If It’s In With The Beef It Isn’t Vegetarian!…

Hi All

You will never believe what I am going to tell you…but I’ll tell you anyway. The long-lost fridge freezer is being delivered tomorrow morning!! Whoop bloody woo! Kiss my posterior! I’m thinking you don’t believe me? I’m not sure that I believe me!

I’ve been around the house and repainted all the white windowsills that were looking a bit grubby. Not sure if this is in preparation for the arrival of the appliance or just because I’m weird, but either way they are painted. And I’ve re-varnished the bits on the lounge floor that looked a bit scratched by the log basket…and I’ve placed a notice on the lounge door warning Richard that I will slice off his bits and put them in said freezer if he goes into the lounge when he comes home from work and steps on my wet varnish.

Oh and I repainted a bookcase while I had the paintbrush in my hand. Obviously I’ve dripped white eggshell on my new leggings.

Another little accomplishment…I’ve finished the edits of The Sleeping Field! I also spent an hour trying to write a blurb and failed miserably so I’ll have to have another bash at that later – or tomorrow – if I’m not tarting up the fridge freezer with my special veggie bits.

Taking of which…

When we were in Spain my dear cousin, Dawn, suggested making spaghetti Bolognese. No problem. How kind. Being a vegetarian I said I’d simply have pasta and some of the vegetarian sauce, from the jar, tipped over it.  When I walked into the kitchen I noticed a small pan with a portion of tomato sauce in it. Perfect. Then I noticed that she was picking out olives, one at a time, from the large pan of bubbling Bolognese and dropping them into my portion of sauce. Frankly I’ve never had Bolognese sauce with olives but this was Spain. ‘What are you doing?’ I said, in what I now realise was a very accusing voice.

‘Giving you these olives because you only have tomato sauce.’

I studied her for a few more seconds, waiting for her to read my face with its raised eyebrows and slightly curling lip and then said. ‘I can’t eat that, I’m a vegetarian.’

‘Yes,’ she said, ‘olives are vegetarian.’

‘Er…yeah, but you are removing them from a pan of beef!’

‘Does that matter?’

‘Well yeah.’

Watching the light dawn on Dawn’s face was something I shall never forget. She looked devastated. All that remained was pasta. Being such a magnanimous human being I said that it was no problem and that I’d just have pasta… and maybe a sliced tomato and a bit of black pepper.

Her little voice piped up. ‘Er…I made the sandwiches at lunch time with the rest of the tomatoes.’

‘In that case I’ll just have pasta…with pepper…if we have any left.’

Blimey, it wasn’t like I was going to fade away. I could live off my hips for a fortnight and still have an hourglass figure. We all divulged into fits of giggles about it later and opened the cashews, crisps, yum-yums and sangria. Richard drank too much of the later and danced around the room with a stupid sombrero on his head.


Lordy look at the time! Off to wash the paint brushes and pooh-pick the chucks before Richard gets home.

Take care my lovelies x

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