Wheels In Motion – And Where Is That Sheba Rep?

Good Morning All

I have just learnt a valuable lesson – never leave Chea with insufficient food to get her though the night. Because if I do she’s scratching at the kitchen door at 4.00 am. Not good enough that there are crunchies overflowing her dish, no, Chea wants soft food, preferably chicken or rabbit. She isn’t to put out by tuna or salmon but won’t look at trout, beef or lamb. And she has finally settled on Sheba cat food. The one in the small foil trays, having ditched Whiskers, Felix and is utterly disgusted by supermarket own brands. So, you lovely Sheba people, if you are reading this I think I deserve a complimentary case of your delightful cat food by way of advertising on your behalf.

Other than her picky feeding habits this little RSPCA rescued cat is, as I write, well, growing nicely, as good as gold and massive company for me when Richard is out at work on his silly three-shift-system. If I’m in the lounge Chea is in the lounge. If I’m sitting at the table writing Chea is sitting on the table by my side or curled up in the basket on the table in which I keep my writing pads etc. To date I have learnt three things of importance re Chea. 1. She can’t come down from any tree. 2. She is terrified of helicopters. 3. Never leave her with insufficient food overnight. If you take these three things into consideration she is the perfect cat. And I so nearly didn’t have her.

After losing our border collie and two cats within an eighteen month period we felt like we had had 3 ‘real’ deaths in the family and we were gutted. Devastated more like. Richard would have caved in long before me and taken in more creatures but I said no. I couldn’t get over the look from the eyes of the previous trio as they had all been put to sleep. Something about that final look drives deep into your brain and you never forget it. Often it is just a pure look of thanks. Thank you for ending my pain. Thank you for being here with me. Some things I can live with. Some things I can’t. I have a tender heart and I knew it needed a little time to heal.

We had called by the RSPCA on two occasions and looked at the cats. On both occasions we turned and walked away. Richard misty-eyed. Me convinced that I didn’t need another cat.

And then one Saturday I met up with my son at the shopping precinct for coffee and we chatted and he asked what I was doing next and I said I thought I might call in at the RSPCA on the way home and have a look at the cats/kittens. He said nothing. He knew the score. So I did. And there, sleeping and nestled beneath her two brothers was Chea. And I knew instantly, beyond that shadow of doubt that she was the one. That she needed me and I needed her. The rest, as they say, is history.

Which leads me to something that I have really only just come to realise over the past few years – when the time is right for something or someone to come into your life – it will and they will. When these things are meant to be they are meant to be. I truly believe that sometimes we should just trust in the universe,  God – whatever. There is no need to knock ourselves out over these things. Wheels are already in motion. These things are destined?  Who knows?

I remember one New Year’s Eve, with Richard fast asleep, standing at the front bedroom window watching fireworks exploding above the rooftops and thinking what a flipping boring, pointless New Year this is. Richard asleep. Me watching everyone else on the planet having a riotous time. This would be chalked up as totally uneventful … and then, eight weeks later, we picked up Meg, our border collie puppy who was to be in our lives for the next fourteen years. She had been born on New Year’s Eve.

Wheels in motion.

Patience and faith. Ask and it shall be given … when the time is right!005

Take care my lovelies x


19 thoughts on “Wheels In Motion – And Where Is That Sheba Rep?

  1. Well having been single for seven years I am still prepared to be patient and let the universe sort out Mr Right for me. I just hope my next boyfriend wasn’t being born on New Year’s Eve lol 😉 x


  2. Altogether, in my married/divorced life, I have had 3 dogs and 10 cats. They were all different. Each had its own way, cats especially. I took each one on their last journey. Food for the cats was hell, they all had their likes and dislikes. Have not had any now for three years and they are all sadly missed, so I understand your previous pain. At least Chea can get out and about.


  3. Very interesting Gail. My two cats are amazingly picky. I’ve been giving them cooked fish and boiled chicken, but they get bored with that, and cheapo Lidl sachets called Cobidosh, they leap on for a change. And a friend put me on to James Wellbeloved crunchy food that they can top up on. Alice often sleeps on the bed, and likes to have her food served there. Interesting your fatalist views, maybe you’re right, but, on the other hand, sometimes you have to go out and make things happen, seek work etc, I never wait around for things. Still I’m sure it was in the karma for us to be friends


    • I was looking at the Lidl Cobidosh sachets the other day because she loves the stick things that they do. Whenever she’s in the garden and it’s time to come in I shout, ‘come on …treat!’ And it does the job. In she trots. We used to give our collie the James Wellbeloved complete food and then switched to Arden Grange – frightfully up-market ha ha. I totally agree that you have to go out there and make things happen. I’ve never been a sitter and a waiter – but I also think that pets and people are already working their way into your life – it is just a matter of when the time is right. Each person brings a new experience and a new lesson for the learning. There is a belief that we only ever move within the same small circle of people with each reincarnation. That this time round your brother is your brother, next time he may be your aunt or your lover. Weird and I guess you would have to believe in reincarnation. But you are certainly right about our friendship. Please do not tell Chea that Alice has her food on the bed! I’ll never hear the last of it! xx


  4. Another lovely blog. When we lived in the UK we were constantly at the RSPCA, adopting and fostering animals. Children used to love coming to our home because it was more like a farm/zoo – lol. I am a great believer in trusting the Universe. I hope that you receive your tray of cat food soon. xxx


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