With A Gremlin On The Wing –

Hi All

I’m off on a little holiday at the end of week and If I wasn’t so scared I’d be mega excited! We are flying – which isn’t my first choice of travel.

I have only flown once before and that was to Jersey, which was all of forty minutes, and some well-meaning woman on the plane forced vodka on me, which gave me a migraine and I threw up.

The trouble is, I can’t stop running a very ancient episode of The Twilight Zone through my head, the one where a gremlin sat on the wing of the plane, giggling and dismantling an engine. I swear, if I look out of the window to see a giggling gremlin dismantling an engine I’m out of there. I’ll risk my first free-fall parachute jump – obviously I’ll be taking a parachute in my 10k allowance hand luggage.

Two nights ago I sat up till 1.30 am watching a remake of The Omen. Richard had cleared off hours before, at least I think it was hours before, I turned around to request a cup of tea and he wasn’t there, so  Chea watched it with me, snuggled on my lap. In a particularly spooky bit she stretched her neck and head to look around me and sat staring into the other half of the room. I didn’t dare turn my head to look at whatever it was she was staring at. I truly believe cats see things that we don’t. Just as long as it stays that way!

Having said this, I have seen things that leave me in no doubt that ‘spirits’ exist and I don’t mean Jim Beam!

On a much nicer side of spooky, my little grandson, Jake, came over on Saturday and he helped to carve a pumpkin. He is such a lovely little character. He never stops talking – except to burst into song and he needs to be doing something every second. The weirdest thing is, and I don’t know if you will understand what I am going to say now, but from the very first second I laid eyes on him I knew exactly what his character and personality would be like.2013-10-19 10.08.55

He was only an hour old when I first saw him but he looked ‘ready’ to take on the world. My mum had a saying – ‘wiser than his/her years’ – and Jake appeared that way, to me, from the moment I saw him. I find it inexplicable but sometimes a feeling can take the place of a million words.

So I’ll leave you with a feeling today (?) and spare you the million words…

Take care my lovelies x2013-10-21 18.32.06

7 thoughts on “With A Gremlin On The Wing –

  1. Gail, i have flown many times, my first flight, bak in th 60s, was to Toronto. Several stops, Mdlands, Scotland, Montreal, and all in ll, took about 12 hours. I have hopped across The Channel a bit, as well. No gremlins, ever. A bit of ice, maybe, but no gremlins. How far are you flying? I guess i have notched up approx. at leat 20,000 flying miles, if not more. Still here. More importantly. These days, is DVT, but only if you fly a lot. Go, enjoy! Evelyn


  2. I’m not keen on flying either, so my heart goes out to you. However, I wish you a lovely holiday once you’re back on terra firma ….. oh and the best way not to see gremlins on the wing is to not look out the window 😀 xx


  3. The flight will be worth it!!! I know exactly what you mean re your Grandson. When I saw my friend’s daughter for the first time at less than 24 hours old, she was bright eyed alert and I instantly dubbed her a little lady. She is now 2 and every inch a lady! Although being brought up in Spain speaking Hungarian and Spanish she quickly learned to look at my jewellery and declare pretty in perfect English!!!


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