How Not To Erect Your Precious Cadac …

Good Morning All

Well, that was lovely. Two whole days of spring sunshine and today we are back to normal. Grey and threatening drizzle. In fact, it has started to rain.

Richards ‘other’ love is sitting out in it. Shame. Nice weather brings the motorbike out of storage and Richard uses it for work, preferring to abandon me an hour earlier than necessary and going for a ‘ride round’ before work. It is a bloody great lumbering thing – the bike, not Richard – although? Usually it is kept covered, garaged and pampered, but it is a bit of a struggle for him to put it to bed when he gets home at 10.00 pm.

If you remember I mentioned in a post a few weeks ago that Richard had suggested buying a stove like Ade Edmondson’s, in Ade In Britain, so that he could cook ‘up at his summerhouse.’ I had squashed that stupid idea by informing him that he could only cook oven chips and to forget it. He then had the brilliant idea of retrieving his new and precious Cadac from the attic and using that. I offered no argument.

Two days ago, in the middle of our super heat-wave the Cadac was found and brought down from the attic. A Cadac, for those of you who have never come across such a wonder of creation, is pretty much like a barbecue, stands on three legs, has a removable griddle, wok etc etc and runs off gas. Obviously, after ‘setting it up’ at the side of his summerhouse (shed) he wanted to go a step further and disappeared to go rummaging through the deep freeze for something to cook on it. He returned with stir-fry and salmon. The stir-fry was OK but the salmon proved to be cod.

I kindly produced a few wild garlic leaves and chives and took my seat and waited.  And waited …

The stir-fry had virtually disappeared by the time the frozen fish had cooked and the whole thing looked rather … different. On the whole, for Richard, I have to say it was a success. This might sound strange. But trust me. It was a success. This is Richard’s second Cadac. The first one died very prematurely. And this is what happened …

We spent a weekend camping with Richards sister and her family (before she decided I was a stroppy cow and fell out with us!) and Richard, being Richard, decided to erect his new Cadac and cook everyone a barbie – that’s cue not doll! Even Richard isn’t quite that weird.

With steaks and sausages and other dead flesh spitting and burning he performed his little show, in-between swigging gut-rot cider and telling ‘Richard’ jokes, which are really best avoided unless you have recently emptied your bladder. With his eye firmly on the bottom of his upturned cider bottle it was moments before he or anyone else noticed that the Cadac was shrinking and slowly tipping.

Half choking and in slow motion Richard lunged forwards grabbing the steaks as they slid off the grill, burning his hands, and shouting, ‘f**k me, an earthquake!’

Everyone else stared in horror as the whole thing collapsed into a bubbling, melted heap, sending black, toxic smoke belching across the camp site.

Obviously the idiot had put the thing together wrong, allowing the flame to burn through the plastic stand and the whole thing had tipped and dissolved into the grass like the Wicked Witch of the West.

So, all things considered, the second Cadac was a success and lives to cook again … and so does Richard. He is taking a holiday next week and has already informed me that we can pop to Morrison’s and stock up on masses of barbie stuff and eat outdoors every day next week. I just nodded. Best to just nod  – sometimes. HPIM2790

Take care my lovelies x




14 thoughts on “How Not To Erect Your Precious Cadac …

  1. Strange how your hubbie’s mishaps turn into your triumphs ( of memoirs and literary turns of phrases) . Roll on the next one.


    • Yes it’s a toss-up whether to write about Richard or Chea. I left them together this morning whilst I went for a little ‘shop.’ They seem to have survived although from what Richard was saying Chea was running round the garden looking for ways out and he was following with wood, wire and nails haha. xx


  2. Poor Richard! 🙂

    As for the change in weather, well we are both really happy with that because it is now cooler 🙂

    I should explain, last night I couldn’t sleep due to the heat in the house as the Rayburn is still running and combined with warm weather the bedroom was 30c+ (at midnight) and I gave up trying to get to sleep and actually had to come down at midnight, make myself a cup of tea and watch ‘Come Dine With Me’ on some random channel while I drained off a tank full of hot water to cool the Rayburn down. So got to bed at 1-1:30’ish.

    This is actually my fault because normally at this time of year, once the weather warms up, we let the Rayburn (solid fuel) go out for the summer and instead we cook all our meals on a BBQ (more like a huge gas range cooker though) in the garden. By last saturday the weather was warm enough to allow the stove to go out but I forgot to buy gas for the BBQ and as we don’t own either a normal oven or a microwave the darned Rayburn is still lit for cooking on and still kicking out vast amounts of heat and we will have to suffer it until this coming Saturday. So we are both hoping to see cool wet weather for a few days now…..probably the opposite of everybody else in the country, sorry!

    I love cooking and eating outdoors so I fully appreciate Richards situation. Food just tastes so much nicer that way and we find it more relaxing and meal times tend to last longer. However there is a couple of differences, 1) I can cook 😉 (sorry Richard) and 2) I have a huge range cooker outside that doesn’t have any plastic on it 😉 Mind you, can you let Richard know that cooking and eating outdoors gets to be a little tedious when you have no other option for three months of the year and it happens to be torrential rain or gale force winds outside! (Well OK we do have a little woodburner in the lounge we can also use but same issue as Rayburn, it then generates stupid levels of heat in the house). And yes, we are both probably mad.

    BTW We love your summer house and lovely to see you have it painted in a pretty colour, at least we are not the only ones to experiment with some colour in the garden 🙂



    • Since we had Chea the wood burner in the lounge has remained lit morning noon and night – to keep her warm! Idiots I know! But recently we have let it go out and it is quite chilly in there so although it sounds like you are all cooking nicely the Rayburn does sound cosy – if a little too cosy on warm days. Neither of us like the hot weather to be honest. Cooking outside at least keeps the kitchen clean!!

      Richard has asked me to ask you something Landy orientated. It may not make sense …How do you get on with Land Rover little blue boxes? He is having trouble with Brit brake parts binding. That’s it! Makes little sense to me but hey-ho. x


      • LOL, inform Richard that we’ve found that brake shoes and some other components that come in little blue boxes are awful. I swapped to Mintex. They are four times the price but they are a lovely compound and work well. Having said that my wifes Land Rover ‘Annie’ had all new drums that came in blue boxes (as well as hubs, drive flanges and seals) and those items have been perfect and her truck has now done 7K trouble free miles and her brakes work great. 🙂

        I assume he has filed a chamfer on each end of the new shoes to suit the radius of the drum and that the brakes are adjusted correctly? Don’t under ANY circumstance use blue box brake adjusters as they are truly awful and will cause no end of issues including brake binding as they force the shoes off vertical. They also tend to sheer or wear out fast which leads to the shoes falling out of adjustment far too quickly.

        Tell him to feel free to ask any questions on my blog if he needs to. There are numerous categories on the right hand panel which includes a section for Annie a Series 3 and Ciggy a Series 2. Under those there are lots of posts about specific jobs such as fitting brakes, suspension, brake adjusters etc, etc.


      • Thank you. I shall direct him here to your reply, Ian, when he gets in tonight (10.00 pm) and I shall then direct him to your site. I think he had come to the conclusion that those parts were crap? x


  3. “I think he had come to the conclusion that those parts were crap”


    To be fair I’ve bought thousands of pounds worth of parts in the last few years that came in blue boxes and the majority have been perfectly good quality considering the price I paid. The old adage ‘You get what you pay for’ is certainly true but then equally why pay double the price for a premium brand product if it only takes a few minutes of fettling to make a cheaper product work as well? I’ve even had quality problems with genuine parts and indeed I’ve found blue box items in some cases to be far superior than genuine!

    I think the problem with some of these parts is just like many other things in life such as food or even plastic BBQ’s 😉 By that I mean the retailers will often source the products from different manufacturers, so one week your burger or brake shoe may well be great whereas the next week it will be awful despite being in the same packaging from the same retailer.

    I guess the pressures of flogging stuff cheap means corners are cut and quality control goes out of the window and thus we end up with horsemeat ‘beef’ burgers or brake shoes made by six year old Indian children working on a rubbish dump. I guess we are all guilty of causing this too as I’ll bet most of us have looked at items in a shop or online and opted to buy the cheaper item made in India or China rather than the expensive one made under much tighter (and thus more expensive) legislation and quality control in the UK. I’m guilty of it myself – we bought the lounge wood burner from Machine Mart, it was chinese made and pretty poor quality but only cost £150 as against £800 for the British made equivalent. It only took an hour of fettling and that cheap stove has served us well for seven years but I do feel a pang of guilt every time I hear of a UK company closing down – if Coalbrookdale stoves shuts down I’ll be one of those to blame eek!



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