A Man Just For My Entertainment? …

Hi All

I don’t have the faintest idea what to write about today because for one thing Richard hasn’t done anything entertaining for days. I have in fact just told him this as he squeezes into his bike leathers in preparation for going to work. His retort was, ‘I’m not here just to entertain you, you know.’ Funny that because I thought he was. Frankly there hasn’t been much to entertain me here over the last two days. It’s all been a bit low-key.

Both the chucks are sick so the daily chore now is for Richard to hold each chuck in turn, bottom facing me (chuck’s bottom not Richard’s) and for me to wash their bums. It’s fine as long as you don’t happen to be staring into their offices when they eject pooh.

Also, the sick orfe is still sick and floating like a carrot beneath the marsh marigold. Its mates are with it, wiping its sweaty brow and feeding it chicken soup – well maybe not  CHICKEN soup. I still find it sweetly surprising how, when a fish is sick, the others stay by its side. We had a very old goldfish who was totally blind and the others used to nose it to the surface at feeding time and somehow it always managed to find the food and feed. And that’s the devotion of a cold-bloodied animal! Shame the human race can’t be as devoted to each other…

Everything is now out of the greenhouse and in the garden. I had one remaining cosmos which I walked up and down and round and round the garden looking for the last available spot in which to plant it in. Eventually I spied a wee spot near to the fence and beyond the baby cabbages, so, balancing precariously I leant down, trowel in one hand, cosmos in the other. Just as the trowel contacted the soil a huge frog leapt up and across my hand. Obviously I screamed, ‘UGH FROG!!!’ and ran off. And obviously the neighbour heard, poked his head over the fence and enquired if I was alright. I’m sure he lurks – waiting for my next calamity.

My mum always said she should have named me after Calamity Jane. Actually I’ve become much better with age. My teenage years and early twenties were a nightmare. I just seemed ‘accident’ prone. Daft things always happened around me.

I remember on one occasion helping mum, who was doing the weekly wash at the time, by putting away the bread, coffee etc in the pantry. Back then a washing machine was of the ‘open top’ variety. One side washed and one side spun. As I was squeezing past the washing machine, with coffee balanced on bread, the coffee jar toppled off and landed  in the washing machine. Someone, and I swore it wasn’t me, had not screwed the lid on the coffee jar and the contents all spilled out into the sheet wash. Mum was most annoyed and asked me rather snappily why I had to be so lackadaisical? No idea back then what that meant – still don’t have too much of a clue ha ha. It took a few washes to get the sheets back to white.

I scored again, years later, when I put a red sock in with my baby son’s nappies and turned two-dozen white nappies bright pink.

I’m off for my B12 jab shortly so come Monday I’ll be back on the ball and managing to string a sentence together – probably – hopefully – or not.

Okey Dokey – now for the ‘writer’ bit. Here is a link


Cool I hear you say. Yes it is quite cool, actually. It is a link to a writers’ group – only it isn’t just a writers’ group. It is a group for bloggers, readers, authors, writers, poets. Anyone at all to do with writing and/or reading. So pop over and take a look at us. It is a closed group so what happens in the group stays in the group – unless I copy/paste and sell it to the papers!! We have some nice people in the group so if you fancy it give it a go and I’ll see you there.


Have a super weekend.


Take care my lovelies xHPIM2851 - Copy



6 thoughts on “A Man Just For My Entertainment? …

  1. I believe these days you can actually hire men for ‘entertainment’ although I don’t think Richard would approve (unless you told him he was coming round to fix the Land Rover brakes and the guy got dirty and had to have a shower and…….) 😉 😉

    Anyway, have a lovely weekend yourself. Weather has improved dramaticaly since yesterday. We’ve been out with the kids all day and I’m now collapsed in heap absolutely shattered after playing numerous outdoor games with the kids – it is amazing how exhausting mazes, croquet and crazy golf can be when played with our girls….E will put a post up later so you will understand 🙂


  2. Richard would be too wrapped up in his Land Rover mag to notice another bloke in the house! Children are exhausting – you’ve done well to come out of it alive! Enjoy your weekend Ian … think it’s brake bleeding tomorrow. I do know he has replaced everything now. ha ha x


  3. Lol, I’ll swap you brake bleeding for lifting the unbelievably heavy bulk head off Ciggys’ chassis, before carrying it down the impossibly thin alley between the workshop and the house and into the garden …… again!!!!! 🙂 x


    • Apologies Jennie, i didn’t spot this reply.

      Unfortunately Mud ran out of sunshine, when he was spraying all Ciggys’ body panels last year, before he got around to the bulkhead. As it is made of steel and not aluminium it had to be stored somewhere relatively dry to prevent it rusting out and its’ size and bulkiness meant that we didn’t have any dry storage large enough, other than back on the chassis. The other panels were then loosely bolted back on to the bulkhead and chassis, again for ease of storage, so although Ciggy looks like she has been reassembled she is actually an illusion 🙂

      So now that it’s ‘summer’ again, we need to get the thing off and primered/painted which means taking all the panels off again so that we can get to the bulkhead itself!

      I have long since come to the conclusion that old Land Rovers are never really ‘finished’ 🙂


      • I agree BUT to be honest I don’t think we ever draw a line under our gardens and say they are finished? I know I don’t. There is always another little job to do to improve things or just to make it anaesthetically nicer. Never been a butt-sitter and I’m thinking neither have you Elaine? x


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