Please! No Eye-Balling!

Hi All

I think I need oxygen! I have just had a weird experience.

I have JUST finished the first draft of my new novel, The Sleeping Field. This is amazing because I have had so many interruptions, distractions and curved balls hurled my way during the writing of this, that I thought I would never achieve conclusion. That isn’t why I need oxygen though.

I’d just finished the draft, saved it to two plug-ins, looked up, and there, trotting across my middle vision, just outside the kitchen door, was a grey squirrel. We don’t have grey squirrels here …or any other colour or variety!

I have lived here for twenty-three years and only once seen a grey squirrel, and that was years ago, and I think he was merely attempting to pass through. And I use the word attempting on purpose because at the time we had Oscar, our Burmese cat, and one day he brought me a lovely little present. At least I thought it was a lovely little present. It had been left on the kitchen tiles and looked like a perfect little rosebud. On close examination I discovered that it wasn’t a perfect little rosebud but an eyeball. Later that day I found a squirrel, dead, with one eyeball missing. And that was the only squirrel that I have ever seen around here.

So here’s the thing. Am I, in my delirium at having finished the first draft, hallucinating? Is the squirrel – that really shouldn’t be here – not really here? Or is it a sign? Are squirrels synonymous with anything? Finishing a novel? Going slightly potty? All answers kindly received.

I’m now going to take a break from writing for the rest of the day, and then, tomorrow, start again at the beginning and edit the draft etc. Then I’ll be looking for a proofreader and someone to produce a nice cover. I am a dreadful creature, by nature, and everything has to be done at the speed of light – usually – but this time I’m taking my time and I’m heading for a pre-Christmas release. We’ll see.

* Just a quick thank you to all followers of this blog, new and not so new. Your likes are appreciated and your comments let me know that you are still there. I liken this to book reviews. So many people don’t leave an author a book review and so we never truly know if we are on the right track. And the same applies with blogs. If you leave a comment now and then it lets us know that we are still on the right track. Though, seriously, I find it hard being on the right planet half the time… Oh, I thought that was another squirrel passing across my vision, it’s just Chea coming back, and thankfully there is no sign of an eyeball peering at me from her pretty little mush.

Off to hug a tree – or something.481488_531531166905613_1999750060_n

Take care my lovelies x

11 thoughts on “Please! No Eye-Balling!

  1. Hello Gail, i am still here. Do read your blog even if i do not always comment. I m surprised tha gre squirrels are not revalent n your area. We have them here in West London. Oh well, no, i o not think the you re going bananas. Evelyn


  2. Where on earth (literally) do you live that has escaped a squirrel population? I thought they were everywhere, particularly the dreaded grey kind. Ah well. I’m guessing that even if you were hallucinating that there will be a squirrel somewhere close by!


    • Strangely they are seen in the gardens on the opposite side of the road but not on this side. Possibly because our gardens back onto open fields? I hope he returns – I rather like the idea of squirrels in the garden. Probably live to regret I said that when they infest Chea with fleas!


  3. Congratulations on finishing your first draft.

    WARNING: This next bit of the comment is made by a dedicated meat eater and is in no way intended to cause offense:

    We see grey squirrels all the time around here (not not this bit). I remember hearing an interview with a conservationist a few years ago and he said that if we all had one for Sunday roast one day, then we’d go a long way to getting rid of them and letting the dear old Red Squirrel a chance. A novel way of dealing with the problem 🙂


  4. Yes, Jennie/Gail, you most certainly are on the right track. I don’t always manage a comment but I do read your blog and I like your style so much that, on the strength of that, I have just downloaded Mulligan’s Reach. It will be a while till I have time to read it because I have just finished the third draft of my third novel, Flying Free, and have to get cover, blurb and all the rest sorted, but I will let you know how I get on with it when I do.


  5. Thank you Christine – on all counts – most kind. I am struggling to even get started on my second draft. Just when I think there will be no interruptions and the day is my own something crops up. Like…I’ve just developed an allergic reaction, overnight, to a moisturiser and I look like the Elephant Man! Just booked an appointment at the docs’ as my over-the-counter antihistamine has done sod all. Happy days….xxx PS I’m assuming it is the moisturiser, I have been eating pistachios again!


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