So! How Are You Old Bean?

Hi All

As promised I am back to normal. The trouble is I kind of wish I wasn’t because normal in my world is just bouncing from one dilemma to the next.

Yesterday afternoon I had the chucks out and usually I trot off through the gate into the veggie part of the garden and do a bit of pruning and such like while they do their thing. Yesterday I decided to wander aimlessly smelling the roses, literally, and eating a few bits and pieces. There were a few ripe blueberries and the odd pink gooseberry that had escaped the picking for the jam and I tested one or two of the apples. So all in all a nice little munch.

Then I spotted the huge runner beans swaying merrily in the slight afternoon breeze and decided that I’d pick a few and eat them raw. They were jolly tasty, sweet and juicy. So I ate a few more and then chose two to give to the chucks after I’d rounded them up and put them away later. I continued mindlessly around the garden, pulled up a few caterpillar ravaged cabbages and then went back and had another munch on the runner beans. I felt terrific. Quite full and precious little calories!

After I’d shut the chucks in with their beans I meandered back to the house … and suddenly a thought squeezed through the old grey matter. And it was this, ‘aren’t the actual beans inside the casing of runner beans poisonous?

I woke up the laptop and Googled, ‘can you eat raw runner beans?’

Google was emphatic. ‘No. You can’t. They contain a toxin that is poisonous in high quantities and can cause vomiting and diarrhoea.’  Well that couldn’t be true …could it? I asked the question on my Facebook page and my friends virtually said, ‘don’t be a plank of course you can eat them raw.’ I’d eaten them raw before, in small amounts but this time I had eaten a lot.

My first reaction probably should have been to make myself sick but it wasn’t. My first reaction was, ‘shit! I need to get those beans out of the chuck’s cage.’ I dashed up the garden and peered into the outside run. Not a bean in sight!

I then stomped up to the loo and put my fingers down my throat – many – many times. Nothing! My digestive system only tends to work one way and once food drops into my stomach there is no getting it back. I then appeared to break out into a sweat. I convinced myself that this was the first symptom of food poisoning and rushed to wash my face. It was then that I noticed I’d burst the tiny blood vessels beneath my eyes with all that pointless retching. So …shit again!

At this point my brother turned up, didn’t appear to notice my speckled eyes, and we fell into chatting and I forgot all about it.

This morning I popped out for a bit of retail therapy. I figured I deserved it and so I drove the eight miles to the nearest shopping thingy. Half way there and the stomach cramps began. Passing drivers probably thought that I was singing. I wasn’t.

Unfortunately I had to stop at more loos than shops. I couldn’t concentrate long enough to buy anything except to dash into Smiths to pick up a copy of Classic Land Rover magazine for Richard. See? I’m almost on my knees and I still manage to fetch his daft magazine! I don’t know why I bother. I’m convinced that he only looks at the pictures.

Now I sit here and the gripey pains are playing a lovely tune in my lower bowel. I have come to the conclusion that ‘growing your own’ might not be all it’s cracked up to be! At least, eating your own certainly isn’t. And now I also know why they are called runner beans!

I would love to stay longer and write more but …common sense advises me not to.MB900440672

Take care my lovelies x

6 thoughts on “So! How Are You Old Bean?

  1. In SMALL quantities Gail, (though poersonally I wouldn’t). Whatever possessed you to eat so many. They were bound to cause trouble. Hope it all gets sorted very quickly. Grow your own, good for you, but don’t eat those beans raw. And also, daughter looked it up and said you should make sure you cook them properly, not aldenté. My problem is, how much potassium are them. Some web sites say they are very high, some say low. Who do you believe? I just looked at a web site for green beans and it said you can eat them raw, but again, I suggestion in small does, if you have to that is. Evelyn


  2. Better and cheaper than colonic irrigation! And I’m now making a veggie curry with the beans that I didn’t eat raw so …what this space ha ha. Have a great weekend Elaine and thank you for your kind words this week xxx


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