All You Need Is Love…Really?

Hi All

Valentine’s Day! Brilliant! Not! I’ve actually got to put on my ‘outdoor’ clothes  and linkedHeartstraipse off to Morrison’s to find a box of chocolates, or something equally as non-healthy, for Richard. I don’t know why. It isn’t like he is my real Valentine is it? Aren’t Valentines supposed to be secret? People you fancy and such like?

We go through this same crap every year. He buys me a card and ten bunches of dreadful carnations, in abominable colours that throw-out the whole ‘colour and feel’ of the house, because he thinks I’ll be buying him a card and he doesn’t want to be in the dog house till Christmas. Then I’ll forget all about it and not get him a card, so the following year he won’t get me one, but I’ll get him one…blah, blah, blah. The whole thing is a political nightmare.

He’ll even say, ‘Are we buying each other a card this year?’

‘Shall we not bother?’ I’ll say.

And that’s fine, but then he’ll do something nice on the 13th Feb and it’ll make me love him a bit and I’ll pop out at the last-minute and buy him half of Thornton’s shop! God knows why I’m going to all the effort of putting on my boots and battling the gale-force winds that are blowing here, because he certainly hasn’t done anything nice recently!

I think it has something to do with the fact that I like to keep him guessing? After all these years he still never knows which way I’ll jump in any situation.

Frankly, considering it’s a ‘fancy’ and a ‘secret’ thing I don’t see why I can’t just buy Sherlock a card? Maybe not? But here’s a funny thing…two weeks ago I noticed that there was a small package in with the mail. It was addressed to Richard, so I left it. I never open his post. Not because I’m a lovely human being, but because in twenty-three years I’ve never known him to have anything of interest drop through the letter box. I digress…

When he came home he handed me the package and said, ‘I’ve bought you something.’

My psychic powers rushed to the fore and I said, ‘It’s a Sherlock thing, isn’t it?’

‘How the bloody hell do you know that?’ he said.

I opened it and it was a fridge magnet with a picture of Sherlock on it. I tell you, Richard is bloody dafter than me. Why would I want a stupid fridge magnet with a picture of Sherlock Holmes on it? And why would I want to put it on my super-duper, recently purchased, new fridge freezer? And why would Richard want to perpetuate my ridiculous crush on another man? It did make me smile though, and that is never a bad thing. Obviously I had to put it on the fridge freezer. It would have been rude not too.

So that’s that. I am now going to get ready to go and battle the elements, all in the name of love…or something…

For those romantics out there – have a good one. Not that I’m not romantic…sometimes…well I do love the cat and the chucks and often whisper sweet nothings in their cute little ears. Oh OK, I do love Richard a bit. Where are my boots? Oh I forgot to mention, the card and chocolates will be coming out of the housekeeping fund. Richard never knows. He bought a new printer out of the housekeeping monies the other day and he hasn’t a clue. Maybe that’s why I love him a bit? He’s adoringly clueless…

Take care my lovelies x

10 thoughts on “All You Need Is Love…Really?

  1. Oh Gail, hilarious. I’m with you on the pressure of Valentine’s Day – it’s not that we’re not romantic – but does it have to take such effort? Love the use of ‘housekeeping funds”.


    • Thank you Francis. Richard still hasn’t realised that there’s only ever bread and water in the house shortly after I’ve had a visit to Marks and Spencer’s lingerie department. Bless him. Still, I sail under the heading of ‘ignorance is bliss!’ x


  2. Oh Gail, It is 7am here and I have spilled my first coffee all over my lap and the laptop laughing so much. Hey, catch 12 years a slave (take tissues) I am sure I spotted a certain sleuth parading as a Colonial slave master!.

    Any advice on coffee stained laptops?


    • Touché Gill…you’ve made me laugh reading your comment. I know that holding the laptop upside down and shaking it viciously removes Bailys but I’m a virgin when it comes to coffee ha ha. YES a certain sleuth is in Twelve Years A Slave (my son has uploaded it for me) but I haven’t received it yet. I’m stuck in Star Trek (Into Darkness) at the moment. He’s jolly nice in that! Anyway, better go because I’m still looking for vases for all these bloody daffs! Take care. Keep smiling! xxx


      • Thank you Gail. We did do the presents and things at my insistence once upon a time ago but it really didn’t encapsulate any true meaning of our relationship. I think we’ve decided less is more 🙂


      • Couldn’t agree more, and frankly we are pretty much the same with birthdays and Christmases. We always have gifts ‘owing’ to each other. Sometimes we see something we would like throughout the year, but most times we don’t. When you are with the right person you already have the greatest gift. x


      • Very true Gail. Most of our gifts are bought when either of us encounter something we’ve been looking for, usually practical. I don’t feel hard done by or like I’m missing out, but it seems like an awful lot of effort to draw love hearts over things because it’s Valentines Day and the cats wreck any flowers I get, although I’d rather have a bunch of them than any blooms. I’m not a complete hard boiled cynic but smoosh just isn’t me.


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