Another WWII Enactment Weekend! Whoopee! NOT!!!

Hi All

I’m still getting on quite nicely with the novel – 72,000 words just now. Hopefully the first draft will be completed in the next day or two, depending, of course, if I am left to my own devices but with a weekend looming it is doubtful!

I learnt a valuable lesson two nights ago whilst sitting at the laptop and tapping away. Richard sidled up and began unfolding a piece of newspaper. I was aware that he was there but tried to ignore him.

‘Are you busy?’ he said. (stupid question!)

‘Umm?’ I said.

‘It’s just …well I know you aren’t interested in this and won’t want to go but …’ (negative – he admits defeat instantly!)

He shoved the newspaper article along the table.

I glanced (mega briefly) and with my best Oscar-winning performance, hid my sheer horror. It was ANOTHER … WWII enactment weekend! I carried on typing whilst Richard galloped into his flow, stating…

‘It’s a bit of a way away but I thought we could go and stay overnight and then go to it the following morning, that’s if the animals will be alright on their own for 24 hours.’ (Sarcastic – insinuating that I’m never prepared to leave the animals for a second!)

I was just getting to a bit that was flowing really well and my little digits were flying faster than swallows heading south, so I mumbled, ‘whatever,’ and that, me ‘earties, was bloody that. He bombed off, with cutting in hand, cranked up his notebook, and faster than pooh off a shovel booked a room.

So it appears that we are going to another one of those Goddamn WWII shenanigans. It’s my own fault, I shouldn’t have said ‘whatever’ and wafted him away like an irritating insect. I guess, on the good side, if it all gets too much I can always shoot myself, at least I’ll be in the right place. Failing that, I can always shoot Richard! If only I can wait that long??

The thought has actually crossed my mind that perhaps, in view of the fact that I could be dragged along to these darn things for the foreseeable future, maybe I should use the experience to my advantage and base my next book in this era? Ha ha can you imagine it? I could get Richard to dress up in his …er …army stuff and click-a-pic’ of him for my cover. Richard and his Willys – that’s a Jeep to the uninitiated!

Off to write a few more lines.

Take care my lovelies x

Willys Jeep
Willys Jeep

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