Virtual Friends…Or Not!

Hi All

Well, that’s it. It came and it went! Christmas. New Year. Gone, gone, gone… And what are we left with? Personally I’m left with a tidy house (decorations rarely get any further than Boxing Day) and a cupboard full of crap that is going to put up my cholesterol level to a dangerously high number if I succumb to another fat-filled morsel.

Besides the remnants of chocolates, biscuits, cakes and sweets, is the remnant of the Christmas tree. Such a lovely tree… or so I thought when I bought it. Each branch tipped with silver glitter and a frost-like shimmer. Now silver glitter and the frost-like shimmer fills every crack in the lounge floorboards and despite extensive use of the vacuum refuses to budge. Even Chea trots around twinkling, but then she would, seeing how she spent most of Christmas sitting under the tree patting at the baubles and removing the felt robin!

If I ask myself the question seriously…”what are we left with?” I would have to say that I am left with memories of a year that wasn’t spectacular, but it wasn’t a bad year either. I tend not to measure good luck/bad luck in years. To a certain extent we make our own good luck. It doesn’t matter what “spooky numbers” the year holds, if shit is going to happen it will happen. I think the problem arises in our own minds.

Let me riddle you this. It’s the first of January, a brand new year, and you fall over and break your leg. Are you going to jump up and down (hardly, with a broken leg!) and scream, “Well that’s it! It’s a new year, I’ve broken my leg! This is going to be a crap year!” Yes, you probably are…but don’t! It isn’t going to be a bad year, you just need to be more careful and look where you are going! Bad things happen to nice people. It’s a fact. But of one thing I am sure, if you allow yourself to imagine that it’s going to continue to be a bad year just because you’ve broken your leg already, then it will be. I truly do believe that all these things are sent to try us and it is through these trials that we do, eventually, become stronger and subsequently able to take on what life chooses to throw at us.

No, pull up your boots and trot into this year with optimism and the knowledge that whatever life hurls, you will either side-step it, or catch it…and deal with it.

I think my greatest joy and also my greatest sorrow of last year involves something rather silly…virtual friends. I have made a lot of virtual friends over the last year and it has been truly eye-opening. I am, by nature, an extremely suspicious person, and not many people “pull the wool over this old coots eyeballs,” so it comes as a disappointment to realise that over the past year one or two friends have, indeed, not been truly genuine. Making promises that they had no intention of keeping. Pretending to be an authority on something which they were not. But that’s fine. I’ve sussed you out. I fell for it. Once. I take the experience and trot on because on the other side of the scale we have the lovely, genuine, “what you see, is what you get,” people. And I think you know who you are? And I hope you also know that if I can help you in any small way (or large way) you only have to ask. 

Ha ha, you watch, someone will now ask for my help and I’ll say, ‘Bugger off, you are one of the ones who have pissed me off all year, so go and do one.” Blinder! 

I’m joking. You know me now, don’t you? Yes you do. That’s why you know I’m NOT joking. Actually, I don’t know why anyone follows this blog because I’m such a stroppy little thing. Ah! Yes! I am! But I’m honest!

Whatever. I’ve bored myself now, so I’m off to have another go at that bloody glitter. And tomorrow I shall tell you why I will never be giving my books away as freebies…so there!

Happy New Year…break a leg! Oh no…don’t!13499529867dnQN2

Take care my lovelies x

25 thoughts on “Virtual Friends…Or Not!

  1. As well as being a ‘stroppy little thing’, you’re kind, loveable and funny, oh and a brill writer – just a few of the reason why some of us occasionally read your blog!


  2. Lol, well our decs are still up and won’t come down until Sunday because:

    the Mudlets would complain about the house looking bare;
    the Mud would complain about the house looking bare; and
    I’ll be the one putting them away and I really can’t face THAT particular task right now 🙂

    As for glitter, having two craft mad children means that I seem to be constantly hoovering glitter up anyway. I love the image of Chea batting the felt robin though, that did tickle me xxx


    • Ha! Richard almost did his fruit trying to get all the decorations back in the attic (with his chronically bad shoulder). It nearly ended with pistols at dawn! I have to admit to having a wicked smile sitting on my mouth at the thought of you still having to tidy away your Christmas. Sorry! xxx


      • 😀 Once it’s done, it’s done for another 11 months and it’s Muds job to relocate the boxes back into the attic – which, I can guarantee, will be accompanied with much grumbling about having no space and needing to sort out the attic etc etc etc! xx


      • Oh Lord how funny…Richard said exactly the same thing. However, Richard has never tidied the attic. It’s always down to me. He just dumps everything at the opening! Something else we argue about!!! I’m sure Richard and Mud were separated at birth! x


  3. I am gla 2013 is over. Daughter still has health problems, but onwards and upwards, i guess. No hi jinks, just a normal sort of time but daughter is eating at th moment. We had no decorations up so none to take down. Evely


    • I’ve been wondering how things are Evelyn. I sincerely hope that your daughter’s health improves. It can’t have been a very nice Christmas for either of you? As you say, onwards and upwards. xxx


  4. Brilliant post! A great start to the new year. My decorations have survived the cull so far, although I am just about to go to Super Home centre for a nice big plastic box in which I can relegate them for another year. years are what you make them. 2013 was the best, and the worst year of my life. All I hope for 2014 is for it to be uneventful, with the exception of perhaps moving house. happy new year!


  5. Happy New Year Gail! Agree totally we get out what we put in most days and I don’t go for that superstitious none sense either. 2013 was a good year for me: I lost two and a half stones, found your blog, wrote mine, read 170 odd books and I have your books to read this year for my personal enjoyment. What more can I ask for? Well I want to be a target member at Slimming World, I will be starting intensive group therapy for my OCD in a month and I am having a cyst removed. So all in all not a dull moment! Love to furry (Chea) and hairy (Richard). Is Betsy going to find her road legs this year?


    • How brilliant are you?! Well done on that weight loss. That’s mega! I so admire you for that…and for the fact that you have your bad days, but you keep battling on. I’ve noticed the times over the last year when I know you have been struggling, so, honestly, no bull-shit, well done! And Happy New Year Babs. Re Betsy…what can I say other than great heap of tin, leaking oil all over the front of the house! Darn thing, but Richard loves her. xxx


      • Thank you Gail, I’m no group star with crazy speedy weight losses but I hang in there. Certainly eating much more healthily than I ever have. I have had my bad days but I worked out I could make them worse by simply being negative and having the wrong attitude, so I’m doing better and I feel very optimistic about starting group this year. More psychobabble but hey, they gave a point! I’ll be looking out for gardening tips this year as I want to get over my fear of bugs and start making my yard beautiful. I think it will have many benefits to get gardening.


  6. Always love your blog! Happy wishes for 2014. I’m gearing up to purchase ‘The Sleeping Field’. And I thoroughly agree with your no freebie policy.


  7. Gosh! I find your blog a bit frightening in a “Honey I’m home!” The Shining kind of way. Anyway, sounds like you had a great year – in parts. At least we’re now able to buckle down to 2014. I shan’t be asking for any favours just in case you tell me to bugger off!


    • Oh pleaseeee ask me for a favour…it would make my day to tell you to bugger off! Only joking Mr Rixon. Anyone who loves their cat as much as you love Pusia has got to be on the ‘nice people’ list xx


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