will be most welcome too. xx


    • We used to have lovely sand coloured gravel on our drive, sadly it now resembles those pictures of oil spill disasters even down to the numerous ‘flotsam and jetsam’ of O rings, nuts, bolts and washers that have been dropped or have fallen off over the years 🙂

      Mind you our ‘Annie’ leaks a lot less now than she did when we bought her so we are going in the right direction AND her heater works great. I was toasty warm while out in the snow, so warm in fact that I only realised quite how cold it was when I got out to help a stranded motorist and found that trying to attach a shackle and chain in sub zero temperatures in a 40mph wind is a painful experience!


      • Yes that will sort out the men from the boys! But you can’t fool me – you loved it!! No use denying it because Richard is the same. Give him two sticks that he can rub together and he’s digging out his caveman suit. x


  3. You had me hooked with your reaction to your husband’s choice of route and then this little string – ‘How do you set the video?’ ‘Do you know where my thermal socks are?’ ‘What do you think I should take to work for my tea/supper/snack?’ – it is nice to know I am not alone in the world with a husband who seems to think a womb is a homing device, can’t find anything, makes questionable driving choices and makes it impossible to work when he is in the house – all in good fun but comforting to have company.


  4. Absolutely. Actually I am amazed to find that I am not alone. Womb as a homing device! Love it. I shall use that on Richard – and make believe I thought of it myself. Thanks Francis. xx


  5. Yes, I loved the ‘womb as a homing device’ too…it describes the situation perfectly! You are far from alone, Jennie. I know quite a few…I’ve had the rant &found the fellow sufferers. What really gets me is when they can’t find things only they use! How are we supposed to know where their spectacles are?


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