I’m Having A Baby …Strawberry!

Hi All

Why has this blog changed? Have the blog gremlins been in overnight? Last night it wouldn’t let me post a comment. Unfortunately I didn’t know this until I’d posted three and later realised that they had disappeared into the ether. I used my common sense and thought it might be because I had reached twenty comments. This is a free blog and so it wasn’t beyond my powers of reasoning to assume that there could be a limit on comments. Well, it kinda made sense to me – as much as anything in this world does. This morning I can post comments so obviously there isn’t a limit on them but now all the borders have turned black. Brilliant. If I get to the end of this and it disappears I shall kill someone. Possibly myself.

I have to share something with you. Massively important breaking news … my first strawberry is almost ripe! Whoop woo. It might not tick your boxes but to me this is epic. You know how twitchers stake-out the nesting site of a rare bird and protect it with their very souls, well I’m showing the same commitment to this strawberry. Yeah, I know, I need to get a life but  … to each to their own. Just look at it! Isn’t it just the sweetest little strawberry you have ever seen? HPIM2946

I think you’d better also take a gander at the cabbages because they are looking good. We moan and complain about the rain in this country but it does make everything grow, far better than all the tap water you can throw at it. I need to shut up now because I’m even boring myself.


More good news. Chea’s first collar has returned. Not on its own, obviously. I happened to be walking down the garden on my way back to house to do something of paramount importance, when I was scared poohless by the neighbour, hanging over the fence. Maybe that should be leaning over the fence not hanging? He was mending it apparently. Cobbling together something that needs ripping down and replacing but …it’s cheaper, in fact, free. After I ‘d screamed in sheer horror at his balding head and in turn almost made him fall off his ladder and into his pond I asked him if he’d come across Chea’s collars anywhere in his garden. He said he had found a purple one, stuck in his bean netting. I avoided the innuendo that Chea had been in his beans causing death and ruin to his little plants and said, ‘oh good.’ Off he toddled to fetch it. So now we have two collars in use and two spare ones in the drawer. Also six spare bells and four spare name discs. Call me what you like but never call me unprepared.

Chea has ‘found’ her pattern now. She is allowed in and out until four/five in the afternoon and I then  insist she comes in. She fills her pretty little face  before tootling off to the bedroom where she crashes out on the bed until around seven. Then she graces us with her presence and insists that I cuddle her. Tough life! She tend to stays in the garden more now. I think the novelty of long distance travel is gradually wearing off. As with most things they only appeal if you can’t do them. She chases every fly, spider, wasp and bee and her antics have me in stitches. She has been stung on the paw twice, to date, but doesn’t seem to mind – or learn. I did find her charging through the strawberries after a very large spider and had to grab her quickly before my precious first-born strawberry was destroyed. Talking of which …I did give it a jolly good watering with liquid manure so I may let Richard have this first strawberry. See? How kind am I?

I’d better get off my butt and go and cut the bloody lawn …

Take care my lovelies x

12 thoughts on “I’m Having A Baby …Strawberry!

  1. I never ever fail to smile when reading your blog. It always makes me want another cat, but alas I found a husband who hates them. I could almost hear him complaining about the fur on the bed as if it were our own 🙂


    • I’ve come up with the perfect answer Michelle, get another husband. Joking apart (I was honestly) my father never liked cats. He said they were dirty creatures which is weird because they cover their mess and are always cleaning! Each to his own hey? xx


  2. I think that you will never be able to understand the levels of commitment needed to stand guard over those precious ripe berries, unless you have experienced the mouth watering anticipation of a ripe strawberry fresh from the garden, only to suffer the feeling of utter disappointment when you discover that the blackbird/sparrow/mouse/vole has beaten you to it 🙂 xx


    • Yes, I agree. The blackbirds take all the cherries before we do. I netted the tree one year but a bird got stuck under it so I don’t do that now. I’d rather let them have the cherries! xx


      • Lol, I’m the same with the mangetout.I used to net them to keep the sparrows at bay but then a fledgling blackbird got caught up in the netting and it took me ages to free it and the parent birds were haranguing me the whole time. Have never used that sort of net ever again!!!!!!! Now the mangetout take their chances – i just plant loads of them 🙂 xx


      • There is nothing like the sound of a demented blackbird clacking away! They are at it here until dusk because there is such a high cat presence. No nightingales singing here. Just batty blackbirds!! x


  3. I bought loads of strawberry plants about three years back. Like yiou, the first one was looking gorgeous, amd large. It was tasty. Not many after that though. They were in a trough so,…… others in baskets etc. not so good. Waste of time really without a proper garden, I have one but trees have invaded and left no space, and I cannot do gardening like that any more. Sometimes those collars do turn up. Eve;lyn


    • It’s so exciting when things start to produce fruit isn’t it? And then of course you get so much of it you don’t know what to do with it! Nice to hear from you again x


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