Little Things Annoy A Lot…

Hi All

I have to admit that as weeks go this one hasn’t been brilliant. Nothing earth-shattering or mind-blowing, rather a kind of in-limbo week where everything has been dictated by others.

The car, with its pin-pricked bumper, has gone in for its major respray and Richard informed me yesterday that it won’t be coming back until next Wednesday. For Pete’s sake! I could respray the whole house by then and still have time to spare. He (Richard) after a very heated conversation, gave in and agreed to have a courtesy car, because according to him we ‘could manage without one.’ I don’t see how because Betsy The Land Rover is useless! All she does is sit in front of the lounge window, dripping oil and blocking-out the daylight!

Obviously I couldn’t be trusted to drive the hire car so he didn’t put me on the insurance and I’m grounded until next Wednesday. He has offered to ‘drive me to where ever I want to go,’ and I intend to make him jolly sorry  he said that. I see a trip  to Ikea looming over the weekend and perhaps a visit to M&S for a slow (very slow) walk round.

Something that has almost caused me to implode this week is the amount of dreadful images of cruelty being posted on Facebook. I can’t scroll without coming across something slaughtered, euthanised or being skinned alive. I fear the world has gone mad. I used to think, once upon a time, that it was just me living in la-la land but now I’m not so sure.

The Sleeping Field had a slight technical glitch whilst waiting for its final read-through by a friend (her printer ink ran out) and that had me treading water for a bit, but no worries, its back on track now.

And the other thing that has sent me half crazy is this bloody laptop – or rather the internet connection to this bloody laptop. Richards tablet is fine. And my older laptop is fine. But this super-duper, faster than pooh-off-a-shovel laptop is anything but fine and the internet connection dips and dives and then disappears. I have lapped my techno brain waves over the problem and come up with nothing. For two days it has continued to wind me up, until finally I gave in and consulted my brother, who rushed immediately from twenty miles away and belted up the motorway to come and sort out the problem.

We all know that Sod’s Law is a law unto itself and as Sod’s Law would have it by the time my brother was here the bloody thing was working perfectly and at full strength. We spent most of our time creating him an Avatar and eating my recently baked, not even cool, cherry cake. When Richard appeared from his slumber (night-shift this week) he was most put out to see the cherry cake half gone. I say it serves him right for not putting me on the hire car insurance and thereby grounding me like a naughty child.

So, actually I’ll be glad when this week is over because it has been irritating, upsetting and annoying. However, I am still grateful to the dear Lord for continuing to grant me this time and no matter how annoying this week has been I’m still deliriously happy to have been a part of it.

I’m keeping this short today because frankly I really don’t have much to say. I know. Amazing isn’t it? See what happens when I can’t get out of my front door to converse with the shoppers in Morrison’s?

Take care my lovelies x

Useless Betsy!
Useless Betsy!

11 thoughts on “Little Things Annoy A Lot…

  1. I know how you feel re the car thing. Even with Annie sat on the drive, I sometimes don’t get away from the house for over a week (other than and hour or so at the school but that doesn’t count) and then I get really bad cabin fever!

    Hope the weekend is better than the week has been



    • Thanks Elaine. I think the thing is, when you can go anywhere and at anytime it isn’t half as appealing as when you know you can’t go anywhere? Still, I’m going to use this to my advantage and Richard can drive me. That’ll teach him! Have a good weekend x


  2. Nice to have your blog again Gail. I have missed them. Is it just you and me having these or of weeks, in varying forms, or does the whole world suffer in the same way, do you think? Evelyn


    • I have a strong feeling that life dumps on each of us in turn…but sometimes life gets in wrong and gives an extra little dump when it isn’t our turn. At the moment, I can’t get over all the horrible postings of animal cruelty on Facebook. It makes me so angry. I’m hoping your daughter’s health improves and you can rest up a bit. It certainly takes it out of you having to constantly tend another. Have a good weekend Evelyn xxx


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