Hip Hip… Not Hoorah!

Hi All13499529867dnQN2

May I take this opportunity to say that I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas?

I must admit that Christmas day wasn’t exactly a raging success here. Richard trotted off in the morning to visit his mother, and I set about the mountain of ‘sprouts.’ I imagined he would be gone for around three hours so I was pretty surprised when, forty minutes later, a key turned in the lock, and he walked in to catch me filling my face with golden syrup-flavoured instant porridge.

My immediate reaction was that he’d had an accident and smashed-up the car, but no, apparently his mobile had rung when he was halfway to his mother’s house and it was the early morning carer announcing that Betty had put her hip out again, and was already in an ambulance outside her house, receiving pain control. The woman had only been home five days after having her hip ‘wedged.’

So, Christmas day was spent with Richard chasing an ambulance, tracking down his mother and trying to console her. I ploughed on with the Brussels sprouts and we eventually had dinner at seven-thirty at night.

Betty has now had the hip re set, which is good, but she has thrown-up an allergic reaction to something and is in a dreadful state, bright red and itching like a mangy dog. Her nightmare, unfortunately, will carry over into the New Year.

I truly think God has a wicked sense of humour. Betty kept saying she didn’t want to be alone on Christmas day, (something that we wouldn’t allow to happen anyway!), and she certainly got her wish – but not in the way she imagined. How many times do I have to tell the woman … be careful what you wish for? These wishes can be interpreted in many different ways!

And now, (as I write this very brief post – because I believe you all have better things to do on New Year’s Eve than to read long posts), we are galloping towards another year – 2014. We won’t be celebrating in big style tonight, Richard is working until seven and then he’s straight off to the hospital. We have cancelled the party that the neighbours very kindly invited us to. Not to worry. Hopefully there will be other years and other parties. Life is about priorities.

So…I would just like to say thank you for following this blog for the past year, and for your comments, likes and encouragement, it has meant the world to me. I have made some lovely friends and I wish you all a truly wonderful, healthy and successful New Year!13499529867dnQN2

Take care my lovelies x


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