Bring On The Dancing Ape …

Good Morning

Does everything have to be so difficult? Apparently so. Why? Who knows?

Now I’m not only talking to myself I’m answering my own questions!

I may as well stare at my  hand and watch my life trickling through my open fingers. Can I ever justify the time spent on this virtual crap? Can you even have ‘virtual’ crap. Isn’t crap – all crap – real?

I need to stop this before I turn into a whirling dervish and disappear up my own posterior.

This, very near to ‘ripping out my hair frenzy,’ has been brought about by attempting to add  a PayPal button to this site. Easy? Yes – if you are a sodding Einstein. I’m not. Why am I even stating the obvious when you all know me now?

Mind you, I have to take some credit and a thump on the back because I did actually create a PayPal button. Oh yes indeedy Mrs Tweedy. Created it I did. Then I attempted to put the little darling on this site – for an hour. But that’s nothing for me. If I intend to do something I do it, regardless of time and effort. I rarely give up  – or in. However, I have given up and I have given in – temporarily. I shall regroup my head.

To be honest I have discovered that the problem may not be of my making or stupidity. Apparently, after wading through the ‘support’ section it appears that you can’t follow PayPal’s instructions because they won’t work with WordPress. WordPress has its own way of doing it. Well whoopee-do, good old WordPress. I’ve spent enough time on this today. I shall endeavour to source an intelligent person to dig me out of this mire.

To be continued …

The bottoming of the wardrobes went spectacularly badly. Just as I was closing down the laptop Richard appeared and asked if I would I like to go out for a couple of hours before he had to go to work. Nothing was further from my mind – because I wanted to bin my entire clothes collection and a good few pairs of shoes, BUT if you discourage people from making suggestions they will lose faith and never suggest anything ever again. So off we toddled to … B&Q.

Rocking. B&Q!! Some suggestion hey? At least the hernia wound wasn’t kicking off so the hand remained out of the pant area. And I did buy some colour coordinating plant pots and saucers to pot-on my cacti collection. So not a wasted journey. And we did pass the horse-dung-for-sale place and  managed to pick up another two bags. I seem to have this thing about surrounding myself with shit.

That proved to be the highlight of yesterday and as I said above, today has started in a rather discouraging vein. And now you are all thinking that things can only get better? I wouldn’t bet on it. I have my chiro appointment in an hour, cacti (with killer spikes) to pot-on and a twenty-first birthday bash to go to tonight. Richard will get lairy (silly) drink too much (2 pints) and start dancing (imitating an ape). I will smile and accept the looks of sympathy. MB900084200

So now tell me things can only get better?


Take care my lovelies x


PS I’d like to welcome all new followers/readers of this blog who have recently joined us. Your support/comments/shares are much appreciated.




4 thoughts on “Bring On The Dancing Ape …

  1. One would hope so. I had cacti at one time in my life, never ever no more. Too spiky and painful. Asked daughter about the PayPal thing, she said someone else did it, so no help there. As for the manure, I did hat once, what a mess! Mum used to collect from baker, milkman, coalman, years gone by. Do you realise that, in the end, we are actually eating it ( by way of plant manipulation)? Be that as it may, hope you enjoy the product of your labours later on.


    • Thanks for attempting to help re the PayPal thing Evelyn. You’re a star! And yes I realise we will be recycling horse pooh and they do say we are what we eat, don’t they? xx


  2. Well look on the bright side – at least you weren’t having to deal with a BT call centre first thing this morning 🙂

    Couldn’t you tell Richard he’s driving tonight, thereby negating any possibilities for having a drink or two, or is a drunk dancing ape better than a sober one? x


    • That WOULD have sent me insane. I once painted the whole box room whilst on the phone to NTL. They were ditched shortly afterwards. The twenty-first is two doors away – so hardly worth getting the car out for hahaha. Have a great weekend all xx


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