Breaking Bad…It Can Seriously Damage Your Outlook

Hi All

I haven’t been here for a while, due purely to the fact that I’ve had to attempt to get these migraines under control. Another visit to the doctor, another type of drug, another bad reaction and then a rather ‘out there – random,’ decision from me. I decided to stop ALL medication and get the shit (sorry, but I’m sure I’m full of it – no comment please!) out of my system. I have been without drugs now for over two weeks and I’ve had one, one-day migraine so far. I’m addressing diet, time spent on the computer and various other things and at last my brain is beginning to respond to the lack of shit coursing through my system. I may be entirely on the wrong track but, at the moment, I am feeling better and the option of ‘medication’ is always there if I should need to go back to that situation. So…moving on…

I recently had my attention drawn to the US series, Breaking Break. My son suggested that I try it, and to be honest, after the first five minutes, I turned it off deciding that it wasn’t for me. Wrong! I later went back to it and that, as they say, was that. I was hooked and dropped into the keep net. I have 2 episodes left to watch and then I’m sure that I shall suffer withdrawal effects. However, it HAS had one negative effect on me…
Yesterday, in Morrison’s, whilst waiting to buy the winning lottery ticket (?) I couldn’t help but ‘listen in’ to the conversation between the sales assistant and the two men on my side of the counter. One was a young lad and the other was an older man – short, plump, suited and booted, and speaking with an Italian accent. At least, I think it was an Italian accent, you know me, the extent of my global travel runs out at Jersey, France and Spain. Anyway, I was listening to him and the thought crossed my mind that he was a drug baron, like the very scary people who Walt, in Breaking Bad, mixed with. He was very jolly – the drug baron not Walt – but I felt this overwhelming desire to slide further along the counter and to keep my eyes well forward. I did risk a quick glance when I thought his attention was on the sales assistant…and he was looking straight at me! I grinned, well, better to go down smiling, and he winked! I hurriedly started rearranging the leaks and Chea’s crunchies that had spilled out of the carrier bag, and pretended to be engrossed. I heard him say, ‘Yes, well that’s what my first wife said!’
That confirmed it for me. He was a drug baron and he’d killed his first wife. Bloody hell, how many other wives had he had? I felt a cool breeze as he walked past me and left through the automatic doors. The sales assistant was still smiling from his quick wit and humorous repertoire as she took my money. ‘Oh God,’ I said, do you think he was a Mafia boss or something?’ She frowned a bit and handed me my winning lottery ticket. I continued, ‘And what do you think happened to his first wife?’ She said something like, ‘Oh yeah.’ Obviously she’d been sworn to secrecy and threatened that something bad would happen if she discussed it further. For her own safety I said no more.
Once home I made the leeks into a lovely potato and leek soup. I’d never made it before but we bought a sack of potatoes from the garden center the other week and so I’ve been dreaming up, any, and every idea as to how to use up the glut before they turn green and start chitting. I think I must have had my head elsewhere as I dragged the blender from the cupboard and started to blend the soup, because with horror, I suddenly realised that I’d left the bouquet garni in it – you know, the little paper bag of herbs? I had a fish around for it but alas, it had gone.
Dilemma. Throw away 4 pints of beautiful soup? Eat it – paper and all?
I decided that it could do no harm to eat it so, when Richard came home, I announced that there was some lovely soup and crusty bread for tea. As usual he poured a huge bowl full and sat down in front of the TV to watch the news and eat his delightful soup. After a few mouthfuls, which I watched from under my fringe, whilst flitting through FB, I said, ‘How is it?’
‘Lovely,’ he said.
‘Good.’ I said.
‘What are these crunchie bits that I keep getting?’ he said.
‘Celery?’ I suggested. ‘It WAS a bit stringy.’
‘Hmm,’ he said. ‘It’s a bit like…gritty?’
‘Herbs?’ I offered.
‘It’s like…er…crunchy…like sand.’
‘Oh! That’ll be the paper bag that I blended in with it!’
He looked up, laughed, and took another spoonful.
Richard loves my sense of humour. Funny how when you tell some people the truth they prefer to think it’s a lie?
I blame it all on Breaking Bad. It’s unnerved me…and also…made me a little devious?IF
Take care my lovelies x

13 thoughts on “Breaking Bad…It Can Seriously Damage Your Outlook

  1. What changes have you made ti your diet Gail? My nephew suffers and would like to know if the foor he eata ha enything to do with the migraines ( not that he takes any notice if us) . Bless you, keep with it if ut works continually. Evelyn


    • Hi Evelyn. I’ve cut right back on salt and sugar. I eat far too many crisps so those have gone from my diet. I was drinking a lot of sparkling water and then read that the carbonation can have an effect on migraine sufferers so I’ve changed to still water…and drink LOTS of it, in place of tea. I’ve basically gone on a very bland diet, with lots of veg and fruit – not too difficult for a vegetarian! I’m a bit suspicious of oats, so they are under scrutiny at the moment!! Also, I think a big problem is spending too much time on the computer. I can but try, hey? As a last resort I can always go back to the doctor. x


  2. Well, you’ve just given me the best laugh of the day – probably the week! I’m so glad I’m not the only one who does this type of thing with food…!! And as for the Mafia man – we’re writers, dammit! Of course he killed his first wife! If you give me a couple of days, I’ll be able to tell you what he’s done with the body.


  3. Sounds to me more like the Mafia man fancied you, nothing more mysterious than that! Another good one, Gail. And I’d imagine that paper is digestible, it dissolves eventually. Doesn’t it?


  4. There are no signs of harm done Geoff. I think the paper has now gone! Hmm not sure about the fancying bit. He looked a bit shady to me. You do meet a nice type of person in Morrison’s, don’t you? x


  5. Oh my! This is not the first time that you or Richard have encountered local drug barons or mafiosi as far as I recall. When will the two of ye learn to keep out of their business? Leek soup sounds good…


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