Wet And Warm …According To The Neighbour …

Hi All

Not sure, given the chance, I’d like to revisit this last week. Very stressful. Yesterday was a pig as well. The stupid, brainless blackbirds decided, in their lack of wisdom, to leave one of their brood sitting under the apple tree in full view of the world and its cat.

Chea came galloping back first thing trailed by a scraggy ginger cat that I hadn’t seen before. Another new kit on the block. She made it back to the house and just as the chaser was about to leap over the doorstep after her, like Red Rum over Beecher’s Brook, I yelled, ‘Oi, leave my cat alone you little shit!’ It did an about turn and trotted off back up the garden. Chea was all a goggle. Wide eyed and freaked out – again. She really isn’t doing very well at all this week.

This caused her to stay close to me for the rest of the morning. Around lunch time I ventured into the garden with her. It was then, as we approached the veggie part of the garden that I saw the baby blackbird. Chea was several paces ahead of me so I grabbed her and shut her in the summer-house whilst I attempted to catch the baby bird. Its delinquent parents were clacking two doors down and my intention was to catch it and pop it over the fence and into the field. Its parents could find and feed it there – in my opinion.

As is the case in most quickly thought out plans, it failed miserably. The baby bird toddled off, walked into the glass of the greenhouse and then disappeared into the blackberry brambles. Chea, by this time, was meowing and complaining at being shut in so I grabbed her and took her back to the house. When I returned the baby bird had disappeared. I never found it. Hours later the parents were spotted, noisily winging in with food, so I decided to let nature take its course. Lord above, I can’t save the whole world. I do try … but I can’t. Even I have my limitations.

This morning they are still out there, clacking and going berserk in general.

After this charade, my neighbour, whom I now believe lives under the conifer hedge, spying on my every antic, popped up and casually announced, ‘the weather’s changing over the next two days.’

I jumped, dropping my newly pulled radishes and said, ‘Er …really.’

‘Yes,’ he said, ‘it’s going to turn tropical.’

I wonder from time to time what this guy is on? ‘Tropical?’ I queried. Tropical sounded good. Visions of blue sky, waves tickling white sand …

‘Yes, it could turn quite windy,’ he continued, watching, I’m sure, as I bent to retrieve the last radish.

Windy? That didn’t sound quite so good. Visions of banana trees, bent almost to the ground, battling against torrential rain and wind filled my mind.

‘Er …when they say ‘tropical’ what do they mean exactly?’

He grinned. ‘Wet and warm!’

‘Ohh I like wet and warm.’ I said. ‘Wet and warm sounds good.’

He glanced at my radishes, now clasp firmly to my breasts and nodded – still grinning.

Richard arrived then to announce that he was going to work and my neighbour, who rarely speaks to Richard, disappeared back under the conifer.

Today is grandchildren morning. They will be here shortly. I’ve purposely left the only two ripe strawberries for them to pick. I hope they appreciate them because as you know I don’t share my strawberries with just anyone. Better potter off and tie down the china before they arrive …

Take care my lovelies x

HPIM2851 - Copy

PS A special welcome and thank you to all new followers.

4 thoughts on “Wet And Warm …According To The Neighbour …

  1. Not sure I like the sound of that kind of ‘tropical’ because that kind of tropical often brings with it, thunder and lightening which Middle Mudlet finds very, very frightening (see what I did there :D).

    Poor Chea but maybe all these strange and terrifying new cats will transform her into a home cat 😉

    Have fun with the grand children xx


    • I also hate thunder. I never used to but now …scary … so I can sympathise with Middle Mudlet, bless her. And those are my thoughts exactly about Chea. It’s a tough lesson but she does need to learn that things away from the security of the house are not always pleasant!! xx


  2. Maybe Chea had made a new friend and brought him home for tea? My 2 cats were great mates with a ginger Tom neighbour’s cat, so much so that they thought he lived in their house – they even shared their food. Chea might have met him at the youth club, or disco


    • Ha ha yes I wouldn’t put it past her the way she disappears out of the bedroom window. You’d think she was an escaping teenager sneaking out to meet her friends. xx


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