To End Your Days As Nothing More Than A Smear!

Hi All

I think I have red spiders nesting in my laptop!! I keep finding a little crimson body scurrying across the keypad. I brush it away and then another appears. There is no sign of anything on the table. Nothing is journeying towards the laptop and yet every now and then a titchy red spider is to be spied running the gauntlet across the keypad. They seem more active after the computer has been left on all day and it’s pretty warm. If there is an entomologist out there would you kindly tell me if this is even possible? The ones who risk the journey across the screen don’t, sadly, make it to the other side alive. It’s impossible to remove them without squishing them and leaving a tell-tale red smear. Imagine ending up as nothing more than a smear …

I had a bit of a rant yesterday. ‘No!’ I hear you shout. ‘Not you!’ Well yes I did. Only a little one. I went to visit my brother in the afternoon, he’s a bit lonely at the moment so I thought I’d play the Good Samaritan. Somehow the topic came around to my books and I had to confess to him that the biggest surprise in all of this self publishing thing was the fact that family were so massively unsupportive. And it’s true. They are. His reply was, ‘I don’t read.’ My reply was, ‘that has nothing to do with it.’

And frankly, in my opinion, it hasn’t. I know for a fact that if a family member produced a book I would buy it even if it was on a topic which held no interest whatsoever. Why? Because I would want to support them. Ebooks, in many cases, are less than a decent cup of coffee so it isn’t likely that family are going to have to apply to for a frigging loan, is it? Honestly! But you know what they say, ‘you can choose your friends but you can’t choose your family.’

Thinking about it I don’t honestly think I’ve ever had much support from family. I think it stems from appearing to be a strong, independent type person. I appear to have taken on the role of supporting others. Weird. Oh well, too late now to change the dynamics in my family. And as far as my brother is concerned, someone who uses one teabag between two mugs is likely to be as tight as the proverbial ducks butt!

Blimey! That was a good little dig at my family wasn’t it? No worries – they won’t read this! Sometimes you just need to have a pathetic little moan. I’ll probably delete it later …

And especially for Susan E Birch who follows the chucks progress like flies follow pooh I have to report that we are making progress.

Maran attacks Flight (but less now). Dust attacks Maran (seriously) and Dust also has a pop at Flight who, knock me down with a feather, has a pop back.

Chea stalks them all and is being severely reprimanded as and when necessary. She is slowly getting the message and they are becoming less bothered by her presence on a daily basis. I’m hoping that by Sunday, after Dust has finished her wormer, we can remove all partitions and let them run together. Dust will be ‘top chicken,’ and deservedly so, after all she has been through lately.

I shall pop to the pet shop and stock up on blood stopper, just in case. Honestly, they are meaner than family …I think …possibly not.

Take care my lovelies xHPIM2980

15 thoughts on “To End Your Days As Nothing More Than A Smear!

  1. -sigh- I know what you mean about family and books. They all love my cooking so maybe I should have written a cookbook instead of sci-fi. Maybe next time.


      • lmao – no, you’re right there, although apparently one of my nephews has tried a recipe I blogged about. I think that’s success of sorts!


      • Ha ha yes. I agree with you. Because we are so pathetically desperate for each sale or each tiny piece of proof that someone is actually out there, we have to count the tiniest things as sucesses! What are we like, hey? Poor sad souls, wandering mindlessly, picking up crumbs of gratitude ha ha x PS Tell me about your sci-fi book/books.


  2. Hello Gail, I think the reality is that people who don’t write books, or even read books, simply don;t understand how difficult it is, and how much help is needed from others. They probably equate it with volunteering to help maintain a football pitch, if your relative is a keen footballer, or volunteering to help out someone who’s doing building work. I’m sure they wish you well, it’s simply they don;t understand how important a bit of support is. It’s a whole different world from what they are used to: like Richard asking you to polish Betsy’s engine – and I’m sure you wouldn;t want to do that, but a cleaned up cylinder head can be beautiful.


  3. Hi Geoff I’d like to go along with the ‘ignorance is bliss’ school of thought but it doesn’t wash, I’m afraid, with my family. You would have to know them to know what I mean!! Nice to hear from you. I hope you are well? x


  4. My family provide great blogging fodder, that’s all the support I get. They also are a fab topic at group therapy! I think I realised when I was 18, possibly younger, that there are limits to what people, even those sharing DNA are prepared to do for you, yet I was brought up to do anything and everything for family. Odd isn’t it?


    • Well you’ve hit the nail right on the head haven’t you? The only thing that surprises me about the lack of family support is the fact that it still surprises me that it isn’t there! xx


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