From One Drama To The Next…


It is sorted. A done deal. The case of the disappearing fridge freezer has been resolved. Apparently they have given us another delivery date – 9th/10th October. This was extremely annoying BUT at least it was only another week. But then, like most people under stress, they didn’t know when to quit when they were ahead, and added the word – probably.

Huh? Probably? Now call me a sceptic but probably, in my mind, means possibly, and possibly means unlikely, and unlikely means…it aint coming sunshine. As you know, if you read this blog yesterday, and I hope you did or you won’t have the slightest idea of what I’m bleating on about, I wasn’t in the best of moods. I’m a jolly little soul usually, unless some dick-head operation has lost my fridge freezer and I have already been out buying frozen veggie foods, in pretty packaging, to put into said new freezer. The thought of my lovely new veggie stuff sitting in the old chest freezer, outside in the shed, fuelled my irritability and I told them to stick the super-duper-top-of-the-range thing.

I wasn’t rude. I rarely am. I am an absolute firm believer in the pen being mightier than the sword. Besides, the moment you start effing and blinding and screaming and shouting, you have lost the argument/war/whatever. No. A cool head and a few well-chosen words are all that’s needed.

I merely said, ‘Forget it, the gulls are welcome to it.’

They bleated on about it not being their fault and that it was the fault of the manufacturer.

I said,’ we purchased it from you. You took the money – which you can now kindly return to my account – so it’s your responsibility.’

So there you go. A swift chopping off of my nose to spite my face and the charade is over. No new fridge freezer.

And today another drama is about to unfold. A very quiet (no humour) little man is coming to fit a new bedroom window. This is going to be a total blast, I can feel it in my water. Initially I thought it was cystitis – but no. Richard is off to work at 1.30 and I shall be left to entertain the little window man. I find him such hard work because he isn’t the type that I have anything in common with. If I attempt to engage him in  a conversation he stops work, turns and looks at me with wide, staring eyes (excessively wide because he wears bifocals) and after a time delay of some fifteen seconds answers. I tell you, this really is going to be fun without laughing. I guess I should go because he said he would probably be here for 11.30 but then again, as we all now know, probably means possibly, and possibly means unlikely, and unlikely means – he ain’t coming sunshine…MB900278680

At least I’ve stopped itching and scratching, so why do I still resemble The Elephant Man! Bummer!

Take care my lovelies x

PS Richard has just received a phone call from the little window man – he’s going to be a bit late! But…at least he sounded definite!

10 thoughts on “From One Drama To The Next…

  1. Totally gutted about your not-to-be fridge/freezer! Our washing machine is threatening to retire but hubby has banned me from shopping for a new one until he has attempted to “fix” it. I’m not sure “fixing” it will have the desired affect, unless the desired affect is me shopping for a new washing machine…


    • Let him at it Babs. If he’s anything like Richard he will see it off. The trouble is I have a feeling that you are going to tell me he is nothing like Richard and will manage to fix it? x


  2. Gail, been there, done that many times. Why do they do this? Why, to get your money, of course! They will promse the moon, nd when things go wrong, the bme everyone exceot themselves, whilst you, the poor waiting customer has to wait…..and wait……….and wait. And in the end they are most reluctant to return said cash. I almost tear my hair out sometimes at the fustration of it all, and i am a mild mannered person most of the time. But the above, and waiting for delivery people all day really pisses me off. Evelyn


    • Oh Evelyn, you really made me smile. You are so right and yes they do piss you off. We’ve had an email to say that the money will be paid back into Richard’s account in the next couple of days. All the same they’ve had it in their account for the last three weeks!! x


  3. I always managed to find a positive – you have to don’t you? It’s what sets us apart from the miserable pessimists of the world. I see your garden is getting ready for the winter. I’m on top of mine too – not literally! x


  4. As Barbel Mohr says, just put it out into the Universe and try to forget about it. It’s true what you say about effing and blinding not helping your case. I once held on the phone for 25 minutes waiting to query my bill with Bord Gais. When I finally got to speak to a human I laughed (yes, LAUGHED) and said, “Gosh! Do you know I’ve been on hold for 25 minutes?” at which point the customer service agent (all of whom, in my opinion, have these days been given far too much power) retorted, “I don’t like your attitude…” and promptly hung up!


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