Merry Christmas To You All…

Hi All

Apologies for my absence of late but the last twelve days have been rather difficult. I’ve been plagued with a migraine headache for ten of those twelve days and have found it impossible to write, let alone think. And, what’s more, I think the arrival of the headache was pretty much my own fault. I sat at the computer from 7.30 in the morning until 2.30 in the afternoon, staring at the screen, editing, and when I suddenly had the most dreadful stabbing pains in my right temple it was too late to rectify the damage. My slipped neck discs had jammed up and that was that.

Unfortunately, along with the chronic headache came a really bad depression and I almost pulled the plug on everything – twitter/Facebook/Amazon/etc. I think part of the depression was due to the fact that I hadn’t had a migraine for such a long time and I’d almost begun to put my faith in the recent medication, and was halfway to believing that I’d never get another. I think that’s the most depressing thing of all – putting your faith into something and then finding out that you were wrong to do so. I’ve come across that a few times over this past year, but not with things, with people. It really hurts when you realise you were wrong.

BUT that was then and this is now. The migraine has finally lifted (and the depression), and I am almost back to being my old self. I know that anyone reading this, who also suffers with migraine, will know exactly where I’m coming from. If you don’t suffer this curse you will think it’s a lot of old nonsense about a simple headache. It isn’t! I shall attempt to not be so stupid in the future, and not get carried away with my own enthusiasm, at least – not for seven hours at a time!

I had a look on my Amazon site earlier and noticed that The Sleeping Field has received a third 5 star review while I’ve been sulking in a darkened room, and that cheered me up a bit as well.

However…the real reason I’m posting this is not to warble on about what a sad, miserable person I’ve been over the last twelve days, but to put in a quick appearance in order to wish you all a Merry Christmas. I hope you have a wonderful day with family and friends, and for those of you who can’t have certain loved ones with you, may you feel their spirits close.

Merry Christmas To You All…Take care my lovelies x


5 thoughts on “Merry Christmas To You All…

  1. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you too Jennie. 🙂 I don’t get migraines but my niece does so I know they’re no laughing matter. Perhaps you need to set a timer for future editing marathons. Some reputable sources recommend unkinking every 20 minutes or so. I know that’s impossible to do when you’re deeply immersed in something but maybe once an hour?

    Anyway, I’m glad you’re finally feeling better. Catch you in the New Year. -hugs-


    • That’s a brilliant idea, and one which someone, somewhere, sometime has suggested, I think. But guess what? I’m actually going to implement it. Thank you and have a truly wonderful Christmas xxx


      • I hope it keeps you pain free! We’ve just finished our Christmas Eve celebration. Now I can relax as Christmas Day will be spent at someone else’s house. Yay! Hope you get lots of lovely presies.


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