Oh Sweet, Sweet Life, So Varied and Er… ?

Good Morning

You know something? You meet a really nice class of person in the jacket potato isle of Morrison’s at 7 .00 am in the morning. A lovely man helped me to sort through the pile of various shapes and sizes of potatoes until we found four that looked so similar  they could have been little clones. I explained that I needed big ones because I intend to cook them the ‘proper’ way – in the oven, so that they go nice and crispy on the outside and fluffy in the middle. Usually I can’t be bothered to wait for them to cook ‘naturally’ and impatiently bung them in the microwave. I’m like that. If I need to eat I need to eat now! It fits in perfectly with my character – impatient! Or put another way – life’s too short to bugger about taking the scenic route.

I met the potato-isle man again in the waffle section, which seemed quite apt because we did actually have another waffle, about what to put on waffles. I have to confess to never having had a waffle – the edible type – because as you all know, I waffle on all the time – like …er …now! Anyway, it was decided that golden syrup was the best and we were right because I’ve just had two with syrup and they were, and are, truly delicious. I actually toasted three but left the first one toasting while I dawdled up to the pond to check if the solar butterfly, that Richard liked and bought, and that I thought was twee and naff, was working, and when I got back the waffle had self cremated. No worries. The magpies and jackdaws around here are more than happy to pick at my culinary disasters. Many a chick has been raised on burnt toast.

As I was loading the shopping into the car, potato/waffle man sidled up to me and said, ‘try rubbing a bit of salt into their skins before you cook them.’ See … what a lovely class of person. Mind, as he said it his breath lifted my hair. I think he was getting a little too friendly, so I closed the boot, almost on his hand, and tootled back home. The day had certainly warmed up since I’d arrived at the supermarket earlier because the car was like a sauna. Then I realised I still had the heated seat on maximum!

Some sort of virus/bug/summer cold/allergy has entered my being and I’m not impressed. I rarely get colds. Can’t remember the last time I had anything – but it was well over two years ago. Other than the horrendous migraines, which, and I can hardly believe this, have left me alone for three and a half weeks now, and my crappy neck discs, I’m a pretty healthy person.

Those waffles really were good. I can’t stop thinking about them. I know I should. I think I’ll go and clear out the duckweed from the pond. I started it yesterday but didn’t get very far as Lauren (dog groomer and sweet girl who had my chuck cage and bought the two chucks without her mum’s say so) wandered up to find me and asked if I could help her. I immediately thought she needed me to clip another Shih Tzu’s stinky butt but no …she wanted  me to fondant-ice two cakes for her. She was making them for her fiancées birthday and  she said they had ‘gone wrong’.

Come on now, am I not a person of many talents? One minute pond maintenance, the next whacking on fondant icing and making pretty grass effect stuff to go round the base of the cake. I had no problem with icing the two huge sponges but I have to admit the grass peed me off a bit … and then some! I almost lost the will to live whilst trimming, shaping and cutting icing into grass-shape strips. As soon as the last piece of grass hit the side of the cake I was out of there. I didn’t even delay my flight by putting on my shoes. The moment I got in I grabbed Richard and we rounded off the day by washing the chucks bums. Honestly, if my life gets any more varied I’ll have to write a sodding book about it …

I’m off. One last waffle calls … Have a super weekend.HPIM2889


Take care my lovelies x


PS I DO NOT BELIEVE IT! Yesterday Chea returned without her collar – her posh collar with name tag and two bells. I fitted her with a new collar, name tag and bells, an hour ago, and she has just strolled down the path and into the kitchen and she isn’t wearing it! It has only been on the stupid creature for an hour! NOW I have to go shopping AGAIN to buy her another! Or three! Would anyone out there like to exchange lives with me?? Pleaseeee!


10 thoughts on “Oh Sweet, Sweet Life, So Varied and Er… ?

  1. LOL, we love waffles although I haven’t tried them with syrup, no for me they need a good dollup of quality salted butter 🙂

    Jackets do really well in the BBQ too if you have one like ours that has a lid, they go really crunchy on the outside, in fact REALLY crunchy if you forget about them………

    As for swapping lives, I don’t see much point in you swapping with Elaine as you’d be in the same situation or worse as I have TWO Land Rovers, an equally demanding garden and children to stress you out!!! 😉 (and you’d have to leave Chea behind because I’m HIGHLY allergic to cats!)

    I need to deal with the weed in our pond too this weekend, I forgot to put in the little bale of barley straw in the spring so now the pond is clogged up with balnket weed AARGGH and even if I put the straw in now it’ll take months to clear. Good job we don’t have fish in it!



  2. Our cats were regular collar losers. At least she can get out I them if they got caught up in something. She wouldn’t strangle herself.


    • This is true Evelyn. I’d rather she left ten collars hanging on trees, than herself. She is micro-chipped so it’s not the end of the world. I just figure if she has a collar with bells I can detect her general direction xx


  3. Your life does sound an awful lot like mine (minus chuck bottoms and cat of course) and I often have ‘Shirley Valentinesque’ thoughts … very often actually … daily if I’m being totally honest ….. 😉 xx


    • Well the next time one such thought crosses your mind – pick me up? Didn’t she throw in the towel and run off to Spain? Actually, my brother has just bought a little place in Alicante so we could do it on the cheap!! xxx


  4. Love the updates on Chea’s adventures (along with the way you bring jacket potatos and waffles to life)!
    Very happy for you, no migraines recently – Beta Blockers must be well in your system, and new sunshades helping also. Long may they keep away x
    Hope no dizzy spells with bending forward either, since effect of Beta Blockers starting kicking in?


    • Hi my friend. Taking one day at a time. Four weeks without a migraine – so that’s a record really. But the tiredness that comes over me during the day is unbelievable. See what the appointment on 1st July brings hey? Hope you are well? xxx


      • Sorry to hear about the tiredness – most drugs have side effects.
        But, on a positive note, at least the Beta Blockers are doing you good in keeping the migraines away, & no vision loss from bending over to straightening up….

        Do let the consultant know of your long-term history of migraines over many many years – the bad patches, the good patches, and the changed pattern again.
        Keep me posted on outcome of your appt in July x

        Hope Chea’s kept her newest collar on today! x


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