Enlarged Bits Don’t Quite Do It For Me …

Good Morning

I have been indulging myself in sheer, unadulterated nostalgia for last thirty minutes. Why? Because I can. Does there need to be a deeper reason? I think not, my little poppets.

I have come to the conclusion  that you can and should take pleasure when and wherever you find it. And I do find pleasure in nostalgia. Not looking back at the past. I don’t mean that. I specifically mean, in this instance, music. I’ve been tootling on YouTube and came across Bobby Goldsboro singing Hello Summertime. I’ve put a link to my fb page at the bottom of this post so if you want to wallow with me click on it – it’ll cheer you up no end – guaranteed.

I find music massively uplifting – even sad songs. Sad songs take you to the crux of your problems. They top-up your misery levels and allow the tears to overflow. And doesn’t everyone feel better after a good sobbing session. I know I do. Not that sobbing sessions are my norm.

The weak link to this YouTube stuff is that I clicked on Honey by Bobbie Goldsboro – Oopps! Don’t go there. She died. He came home from work one day and the angels had taken her. Bloody inconsiderate of the angels I say. All the poor guy was left with was the memory of Honey and a flipping tree she’d previously planted. Bum deal I say. But  Hello Summertime is harmless – trust me. As if, hey? Haha.

I’ll be back to poor old Honey on one of my sad days. I doubt the angels will have returned her though?

Besides uplifting, soppy music, I have to admit to loving passionate people. And you can stop before you start. I know this erotica genre is flooding the book shelves but frankly it leaves me nonplussed. How many times can you get excited about an enlarged penis – if ever? No, I mean people with a passion. Doesn’t sound much better really, does it? OK. I’ll name-drop. People like Alan Titchmarsh. Stop laughing. I like Alan. At least I used to like him, a lot, when he was a gardener. Not so keen on his silly afternoon shows. His passion for the subject of gardening almost broke the TV screen. It was so full-on.

And dear Bill Oddie. Can’t say I rated him in The Goodies but then it wasn’t my thing and I never watched it … but his passion and blatant enthusiasm for nature and all things linked is unrivalled. These people just leave me breathless. I try not to envy anyone because envy isn’t a nice thing but I do come close to envying these ‘Oh so passionate ones.’

I have come across a few people in my lifetime who have exuded this passion. This energy. Funnily enough most of them have been Pisceans. Weird. Especially so as Richard is a Piscean and the only thing he exudes is … well, probably not best to go there. Perhaps, because I am the life-and-soul of the party and the chief instigator of all things he feels that he has no need to exude? Bless him. And I lie, slightly. I’m NOT always the life-and-soul of the party. In fact I turn down most invitations because I’m an anti-social git. I’d rather talk to my spotted laurel bush than some hammered tool.

I don’t know if I updated his ‘fans’ (Geoffrey!) on poor Richards shoulder problem but he had his ultra-scan and they have diagnosed calcification of the shoulder. The story continues …

Well, my little sunbeams, I’m off to chat with the cabbages and murder the first emerging slugs. If the Lord sees fit to grant me another day we can rendezvous here tomorrow?

Take care my lovelies x


Go listen to Bobby…    https://www.facebook.com/gail.orbell?ref=tn_tnmn MB900446384

14 thoughts on “Enlarged Bits Don’t Quite Do It For Me …

  1. Blimey we have a lot in common dont we, what with the garden, and the sprouts are still alive lol. But i too watch those gardening and nature programmes, listen to soppy music, and am as you put it a anti social git lol. Kitchen is nearly finished too x


  2. You’re a passionate one yourself you know. You certainly made me laugh passionately again, especially about the enlarged bit! Ha haaa!! I totally agree about the music, whether it makes you dance or cry, it’s always uplifting. Thanks for putting my daily smile on my dial again. xxx


  3. Lol – brilliant as always.

    Mind you sometimes being passionate about things can get you some very strange looks, although I can’t for the life of me understand why the schools business manager wasn’t as enthused as me, by the wonderfully rich, gloriously dark and earthy donation of a tonne of compost which we received last year. She definitely had a “And we let this loon run Gardening Club?” look on her face but it was sooooooooo fabulous, the best I’ve ever handled …………. oops! There i go again 😀


    • Are we sad? I LOVE compost. LOVE IT! I’d be over the moon if someone gave me a trailer load of compost haha. In fact, I’ve noticed a horsey establishment up on the forest with horse manure for sale. I’ve told Richard we are off to get a few bags at the weekend. He wasn’t over the moon but hey ho, can’t win ’em all. I was saying to someone last night on fb that we should start a fb gardening group?


      • Urm, I don’t have a fb account, in fact, I don’t even have a mobile phone! However, what I do have is manure envy. Talking of which, is Betsy available to do the trip, or would that send poor Richard over the edge? 😉


      • No, dear Betsy is still not on the road! I’ve informed Richard that if he doesn’t get back into repairing the old dear he can drag it back to his ma’s garage. Mind, his shoulder has held him back a bit to be honest. I dream of the old dear moving from the front of the lounge window!!


  4. I am or rather, have been quite passionate in the past about gardening (for one) but as my health has deteriorated ove the last few years, I have made my mind forget it. Excluding the beautiful sight yesterday of my cherry tree in full bloom (not hat I see any cherries these days, cannot get ou there much and the birds and squirrels have a high old time ith them, nd they are soooooooo juicy hen really dark black and ripe). I do not listen to music much these days either. I cannot write with sound in my ears. I find one piece that brings tears to my eyes, amongst several, is Nessen Dorma. (ok, bad spelling) , that high note really grabs me. Crying too, is not good these days either. Sets up a whole mess if stuff, need calm. But I wish you joy in the dabbling. Evelyn


  5. (gulp) for a moment I thought you were joining the erotic brigade Gail with your phallic reference, but relieved you;re not – am too innocent for that kind of thing, but I really admire how those writers can come up with plots about, essentially, just one activity. I’d rather have a few murders, crimes and skullduggery to move things along. I agree about enthusiasm. Take Kevin McCloud when he’s enthused about a marvellous building, an enthuasistic passionate person carries you along with them and inspires you. Do you remmber dear old Geoff Hamilton on Gardener’s World? I don;t even like gardening, but I loved him, so sad he died so young. Hope Richard’s shoulder is easing up.


    • I do remember Geoff Hamilton presented Gardeners’ World but I wasn’t really into gardening then. But yes, he had that same vital spark. The presenters since Geoff are just not of the same calibre, except little Alan, of course. I think it is a gift – to be able to enthuse people? Don’t worry about the change in genre, Geoff. It won’t happen. I’d bore myself to death. That isn’t innuendo by the way haha.


  6. I think George Clarke on the restoration man is another example of somebody that comes across with genuine enthusiasm for his subject. Of course non can compare to Guy Martins passion and enthusiasm for engineering (and motorbikes) 🙂

    I have great passion for old leaf sprung Land Rovers and with years of experience of fixing the darn things. However sometimes this passion causes big arguments as the mix of sheer passion for the subject, experience, skill and a blunt ‘speak my mind’ persona results in me telling people they are idiots when they come out with something I consider nonsensical. I’ve lost count of the number of arguments I’ve had like that over the years. Learning to control the passion and sheer enthusiasm can be difficult.

    I wonder if Bill Oddy had lots of arguments with others when they suggested something about wild birds that he either knew was, or considered to be, wrong?? 🙂


    • Yes, we both like those restoration programmes. And I know what you mean about the Landys. They are I think, like horses, once in the blood they always remain in the blood. And I’ll bet no one got the better of Bill Oddie, although as I understand it he had a breakdown? I have a feeling that he could be as ‘passionate’ and ‘to the point’ in ‘real’ life as well! x


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