Les Miserables …And Miserable Little Me …

Hi All

It’s been almost a week since I last posted. I’m sure you have all missed me like crazy? But just in case you haven’t I’ll move on.

I was swamped with a massive migraine last Saturday and it rolled on to Sunday and Monday and part of Tuesday. I nearly died you know? OK, a slight exaggeration but I reckon Richard wouldn’t have minded too much. I went berserk and yelled at him because he was unsympathetic to my condition and  I also told him to take Chea back to the RSPCA because she was a sodding nuisance who wouldn’t stop trying to escape from the garden.

Since then I have struggled to the optician to have an eye test, my last one was eight years ago. I know. I’m bloody hopeless. But that’s me, I’m afraid. A rebel. I may have been staggering under the after effects of a horrendous migraine and my eyes may have been slightly crossed but I still noticed the optician had spelt appointment wrong on his information leaflet! APPOINMENT! Haha. Had I been feeling more chipper I’d have pointed it out to him because I wasn’t much impressed with his high and mighty attitude. As it was I let it ride. I’ve ordered some prescription shades because the bright light is causing me considerable discomfort and I’ve just seen my doctor (again) and made an appointment with a neurologist – for July! Don’t hurry on my account, sunbeam. Right that’s that. I’ve been dreadful but I’m back – till the next attack.

Whilst I was ‘poorly’ dear Richard spent time and money in Blockbusters. His choice of films are crap, even when I’m not suffering a blinding headache. On Sunday, as I lay in bed, having finally given in to the pain, he arrived and waddled a Blu-ray DVD in front of my eyes.

‘I’m not interested in this.’ he said, ‘But I know you wanted to see it and I thought it might cheer you up.’

It came into focus – slowly. Les Miserables. Was he frigging joking? Cheer me up? I accept that I must be the only human on the planet who hasn’t seen Les Mis or knows the story but the title is a bit of a give-away.

He placed the said DVD in the player and beetled off downstairs, where he fell hungrily on his new Land Rover mag, which I’d spied tucked under his arm.

Twenty minutes into Les Mis and I almost switched it off. Forty-five minutes in and I still had no apathy with ‘Fantine.’ I didn’t flinch when they booted her out of her job or when they chopped off her locks. As the story evolved I seriously wondered what all the hype and fuss was about. I found dear little Cosette of little importance and not at all worth the trouble and effort lovely Jean Valjean (Hugh Jackman) went to to raise her. I couldn’t help but wonder why everyone had been in tears over this film. Perhaps I was insensitive? Perhaps I’d taken too many painkillers and I was half brain-dead?

And then … Hugh died. And even that was OK.  But then Fancine’s spirit arrived, singing and smiling, ready to take him with her. He rose from his chair and walked towards the spirits of his revolution friends, all standing on the barricade. There was a lump in my throat and the tears rolled down my cheeks. Success. Les Mis did make me cry. And I know exactly why. It’s that dead person coming to fetch their loved one thing. It gets me every time. When Rex Harrison comes for Mrs Muir in The  Ghost And Mrs Muir I sniff and snot like a baby.

Will that happen? Will someone come for me – and you? Take your hand as you step from your old used-up body and you and your someone will walk away into the clouds?

I guess I had to reconsider Les Miserables. The ending did it for me. Emotional. Revolutionary  – in all senses of the word. Brilliant? Yeah pretty much.

I may be a little more focused (literally) tomorrow and I may make more sense. Not promising – just hoping.MV5BMTQ4NDI3NDg4M15BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwMjY5OTI1OA@@._V1._SX94_SY140_

Take care my lovelies x

8 thoughts on “Les Miserables …And Miserable Little Me …

  1. Hello Gail, so sorry you had a migraine, they sound like literal hell, terrible, if only they could find out if yours has a trigger that you can avoid, but you’ve obviously tried all of that. I never knew what hell it can be until you said. Les Mis, I thought was one of best films I ever saw – for me it was the acts of decency and kindness – the priest who refused to accuse Valjean for taking the candlesticks. And the marvellous music and the scenes of the ship in the beginning. The music alone made it great, and what about the battles of Paris, the heroic men who fought? And, again, the kindness of the rescue of the girl. It;s a film that celebrates the goodness and selfless kindness within decent people – a change from the greed and viciousness that;s lauded in other films. Great post as always, and all best to Richard and the LR too.


    • Thank you Geoffrey. It is one of those films that you dissect after you have watched it – I think? And then realise how brilliant it was/is? I shall watch it again when the head is totally clear – whenever that may be!!! xx


  2. My heartfelt sympathies to you. I don’t suffer from migraine as such but I do occasionally get paracetamol resistant blinding headaches which often lead to nausea and inevitably require some quiet time lying down. These rarely last beyond a couple or three hours and that’s bad enough. so to have to endure one for several days ……. don’t even want to think about it. As for Mud, he’s about as sympathetic as Richard, I’d say.

    I haven’t seen Les Mis ever, in any shape or form but our eldest daughter watched it a month or so back and when I asked her what it was like she said that it was okay but a bit miserable and sad! Really? You don’t say!

    Hope you’re feeling a bit more tickety boo tomorrow 🙂


    • I think a real problem with migraine is if you don’t suffer with it you tend to think that those who do are just kicking off about a headache which couldn’t be further from the truth. I wouldn’t wish it on anyone really, other than for them to realise what one is and have a little sympathy. I suffered 4 losses of normal vision over the 4 days and that isn’t cool at all. And when they come every week to ten days I really think I need to attempt to get to the bottom of them this time – hence the neurology appointment. When my dad was alive he was looking in the TV paper and he said there was a film on. It was called Les Miserable. He thought it was a bout a bloke called Les Miserable. Bless him. Obviously that would have been an old, maybe original version. Haha xx


  3. Hi, my nephew suffers with bad migranes, yeah, I know, wrong spelling but, and he can be really really bad at times, suffered for years and no nearer getting a hook on it. I have no, and do not want, to see Les Mis. I don’t like films where the speech is in song. I am OK with opera ‘cos I don’t understand what they are singing, I just go with the music. However, I do not want to be made miserable, for fun. has anyone ever read the book? it may not be quite the same as the film, seldom is, good or bad. Have you and Richard thought about Netflix or Love Film? Evelyn ps sorry you were so bad last weekend etc. I do understand, honest.


    • Ah thank you Evelyn. Yes I’m quite keen on Netflix. I have thought about it. I should check it out and then I could sit and watch a film every day while Richard is at work!!! Good plan! xx


  4. I haven’t seen the new Les Mis. I saw the ancient one and loved it and bawled my eyes out. Maybe something was lost in the translation to modern? I’m really happy that you’re feeling better my friend. Now – get to work! 🙂 xxx


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