The Black Bra With The Frilly Lace?

Morning AllMB900281822

If I have my calculations right my dear mum would have been eighty-seven tomorrow. She died in 1999 and so I have been without her now for fourteen years. Fourteen years! I have no idea where that time has gone to. It seems like only yesterday that she was standing in her kitchen, flour everywhere, rolling out pastry, whilst I babbled on about some nonsense. Mum was a great cook. Her pastry was simply the best. And in the days before I became a vegetarian her meat and potato pie was truly to die for. Tell me, what is nicer than pastry and gravy?

Mum always listened and she always had an opinion. Often it was different to mine and usually she was proved right. I never understood how mums did that – knew everything about everything to do with their child. But I know now. Now that I’m a mum. I know that we are always right! We are simply wired that way. If my son reads this he will be texting the following, “you are not ALWAYS right.”

Ha ha, yes I am.

I realise that it’s an age thing. The older you get the more people you lose. I have lost two cousins in the short space of less than a year of each other. Sometimes I forget, or can’t believe that these people have gone. Where do they go to? Is the end the end?

Oh listen to me! I only wanted to mention mum’s birthday tomorrow and the fact that I shall go to the church and take flowers and here I am sinking into a morbid pit of misery and dragging you, me hearties, with me, so let’s clamber out of the dank and the dark …

I have also noticed of late how many ‘virtual’ friends/acquaintances etc have fallen by the wayside. I’ve been ‘at’ this virtual stuff for about a year in October and last October I noticed people and names that I am not seeing now. I know that I question this virtual world regularly, the time spent in it, the value of it etc.

This massive self-publishing boom has flooded the market with books, some brilliant, some OK  and some bloody awful. It is still unbelievably hard to sell books, mainly because there are so many of them and the average author is like me, a writer and not a promoter of their work. I guess a lot of authors have a bash at promoting, fail, and then limp away into the distance never to be seen or heard from again.

And who can blame them. I consider this on a daily basis! OK, maybe not on a daily basis but regularly. And I guess there is little more soul (or faith in human nature) destroying, than checking your book sales in the middle of the month, when Joe Blogs promised to buy your book and finding that the sales are zilch and Joe has let you down.  Unfortunately my experience and findings in this life have been that more people will let you down than not.

I’ve met some lovely, helpful people since self publishing. I would love to name them but if I do the idiot who merely taught me how to enter a password will want to know why he hasn’t been named as the best thing since sliced bread. You may think that is a slight exaggeration and yes it is. I have always known how to enter a password. It comes from being a devious, secretive type of person who doesn’t want the world and his dog knowing her business. However, I didn’t know how to use twitter or Facebook or build a web page or write a blog and it has been scary to the point of screaming. The amount of stuff of mine, unintentionally deleted and flying through the ether is unbelievable.

So I guess people fall by the wayside …some fall on stoney ground and perish …

I have to go and look for a bra. I have lost one. I had the slightest suspicion that it may also have fallen on stoney ground and ended up in Richard’s dressing room. Sounds posh, hey? Richard’s dressing room! It was laughingly described as a third bedroom by the house agent twenty-three years ago. It is actually a box room, too small to even fit a cot into and north facing to boot, so it is permanently freezing in there.

Richard has equipped his ‘dressing room’ with an Ikea rail and most of his clothes live draped across it and not on it. Beneath the rail he has an old wash basket which is the resting place for his grundies and socks. Yesterday I enquired, ‘you haven’t come across my bra, have you? I wondered if it may have inadvertently ended up in your wash basket – I mean your pant storage area – and if it has, at this moment in time, I will accept that it was an accident and that I don’t need to start getting worried and locking my wardrobe.’

He shrugged a bit and then later in the day said, ‘that bra. Is the black one with the frilly lace around the front and the little flower thing at the front?’

‘Yes,’ I said.

‘No, it’s not there.’

Maybe I should lock my wardrobe? Mind you, I don’t think there’s much in there that would fit him!

Off to buy some flowers.

Take care my lovelies x

11 thoughts on “The Black Bra With The Frilly Lace?

  1. A brillian t blog.

    I could feel your heartache on remembering your Mum. Wish I had good memories of mine.

    Love the thought of Richard in your bra. Hope he never reads your blog.

    Take care and say when you want to come over. Yesterday I had in exces of 102,000 words, and the editing is going well. Another two to three weeks and I shall have finished.

    Janet x


    • Hi Janet. I am very proud of you. Well done. I shall be over as soon as this cold has passed the infectious stage. I was hoping to make it this week but can’t bring you this, not on top of your emphysema!! I want you to at least see your book published ha ha. So thank you for your kind words and KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK! xx


  2. Oh my Richard and a black lace bra …. the mind boggles 🙂

    Still hopeful of a copy of your book for my birthday …. always supposing Mud remembers in time that is 😉

    (((Hugs))) for your bitter sweet memories of an obviously much loved and missed mum xx


    • Thank you Elaine. When is your birthday? What’s your star sign? I think you may have told me once but the old grey matter has sucked the info down into the depths and refuses to release it. If Mud is anything like Richard – and I’m convinced that he is, he’ll remember your birthday when the mudlets are handing over their cards! Richard always remembers but says he didn’t know what to get and what would I like. It seems to take him by surprise that it comes round each year at the same time. I mean, they do have a YEAR to think of something, don’t they??? x


  3. My dad passed in 1986′ , my aunt in 1988, my mum in 1994, my brother in 1996. The time has flown by. Love the bra thing, ve funny. Evelyn


    • Yes, Evelyn, and I still haven’t found it! I think I’ll go and have a look in Richard’s basket for myself. I don’t trust him or his eyesight any further than I could throw him! x


  4. It’s hard to deal with these losses but having something good to remember is such a gift. Regarding the books and publishing: self-publishing has been around for a long time. Centuries, in fact! Now, with the Interweb n all, it’s a damned sight easier to do the promoting things! But I do agree that access to computers and the web has flooded the market with some so so offerings. My mind boggles at the latest trend of writing simple pamphlet books purely with the intention of selling a few hundred at a dollar a time. This seems to be the latest “make money online” craze!


    • This is a new one on me Jools – pamphlet books?? Although I did receive something a weeks ago that may fit into that ‘genre.’ It was…er …well … I guess I hadn’t better say on here? x


  5. I’m with you on the hard work it takes to sell even one book, let alone come close to matching the crazy numbers I hear people bragging about daily (that sounds a bit green-eyed – maybe I should say, being sweet enough to share their wonderful success stories). No reflections on the disappearing black, frilly bra, but I too see people in the blog world just come and go. Nice post. Your wit sparkles, as usual.


    • Those braggers pee me off frankly – green-eyed monster or not! I’d like to say more but I learnt a long time ago never to put ANYTHING in writing that could come back to bite me on the rump! I fight the temptation almost on a daily basis but so far I think I’ve avoided it! Thank you for your kind words – sparkling wit hey? xxx


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