Don’t Make Me Beat Down Your Door!

Hi All

I have to say that the weather has definitely changed here over the last three days. It has rained on and off, but mainly on, over the whole weekend. I thought Chea would take a distinct dislike to the wet but she has proved me wrong by trotting off out in it as soon as I open the door for her. Then she comes back wet and I have to stop what I’m doing and give her an energetic rub-down with a piece of kitchen towel. She seems to like that as well. I don’t think much water is going to penetrate the thick coat that she’s grown.

She’s made a sweet little cat – a people cat actually, and is very generous with her affection. She disappeared for an hour yesterday but stupid Richard had shut the freezer-shed door on her and it wasn’t until I battled out later, through the lashing rain to give the chucks their corn, that I heard her plaintive meows, and I tracked her down to the shed. At least she was nice and dry but rather indignant!

Richard is so infuriatingly vague and slipshod at times. It isn’t the first time he has locked the shed door with something in there. He locked me in there once and then disappeared into the house and went for a shower. I went ballistic, hammering on the door, screaming his name and throwing things out of the window, hoping that the sound of plant pots crashing on the path might alert him to the fact that I was trapped in there.

He’s also locked us out of the house by bringing out the wrong keys (motorbike keys instead of the car keys) and last week he slammed the front door behind us and said, ‘have you got the car keys?’

I already had my bag, a banana, a cup of tea (in my stainless steel, tight-lidded mug) my coat and my walking boots in my hands. I stood there laden up to my neck and yelled, NO! Why would I have the keys, you’re driving, you ALWAYS DRIVE. Don’t tell me you’ve left the keys in the house again!’

‘I thought you had them,’ he repeated.

‘No you didn’t,’ I said. ‘You’re trying to put the blame on me because you’ve forgotten them – AGAIN!’

Fortunately we have spare keys buried outside in the garden, in an imitation rock thing, for such recurring emergencies. Then he had to bellyache about getting his hands dirty when he had to dig up the keys in the imitation rock thing.

Talking of freezers (and I did subliminally slip in the subject) the fridge-freezer delivery is back on! The super-duper-trooper fridge freezer.

I know, I don’t believe it either. Richard received a voice mail saying that if we still wanted the fridge freezer it could be with us by the end of the month/beginning of next month. I kindly returned the call and blasted a poor guy for half an hour and said there was no way he was having our money sitting in the their account for weeks on end, as they had already had it for three weeks before we cancelled and made them give it back to us, so they said they would take payment when the appliance arrived. The only reason they have been given another chance is because we can’t get the bloody thing anywhere else without having to wait for up to another six weeks.

We did go to Curry’s to have a look and that went down like a lead balloon. I had my ‘it’s the principle of it all’ head on. We arrived just before nine and they didn’t open until nine so we waited, almost patiently, with other people joining the queue behind us. It came to one minute past nine, and then two minutes past and so on. At five minutes past nine I lost my rag and beat on the door like a maniac trying to flee a burning building. Richard hid, pretending he wasn’t with me and the people in the queue just stared.

‘Well!’ I barked. ‘If they say they open at nine they should open at nine! What gives them the right to think that my time is less precious than theirs?’

Everyone nodded. Some chorused their agreement. And the odd person just looked at me like I was an impatient git. Not to worry, as I said, it was an odd person.

Someone came to open the door immediately, mumbling about a problem with the security system. Not my problem sunshine. None of this turned out favourably though because we were told by a sales assistant, in no uncertain terms, that the fridge freezer was only available to order via the internet and that they didn’t have a left-hinging one anyway!

I’m not joking when I say that I actually don’t care if this thing arrives now or not. In fact, I’d decided to keep the old fridge but Richard went all sulky and said he wanted it. Not too sure why that is because he won’t be allowed in most of it. I have already bagged the freezer part for my veggie bits. There will be no flesh allowed – unless of course  Richard inadvertently shuts anything in there. Hopefully it won’t be me because the only way that could happen is if he chopped me up first – and on that happy note, and because it isn’t beyond the realm of possibility, I shall go.

Take care my lovelies x

PS The blog is now a year old! Whoop woo! Happy Birthday to us!

2013-10-07 19.10.11



11 thoughts on “Don’t Make Me Beat Down Your Door!

  1. I have a similar scenario with Pusia most days. She just enjoys sitting in the rain though she’s not so keen on being dried unless it’s the middle of the night in which case she climbs all over me expecting strokes. Queuing up outside Curry’s! Whoever would have thought it?


  2. Happy blogging birthday 🙂

    PS. You know how frustrated you are about your fridge freezer, Mud ordered a 3/4 tilt for Annie last Monday and it still isn’t here ….. so he is not a happy Land Rover owner at the moment which, of course, means that the rest of us aren’t allowed to be happy Land Rover Owners Wives or children either! 🙂 xx


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