Enough To Get On Your Willy …

Hi All

Now,  riddle me this …can you see me in seamed stockings and high heels? No? I thought not. And neither can I. And this is exactly what I told Richard yesterday.

This is how it came about …

Earlier in the week Richard asked, ‘Do you fancy going to Rufford Park on Sunday? They have a WWII day/enactment.’

‘No,’ I said.

‘I thought you’d say that,’ he said, with his chin on the floor. ‘I’d like to go.’

‘Well you go,’ I said.

‘But I’d like to go with you.’

‘But I’m not going.’

End of conversation – until Friday evening when the subject came up again. I caved in and said, ‘Oh alright. But if my lipoma wound hurts I’m sitting in the car and reading and you can walk round on your own.’

This seemed to satisfy him, so much so that he looked like a little dog with two tails. The lipoma comment was a bit glib because obviously it wouldn’t stop me from walking. But it was my ‘back-up’ plan for if I couldn’t be bothered to get out of the car.2013-09-01 11.06.10

Richard has this passion for the past which frankly I don’t share. I’m fine with memories but I don’t have to go out of my way to look back. Most of the stuff that I’ve moved on from needed to be moved on from, and definitely not revisiting.

It was really quite chilly when we got there so that was slightly off-putting. And then the cafeteria/restaurant didn’t really cater for vegetarians, particularly a non-cheese-eating-veggie, so I ended up having a golden syrup flapjack and a cup of tea, which by the way, I had to guzzle down because Richard was in such a rush to get off to view his Willys Jeep – or whatever it is called. Don’t shout at me for not bothering to find the correct spelling of the thing because I’m really not interested enough to bother. They are some American, green vehicle that was used in the war …or so I am lead to believe and is Richard’s latest, greatest love. I know his love is true because he actually said that he would sell Betsy Land Rover (horror upon horror) and his BMW motorbike (double horror upon horror) to buy one. This didn’t sound too bad …until he then stated that we would have to move house, to a house with a garage, because a Jeep couldn’t live outside in all weathers. Yes, well,THAT’S not going to happen.2013-09-01 10.58.03

We trotted round and I have to admit it was OK. Everyone dressed in clothes from the era and there were some good-looking soldier-type people sitting around polishing their ammo’ and sharpening their bayonets. I was quite taken with one guy …but that was when Richard beetled off to the loo and I was left watching him playing with his bullets.

The downside to all of this was when some very serious types dragged a gun thing onto the open field and proceeded to blast the quiet of the Nottinghamshire countryside to smithereens. I hate loud noises. It scares me. There must be something deep within my consciousness that scares the hell out of me, because babies and small dogs watched, whilst  I quickly retreated with my fingers rammed into my ears. I hate the sound of planes etc too. I could never visit an air show. 2013-09-01 11.01.36

So …Richard, all excited and gushing said, ‘I’d really like a Jeep …but then I’d want to do this and you wouldn’t, would you?’

‘This?’ I said. ‘Do this!’

‘Yeah. Go the whole hog and do enactment weekends. We could camp out and …’

‘Let me stop you right there! If you think I’m dressing up in seamed stockings and heels you can think again. No, Richard. No. Read my lips. NO!’2013-09-01 11.55.08

‘You could be a land girl,’ he said. ‘You like wearing wellies and you said that you had a pair of dungarees years ago.’

I shall tell you no more. It turned a bit ugly after that point …until we both burst out laughing as a very buxom ‘land girl’ wobbled past. We just looked at each other and Richard said, ‘Hmmm perhaps not.’


At least Richard enjoyed the day out and to be honest so did I. We spent some time together, which was the main thing. It is too easy to forget to do that sometimes.2013-09-01 11.22.30

The day ended on quite a sour note though. The neighbour called round to tell Richard that he and his partner are moving. This we found really sad. Their cat Rory (name changed for legal reasons) is Chea’s best and only friend. They love each other. She will be devastated, bless her. The neighbours do, in fact, have a garage, so I’m just waiting for the light to go on in Richard’s head and for him to suggest that we buy the house we are attached to and move next door. That way he can have his bloody Jeep.

And as much as I hate repeating myself …that isn’t going to be happening either. I’m such a spoil sport!

So, I’m posting a few pictures that we took because there might be another Richard out there …somewhere?


2013-09-01 11.14.47

Take care my lovelies x

2013-09-01 11.02.13

2013-09-01 11.15.08

6 thoughts on “Enough To Get On Your Willy …

  1. Hello Gail, I am on Richard’s side, a jeep would be marvellous. In Practical Classics mag, I once read about a restoration of a Humvee (American war vehicle) fascinating. For reenactments, though, I’d imagine reenacting Civil War battles would be much more fun. Excellent post


  2. lol and like you don’t where to find another Richard! Yeah right! You and I both know he resides here …… although I don’t think he would sell Ciggy to fund a Willys jeep and he certainly wouldn’t be allowed to sell Annie to fund one 🙂

    I’m glad you managed to enjoy the day. I love the clothes of that era – maybe not the high heels, as I’m bound to break my neck or something not to mention the fact that the extra inches would be sufficient to push my total height in to ‘thinner air’ altitudes 😉 xx


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