It’s A Rant – And I’m Too Ratty To Apologise …

Good Morning

I’m not sure if I am fully awake yet. I’m hoping not because I haven’t warmed to the positive and potential of this day. I’m still grumpy. And irritated. And just plain ratty. Had another weird dream where one of my ‘virtual’ friends (I won’t embarrass him by naming him) was protecting me from the evils of life and then some hammer-swinging thug tried to kill me by swinging his hammer and letting it fly at my person. And not just any hammer. A lump hammer. Not the best start to the day!

I think it all had something to do with the state of mind that I went to bed in. We went out for the day yesterday, just a little jaunt to Lincoln, and so I didn’t fire-up the laptop until the evening. I intended to but I got involved in watching Andy Murray at Queens and then the following ‘celebrity’ match. I guess by this time I had peaked and was already on a downwards spiral. I can only see good and sense in my fellow-man for a certain amount of time each day!

Some of the boasting and utter crap posted around the place got my goat – whatever that means? What is wrong with these people? Such opinions. And yes, that is exactly what they are – opinions. Do these people, who write all this crap, actually believe it? It really, really gets to me. This is why I often think that I am not suited to this self publishing world. I’m not sure I can take it all as seriously as some do. I never feel the need to instil my beliefs and opinions on others – especially without being asked. Opinions are personal. They are NOT facts. Never have been. Never will be. Book reviews are opinions. They are NOT facts.  Never have been. Never will be. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. I have no problem with that at all. The problem I have is when these opinions are delivered in such a manner as to give the impression that they ARE facts and should be adhere to. Followed to the letter. Divert at your peril. Stop it, please.

My naughty little fingers hung poised over the keypad as I tried not to comment. It was hard. Very hard. You see, I believe that these strongly opinionated types actually scare off the less brave and the less opinionated and I don’t think that is fair. It can’t be, can it? Writing doesn’t have to be so sodding serious and complicated, does it? If you want to write, just write. You don’t need to listen to some idiot spouting on. These people will put you off because you will end up believing that you will NEVER know as much as they do, never be good enough and in all likelihood give up. Anyway, I kept my fingers under control and moved away from the keypad. Consequently I went to bed angry and someone tried to hammer me to death. At least I had my virtual knight in shining armour! I shall send him an email today and thank him ha ha. He also happens to be one of the humblest writers I know.

I will simmer until the cauldron boils. You see, I don’t actually like upsetting people and hold back with my comments and opinions. It doesn’t mean I don’t have them.

Just had a quick argument with Richard – see, it’s not a good day. He’s flying high and quite jolly – and distracting me from this. He’s just been to book old Betsy-crap-machine in for her second MOT and to get the guy in the garage to do the bit of welding on her old bones. Come Thursday the ancient lass should be back on the road. He will be delirious, of course, because as we all know, little things please little minds. So right now I’m having to contend with Richard singing, making toast and being jolly. NOT the usual Richard. I’ve asked him to stop being quite so happy because it is off-putting and  – weird! He looks confused. No change there then. I’ve told him he’s a dick and that his mother named him well. He said he used to think that was a compliment – twenty years ago. He IS a dick …

I’m being beastly, I know. Can’t help it today. I still see that hammer lunging towards me. And I’m still a bit down from yesterday. As we all know it was Father’s Day and for me the sixth one without my dad. I took him some flowers and tidied his grave. I miss him so much and I don’t know why that still surprises me?

The day and my attitude can only improve. An hour from now and I’ll be the normal, happy, little bunny. Possibly. Hopefully. Think I’ll go and make Richard a coffee and have a little chat with him about Betsy, poor soul. Oh, and tell him he isn’t a dick, at least not by nature – only by name.

He appears to be writing a ‘to do’ list – on MY pad! He may be wearing the coffee?026


Take care my lovelies x






33 thoughts on “It’s A Rant – And I’m Too Ratty To Apologise …

  1. I hope your day has improved. I have to agree that it is irritating to read opinionated tripe but at least you can click the ‘back’ button and look for something a little less ‘I am right and everybody else is an idiot’ to read (you have no idea how hard it was to end that particular comment there 😉 ).

    Fingers crossed for dear old Betsy and her 2nd MOT.

    Right coffee then Gardening Club me thinks 🙂 xx


  2. -grin- You know you’d sleep better if you allowed your fingers carte blanche and made some of those comments you just think about making. 🙂 Hope the day improved a bit!


      • -hugs- bottling anger up isn’t great. I used to do exactly what you do. Now if something really makes me mad, I say so… and sleep a whole lot better lol.


      • I used to ‘stew’ in real life but not any more. If something bugs me I say so – immediately! Anger and hurt, left stewing, cause so much damage. I guess I shall have to do the same thing in this ‘virtual’ world? Hold on to your hat!!! Ha ha xxx


      • Me too Jennie. I was a late developer, and showing anger used to be really hard, but now I’ve accepted I have a right to feel angry, and to let my feelings be known. It’s been rather liberating. 😉


  3. Ah, I’m not the only one who feels like this sometimes! Well done on letting it out – I wanted to rant yesterday and held it in, for fear of upsetting people. Maybe I should have just gone for it!
    On another note, my hubby once wrote interview questions on MY writing notepad. What are they like?! Is he wearing the coffeee yet? 😉


  4. Ha ha no – he’s now gone to work. It’s difficult because I think ‘real’ life is trying enough without having to start ‘on-line’ wars? I tell you what – you go first and I’ll follow. Or, shall I go first and you can follow? I’d better start following your blog. Where is it? Will you send me your link please Karen? xx


  5. Gulp, I’m very opinionated and I have a habit of damaging flesh and bones with a lump hammer – hope I wasn’t the cause of your nightmare 😉

    Just to cheer you up, I’m now in the dog house big time after I managed to ruin our best and most expensive camera by pouring white spirit all over it…..yes, I had it out in the garden with me to take some pictures of the Land Rover steering box I was rebuilding and placed it on the bench. Later on I went to pick some bits up and knocked over a tray full of the dirty white spirit that I’d used to degrease the steering box that was right next to where I’d placed the camera. My wife is not best pleased with me as not only can’t she take any pictures of her seedling progress we also now have to fork out for a new camera 😦

    To add insult to injury, I got bitten several times by those nasty blandford fly like things and I’ve got a lump on each arm and one knee, the largest is the size of a golfball, swollen and red and is throbbing. I am getting absolutely zero sympathy from my beloved as she got bitten last year and when she said she needed to go to hospital I suggested she just live with it for a day until it gets better on its own….

    Hope you are feeling better now



    • Oh no! I’m laughing – obviously – because you make me laugh but I do feel for you. Bit of a plonker though – if you don’t mind me saying – for putting the camera next to the white spirit. Men always do things like that. Richard is the same. I take it the camera is wrecked? I strongly suggest, if your lumps and bumps allow, that you pop off and get Elaine another camera. Small price to pay for marital harmony, I think??? xx


      • Elaine dug out my archaic digital camera that I’ve had since the mid 90’s, only 1.2 megapixel and takes just 20 pictures before the memory card is full but it does at least still work! I also remembered that our video camera will also take photos albiet poor quality. So we can manage until payday. 🙂 Elaine and I have very photo centric blogs and being without the camera for even a day has been bad. I feel really upset about it. It is amazing how we become complacent with the technology we have and then when it is removed it is sorely missed. 😦


      • Ah I’m sorry. I feel really bad now about laughing. Hopefully you’ll be able to sort one soon. Richard asked me what you did and I had to confess to not knowing? x


  6. Really enjoyed that Gail and I entirely agree with you. An opionion is an opinion, and indie authors often sound as if they’re on the way to finding a cure for cancer or finding the dead sea scrolls. When it comes right down to it, we’re all having a go at telling stories, and the stories and characters people like best will be the ones that sell most. And it’s as simple as that.
    Congrats on Betsy. Richard will have to take out all the carpets for the welding (this just happened to my 24-year old Volvo which has started to rot a bit. But he’s done some beaustiufl patch welds right across so that should be fine. Doubt if Betsy;s rust is in any chassis bars.
    What a celebration when she is actually on the road.
    Re your dream, have you read Alice Huskisson’s blog about dreams? You might oike it, it;s very interesting – she’s @Alice_Haystack, or something like that, of just put Alice Huskisson into search.


    • Love your comment on indie authors! You made me laugh. Did you guess who my knight in shining armour was? I do know of Alice and I see she comments on your blog. She seems nice. I reckon we’ll have to smash a bottle of home brew across Betsy’s bumper just to relaunch the poor dear.And those Volvo’s go on forever. Someone told me the engine isn’t run-in till 100,000 miles!!! Slight exaggeration no doubt. Haven’t seen you around much so I’m hoping you are OK? xx


  7. “Richard asked me what you did and I had to confess to not knowing?”

    The job I currently do I hate but it pays well. The job I used to do I loved but was low paid 😉

    I’m currently a senior analyst programmer working for a small IT company that writes software for the automotive industry, mainly e-commerce. I’ve worked in IT for about 15 years but I have no formal qualifications in the job but to be honest it is not a job that requires that much specialist skill anyway. It does however pay very high wages.

    However I come from a long line of Mechanical Engineers and all my upbringing, training and skills upto 15 years ago was in mechanical engineering. I started working for my Fathers engineering firm and then moved on to a big engineering/manufacturing company in my 20’s. I worked my way up to Industrial Engineer and used to design tooling, program and use CNC lathes and milling machines, CAD including solid and surface modelling etc.

    I loved the job because it was so diverse and exciting. It gave you such a great feeling of satisfaction to see a lump of raw material enter the factory at one end and go through all the processes from raw casting to finished machined component. Sadly the money was dire and I switched to IT so I could afford to buy a house. Having been used to programming complex 4 axis lathes and milling machines the size of the average house it was quite easy to switch to an IT job instead which is what happened.

    I regret leaving that job almost daily and to be honest I don’t think I’m that much better off financially than I was back then – the more you earn the more outgoings there seem to be, in my case I have to do a lot of commuting to the job and with fuel costs soaring I’m on the point of quitting and even considering shelf stacking in Tesco! 🙂

    PS. Sorry for the long reply, my wife has kindly just watched me type all this and then when I was about to hit ‘post comment’ she pointed out that you said you HATED long winded replies and got bored after after the first sentence……. 😦


    • Lol, I am wicked. All I did was ask him had he missed the post you had done which mentioned how you hated long winded comments (or was that posts) and lost interest after about 500 words (or something along those lines) 😀

      Anyway, after logging off Mud realised that he had forgotten to add “What does Richard do?” to the bottom of his last essay and would I mind doing it for him so, Jennie, what does Richard do for a living? 😉 xx


  8. Jennie, you mustn’t be a subscriber to wordpress news in your reader or you would have seen this:

    ‘Beautiful’ is not my opinion of the new sidebar as I can’t stand the black myself and neither can Elaine. It was just fine as it was as far as I am concerned. I really wish that wordpress would give us more control over what updates they do and which ones we’d like to accept. I can assure you it would be VERY easy for wordpress to add a setting to control which scheme we would like for our dashboard (eg. existing or new one) but it seems they like to force these things upon us.

    Hope you get your comment problem sorted out soon.



    • No I don’t subscribe to WordPress. I figure I get enough rubbish notifications – but maybe in this case I should. I have just found all my replies in the spam folder!!! I think I have sorted it. If this reply goes to you I’m hoping that’s that. Bloody thing. No wonder I feel like I’ve been put through a wringer today.xx


  9. The hammer being tossed at you in the dream sounds like a metaphor for someone or something in your life that you feel never stops trying to keep you stuck doing something.


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