How refreshing…NOT!

Hi All

I have to confess to having totally, and without a doubt,  recently screwed-up my computer.

One or two little things were starting to niggle me – they weren’t where they were supposed to be, or were taking much longer to load – so in my infinite wisdom I started looking for that bit where you send your computer back, to a place and space in time, to where it was working perfectly. Because this is a Windows 8 operating system, most of the ‘techno’ stuff is a tad alien to me, simply because I spend my time polishing and perfecting the bits on the computer that I DO use, and I rarely spend time figuring out the bits that I DON’T use. There’s only so much time in a day, hey?

I couldn’t find what I was looking for – but I did find ‘refresh.’ This sounded OK. A bit spring-cleaning ish? Refresh! Yes. That would do nicely. I could imagine it – everything back to how it was – fast, furious and in the right place, all open to my usual abuse. I pressed the button and away we went.

An hour later and I was unimpressed to find that all the little Word logos had disappeared from my Word docs’ and not one could be opened, because I no longer had Office installed on the computer. Yes, I know, you are shaking your heads and thinking what an idiot, and I confess, I was, and I am.

I wasn’t too much of an idiot though to realise that I’d reset my computer to factory settings and that half of my stuff had hit the ether with a loud hiss.

No worries, I had a product code for Office, I’d simply reload it. Easy. Not rocket science. Unfortunately it wouldn’t let me do it, chucking out the code and showing utter revulsion to my Microsoft account.

I battled with it for hours and then I did my usual thing – grovelled to my brother, telling him I’d cocked-up mega, that I was an idiot (I work on the principle that if I get the confession in first it saves time) and that I needed him to come over and sort it out for me.

I’ll cut a long story short by saying it took several attempts, with my brother coming to me, and me going to my brother, and a discussion with my nephew (a computer wizard) to get it back. But back it is, and not only that, I’ve got a much higher spec’ version.

The problem was that Office had been installed by the supplier of the computer and not registered directly with Microsoft, so Microsoft didn’t recognise either the product code or my account. At least this is what I’ve been told and frankly I’m not arguing the toss. I could have phoned Microsoft but resented the charge of the phone call. I did ask Richard’s opinion at one stage to be met with his stock reply of, ‘Don’t ask me. I know nothing about computers.’

This is true.

I love my brother. There I’ve said it. He is always there for me in my times of trouble and idiotic behaviour. It is down to him that I have a single hair left on my head. I often have to wait for his schedule to get around to sorting out his div of a sister, but he always turns up, eventually – and anyway, it could be ME doing HIM the favour. Isn’t it nice to be needed? And I always give him some fresh chucks’ eggs. I certainly wouldn’t give their precious eggs to just anyone.

I won’t be refreshing my computer again. It can grow mould and self-decorate in spiders’ webs for all I care. Besides, I’ve now been informed of what I SHOULD have done.
2014-04-11 08.42.27

Take care all x




4 thoughts on “How refreshing…NOT!

  1. If Office came pre-installed (legitimately) on your computer then it should be fine and still there on a partition of your hard drive! You just need to reinstall it. As long as you don’t mess about with reformatting the hard drive both the entire OS and the software that came with it are safe. I know that’s only useful information if you know how to access it but have you got the original instructions that came with it? They usually tell you how to backup and restore. At the very worst you just start off with a blank copy of word. But… backup all your data first! 🙂


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