You Say Cute…I Say Cruel!

Hi All

I have finally come to a conclusion…do not have a cat if you don’t have a cat flap! Chea is driving me nuts (more than usual) by constantly wanting to go out and then come in, all in the space of five minutes maximum. She seems unable to grasp the fact that it’s pouring with rain, and that it will be all day, most likely. I’m sure, in her tiny little feline brain, she thinks that if she pops back into the house, has a turnaround, and then demands to go out again, the rain will have stopped and it will be summer.

Right now I’m leaving her sitting on the opposite side of the door (it’s under cover, I’m not that cruel), and I’m hiding behind the laptop screen, pretending I’m not here. I don’t think I’m her favourite person right now because I’ve put her on a diet. A very, very strict diet. I’ve always thought that fat, obese animals are a result of negligence and ignorance on the part of the owner and a form of cruelty, and I have no reason to change that opinion now. This comment does not apply to animals with thyroid and similar problems, obviously. Medical conditions are quite another thing.

I saw a photo on Facebook the other day of a woman holding a gigantic, obese cat and there had been comments left like, ‘how cute!’ How cute?? No it isn’t. It’s cruel. How would you like your internal organs squished and squashed? Idiots! Anyway… back to Chea. She hasn’t reached blancmange size yet, but she has a fat sack swaying. This is not acceptable. And even more so because I know better!

I blame a lot of it on Richard – well I would, wouldn’t I? He is always giving her treats. (Just got up to let her in! I hung that out for all of five minutes!) Every time he sees her he’s in the cupboard scouting out something for her. I’ve now hidden all of her treats and banned him from feeding her. Having said this, I still walk through the kitchen and catch her hurriedly munching a chunk of corned beef or gammon that Richard has quietly sneaked onto her feeding station. They really are partners in crime. Chea loves and adores Richard with all of her heart. I’ve always suspected that Chea is a bit barmy and frankly that confirms it.

In Chea’s defence I will say that she has a very thick coat – but that’s hardly an excuse for a fat sack! So, a diet it is.

The chucks are not much impressed with me right now, either. They are being fed a week of wormer on their feed. Although, having said that they don’t seem to mind it, but what a kafuffle! The feed has to be measured, critically, and then a small amount of olive oil added and stirred in so that the wormer powder will adhere to the pellets evenly. It’s worse than attempting the perfect soufflé…not that I’ve ever attempted a soufflé. I did attempt 48 muffin type things at the weekend when Jake (7) and Grace (2 and a bit) came over for the day. Baking with the grand kiddies is always a hoot…they destroy the entire kitchen and somehow manage to get cake mixture into every orifice…well, almost. Surprisingly, I don’t mind this at all. Children are like border collies …if you don’t channel their enthusiasm they will find ways of channelling it for themselves. To allow this is a very dangerous thing.cake making 008

After the cake baking session, Grace disappeared with Richard (she also adores him. God knows why?) and Jake set about a new book I’d picked up for him. He had to look in the mirror and then write down 5 things about his face.

He started with, ‘I have blue eyes.’ And then he was stuck.

I suggested, ‘I have red hair.’

‘I haven’t got red hair, Grandma, it’s orange!’ he said very indignantly.

‘Yes,’ I said, ‘but it’s called red.’

Jake picked up a red crayon and scribbled on a piece of paper. ‘Grandma! THIS is red. My hair isn’t red. It’s orange!’

What could I say? It is orange. I had no further argument. Jake seems to be very proud of the fact that he has orange hair so…

Right! Chea is requesting to go out again, into the torrential downpour, so her human slave will get off her posterior and go and obey her wishes, and then I’ll stir the broccoli and Stilton soup that I’m making, and then I’ll go and watch The Fifth Estate…with you know who in it!! Why? Because I can.cake making 002

Take care my lovelies x

12 thoughts on “You Say Cute…I Say Cruel!

  1. Cats being creatures of habit very much like me benefit from a set meal time which helps keeping the weight off. A floor to ceiling scratching post indoors is very useful too in keeping them distracted in bad weather, well any type of weather here as I don’t have road savvy cats.


      • I had to stop “free feeding” here as Sally got large after her spaying. It was harder for me than the cats! I fortunately live with a Scrooge when it comes to cat food and he doesn’t give them tidbits like I am tempted to do. Prawns and smoked salmon are the treats of choice here but I’ve been strong this year and not shared my lot with them.


  2. Hello Gail, echoes of Sam, my Russian cat, who is incredibly indecisive about everything. Stands on the point of going out and won;t go. Re giving treats they are good for one thing: when you have to give tablets, then a treat is a nice reward. Alice has to have an asthma inhaler, and that’s quite a performance, she looks like a spaceman with a large glass cylinder on her nose! With cats you worry if they don;t eat or if they eat too much, never an in between. Very good post.


  3. Re brocoli nd Stiltn oup. Is it nice? I tried it with Red Leicester, not bad. Have you a soup making machine? I wa given one a a gift. All good so far. Nex on the agenda ill be chiken an mushroom my own (whatever it will be) recipe as i cannot find many recipes, certinly not for the machine. Evelyn


    • Hi Evelyn. Yes Stilton and broccoli is delicious. If you fancy it let me know and I’ll give you my recipe. I don’t have a soup making machine. I just sweat it all down and then blend it. And it freezes as well xx


  4. Oh my god… I couldn’t live without the cat/dog flap! My little ones go in and out all the time – no messy, smelly cat litter or constant distractions.Of course muddy feet and the odd headless bunny left as a gift are the downside, but hey, no free lunches, right?

    As for obese felines, I have a theory that it’s the dry food to blame. One of my cats will only eat pet meat, and he’s lean and healthy. His brother, [the bunny catcher] loves dry food and I have to admit he’s kind of plump. Anecdotal, I know, but the difference between the two cats is quite marked.

    Good luck with that diet. 🙂


    • I totally agree, it is the dry food. It has to be because the tinned stuff contains mainly water! No one ever got fat on water, did they? We started leaving a full dish of crunchies down for her so that she could ‘snack at will’…bad idea. Won’t be doing that any more! She’s looking better already to be honest. I’m so critical of other people with fat animals that I’d better reap what I sow. She kinda slipped past me, though just how the great lump did that is a mystery? Lovely to hear from you. Hope you are well? xx


      • -sigh- I leave a dish of dry food out too coz he likes it so much. It’s only a very small dish these days but… I might have to follow your example. And yes, I’m fine, thank you 🙂


  5. Lovely writing with lots of humour in it! 🙂 Made me smile, and laugh (I admit it! ) 😀 Enjoy the exercise opening and closing the door. That’s the life! I agree though. Over-fed animals are not cute… as you say, squashed organs! People are clueless sometimes!


    • Hi Susan. You know, if I could only be as diligent and apply this same rule to myself I’d lose the spare stone I’ve put on over the last two years! Obviously I’m eating far too many crunchies as well!! x


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