For Mum

Hi All

Today would have been my mum’s eighty-seventh birthday.

Some years her birthday passes and the fact that she has gone is almost acceptable and it is pretty much just another day, but this year it has been different. This year the realisation that she won’t be coming back, ever, really slammed home. I don’t know why this is because she died fourteen years ago.

I’ve spent most of today with mum on my mind and I still don’t know why. I even wrote a poem. When I say I wrote a poem, I don’t mean I sat for hours writing a brilliant piece of literature. No, I simply wrote a few words.

So today’s very late post is sneaking in under the radar and is simply dedicated to my mum.

Another Year …

Another year. Another birthday

Another reason to miss you still

Time may heal but scars still itch

And I know they always will


Reminding me of love lost

Of tenderness that can’t return

Of a mother’s warmth, to be replaced

By memories that only burn


They burn my heart. They chill my soul

Like a fever across my brow

They say in time the pain will go

Really?  Tell me how?


And if this is true …really true

Could I welcome that empty space?

Where once had lived a mother’s love

And how could I replace


That tender smile. That heart of joy

Life given from her very blood

The bond that formed in the womb

Like no other ever could


I stand and let my gaze fall

Upon the marble stone

It tells me of a mother

Gone …and I am all alone


4 thoughts on “For Mum

  1. I think that after everything you’ve had to deal with in recent weeks, it really isn’t a surprise that today, the finality of your loss, even 14 years on, hit you so hard sweetie.

    But you know, you’re not alone! You couldn’t possibly be! Not with 1 Richard, a Betty, a Betsy, a Chea, 3 chickens, some grand kids, 3307 email followers ……. 😉

    Seriously though, what a lovely tribute to your mum. I hope tomorrow is a better day xx


    • I read your comment late last night, Elaine, but at that point I couldn’t reply because your comment made me cry. This morning I can reply but it is only to say how kind and thoughtful you are. Until you pointed it out I hadn’t realised the toll the last few weeks might have taken on me. So thank you – truly xxx


  2. I wouldn’t want my daughter to feel sad, but reading your poem I found myself hoping that she would remember me, the way you remember your mother. That is immortality of sorts. -hugs-


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