Love Yer But …Please Leave Me Alone!

Hi All

At last! I’m back, and I have this week to myself – mostly. My nerves are fraught and my temper still simmers. Richard was on holiday last week which  means that I also was on holiday. The only difference is, I didn’t want to be on holiday because I wanted to finish my book.

I have been drifting around, acting like a div, for weeks now with all in the good intentions that the world could throw at me about sitting down and opening up the word doc.’ Soooo …the week before last was ‘the week’ in which I was going to pick-up on the novel, and I did, in bits and bobs, working it around domesticity, Chea, the chucks and the garden. And then Richard dropped the news that he had decided to take last week off. I saw the preview clearly before me…

He’d be popping here and popping there and doing this and doing that but there was an irritating little fly in the proverbial ointment …he would want ME to do these things with him. Aww I hear you say, what a sweetie, what a nice bloke wanting a nutter like you with him 24/7. And yes, of course, it is true. Twenty-three years down the line and the chappie still considers me his best friend and companion BUT I had plans to work on the novel!! However, I am nothing if not inventive and figured that if I got up at 5.00 am each morning I could have a couple of hours writing before the Lord surfaced.

This worked only in theory because the second I showed my nose through the kitchen door Chea activated and wanted love, cuddles, food, and her scrap of a felt mouse throwing around the kitchen floor and THEN, after that little lot, insisted in settling in front of the laptop waiting for 8.00 am, the time when she is allowed out because the garden birds have fed by this time of day and are sitting out of reach on high branches!

Also, the chucks would see my pathetic under-cover movements from half way up the garden and stand clucking at me to go and give them a treat. So, my two-hour lead was whittled down to one, and then, because I’d make the mistake of joyously singing and giving away my whereabouts, Richard would surface early and start boiling the noisy kettle and making toast etc. You’d be surprised just how sodding irritating and off-putting it is having toasted bread popping up out of the toaster!! AND the smoke alarm going off because he’d burnt it!

I did have a couple of decent sessions at the novel and yesterday proved not too bad, word-count wise. I’m now on 68,000 words and I tend to bring my novels in at 70,000/71,000. I am hoping that the first draft will be finished this week because then the ‘real’ work starts. Then I have to go back and edit, which mainly consists of me deleting half the book, two characters and 25% of the dialogue because, like me, my characters often talk a load of old crap. But then, let’s be honest here, these dudes are coming out of my head so they would, at times, talk crap!

On a good point, we did drive out to Sheringham, a lovely seaside town of my childhood memories, on the east coast. And, after Richard attempted to repair the fridge door and buggered it, we did pop out and order a new fridge freezer. It’s the same kinda design as a Smeg and looks, even if I do say so myself, rather super. I’ve told Richard that I’ll be keeping all my veggie’ stuff in the freezer compartment and that way he won’t have to go rummaging because there will be nothing of interest in there for him to be rummaging after, and that I’ll continue to put all his dead animals in the chest freezer in the shed. Sorted!

The other reason that I didn’t get to blog was, because of MY time being so limited I had a choice – novel or blog and the novel won. Just as well because if it hadn’t the blog would be full off my rantings about Richard and the shit, idiotic things he does, like …I asked him to order another blind for the lounge window. The one we have is OK but there is a small gap down the right hand side and in the winter, with the blind down, and the lamps on, any passer-by can see into the room if they really try, and as I like to slob in front of the wood burner in my night attire I don’t find this acceptable. He ordered a new blind. 5 days delivery. It came late yesterday afternoon just as we were popping out for me to buy Richard a tablet (another story for another day!!) 10 days after ordering it! I saw the postie hand the box to Richard and it was half the expected size. The pillock had ordered the wrong size and his excuse was, ‘If I’d ordered it in feet and inches, something I know about, it would have been alright!’

So why didn’t he!!???

He went back to work yesterday and for that, Dear Lord, I am truly grateful …Amen!!

Sheringham - Norfolk
Sheringham – Norfolk

Take care my lovelies x

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