Sherlock Has Ruined My Life…

Hi All

Once upon a time (roughly a fortnight ago) I used to have my life, and my days, pretty much planned out  – and then the third series of Sherlock hit our TV screens …and that, as they say, was that. Now I am glued to the darn thing, and I’m talking Hard As Nails here, not wallpaper paste! And the trouble is, each episode is so fast-paced, visually so mind-blowing, that the average mind can’t keep up, and I have to watch the episode again and again, each time picking up on something that I missed the first (fourth/fifth/sixth) time around.

Don’t get me wrong, Benedict Cumberbatch as Benedict Cumberbatch isn’t hard on the eye and I’d definitely pass the time of day with him over a coffee in my lounge… with the blinds down… and the doors locked… and the key hidden on my person… but it isn’t exactly him that I’m totally taken with…it’s his character, Sherlock Holmes.

I have always been drawn by characterisation and compatibility of characters and whether they work together or not, and in my opinion the characters of Holmes and Watson are brilliantly drawn and work almost beyond belief.

These are the types of characters that, when you find them in a book, you just can’t put it down, and when you finish the book you actually feel like you have lost dear friends. You miss the world that you have been in for the last so many pages and chapters. I have read books where I literally went into utter depression because the story had ended and therefore the world that I had been living in for the duration of the book no longer existed. I realise that this must say quite a lot about my world!?

I watched Elysium the other day, with Matt Damon, again, a massive favourite of mine, mainly down to his characterisation of Jason Bourne, and although it was quite fast-paced, visually kind of faultless, I couldn’t get involved with his character. He didn’t (or the writer didn’t) impregnate the character with that vital spark. I didn’t really care about him, or any of the other characters to be honest, and so for me Elysium didn’t score that highly. Oh, and he (SPOILER ALERT!) died in the end. This is always a no-no with me. Can’t be bothered to watch something where my bloody hero pops his lot! And especially if the dead dude is Matt Damon! Noooo!

The only downside to all of this is that Sherlock Holmes has been portrayed as a high functioning sociopath and I have been made quietly aware, as I’ve blissed my way through these episodes and got to know him, that I also have some of these traits and tendencies.  Obviously I shall try to play them down and not alarm you all too much with my weirdness, although, in reality, I fear it may be a little too late in the day for that? Oh well! As I’ve said before…whatever gets you through the night.

So yes, I’ve fallen in awe of Sherlock Holmes and all mundane things will simply have to wait. Chucks stand on perches, abandoned, hanging their heads in misery. Chea hasn’t been fed for days and has slimmed down to kitten-size. Pots tower to the ceiling, food coagulated and no longer smelly. Bed bugs threaten to move into the unmade bed. Richard hasn’t been shouted at or picked on… well what can I say?

And just when iPlayer was about to take off series 3 and I would be left bereft, without my fix, what happened? We were trotting round Tesco yesterday morning and there, straight off the press was Sherlock, series 1 – 3, winking and waving at me from the shelf. Series 1 – 3!! RESULT!!!! Now I have all episodes on DVD and I can play them on my computer, with headphones attached, and no one will break into or disturb my world. Good hey? I’m now considering buying some posh Bose headphones that block out all exterior noise, because, frankly, there is the odd occasion when Richard’s dulcet tone breaks through. Might need to sell a few more books first though? (wink wink).

And before you send the RSPCA round, obviously I have fed the chucks and Chea. And Sherlockwashed the dishes, blah, blah, blah. I’m not a complete sociopath…probably.

Anyway, I can’t sit here all morning chatting, I have to go and unfreeze the chuck’s beak from the water drinker thingy – darn chilly night here last night. Not that I noticed at the time, as Chea has now decided that she will sleep on the bed with me and keep me warm, after the first half hour of attacking my feet! Richard was working and didn’t enter the equation …besides, he’s been sleeping on the couch for the last month or so because of the pain in his shoulder. He says the bed is too soft. Thank God for Ikea’s soft mattress range, that’s what I say!

Take care my lovelies …Go and do whatever makes you happy! x


15 thoughts on “Sherlock Has Ruined My Life…

  1. Interesting Gail. I have loved the other series of Sherlock but was disappointed with the first two of this one – bit too weird for my tastes. Loved the third one though and looking forward to the next series. I assume they have a long break between each one so that you and other super fans can catch up on your neglected household chores!


  2. I think you havei bad, Gail, but whatever turns you on. I feel a similar way when my books end and i have to return to this mundane world, be it books or films i really like. I love rewatching the t.v. version of Pride and Predudice wth Colin Firth,, for instance nd various sci-fi films and others. Not quite to the extent you seem to have done with Sherlock . But i believe that just shows passion for the written word, including films and t.v. Series which ar just a version of the written word andindeed, have to be written by someoe before they are filmed or the actors would have no lines to speak. Evely


    • Ha ha I’m quite fickle Evelyne, something else will float my boat in a few months time, no doubt. I also have Pride and Prejudice, with Colin Firth, on film and I love that as well. Colin Firth is a great favourite also. Have you seen him in Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy? xx


  3. I’m totally with you on this one. Season three just started here in the states, after the interminable, nearly two year wait. I’ve already watched the first episode twice. I’m glad to see that I’m not the only once who needs to watch the episodes multiple times to feel as though they’ve caught enough of what’s going on to really understand the story line.

    Sherlock Holmes is truly a character for the ages, the BBC version of a current day Sherlock is brilliantly done.


    • Ah! A fellow addict in the making Steve! The boxed set I bought yesterday has a TV ‘pilot’ included of the first episode of series 1 and I’ve just come across it! Having to pause it though as the chucks are giving me evil stares from the garden, wanting to come out. Have to break off briefly to let them out. I thought the episode you’ve just seen over there (episode 1) was very good, but I kept thinking, “punch him Watson. Punch him for putting you through it’…and then he did – three times ha ha . Enjoy the next two. The third is brilliant…and surprising. xxx


  4. I haven’t got into this show yet. I haven’t even seen an episode. But it looks great. However, I can’t believe they kill off Matt Damon in Elysium! I haven’t seen that yet either(!!!) and now I’m not sure I ever will. I think he is fantastic, mainly based on JB. Poor Chea. I’ll adopt her if you like.


    • Ah Michelle, I think you have more chance of adopting Benedict Cumberbatch than Chea! Richard would sulk for a week. Mind, if you DID adopt Benedict I might be tempted to do a discreet swop?? What are the chances? xx


  5. Caught a couple of episodes of Sherlock during my protracted stay in UK but don’t know if series 1 or what. Have managed to download a 3 parter and can’t wait to have time to myself to indulge, so I guess I’m with you on this Gail but thanks to this post I will check and try to ensure I have 1 and 2 to watch in order. Don’t suppose 3 will be on the freebie downloads yet!!


  6. Hi Gill Sounds a bit like you saw episodes from the latest series (3). I think you were here when they were screening that? I’ll think of you with a cuppa, a box of chocs and Sherlock! xx


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