I Can Truthfully Relate to Barry Manilow…

You know that Barry Manilow song, I Made It Through The Rain? Well, that’s how I’m feeling right now.

The week before last was horrendous. OK, so no one died, but it was still horrendous. Two steps forwards and one step back. Nothing went right, and then, as the week came to an end I thought, right, draw a very thick line under it and look forwards to next week (last week). Then came the killer blow…Richard announced that he was on holiday the next week (last week). It was at this point that someone did almost die…me.

The thought of another week, attempting to sort out the backlog of things that were still wrong, with Richard floating around, almost polished me off. It was at this point that I had to give myself a strong talking to and convince myself that I could, and would, get through this.

First on the agenda, bright and early Monday morning, was a ride out to my brother’s house. This was not a social visit. This was so that he could figure out what I was doing wrong in my futile attempts to contact the USA tax office. Richard did, in fact, come in quite useful because he drove and all this stress had given me a headache.

My brother fiddled with my phone before shutting me in his office and telling me to stop buggering about and just get on with it. With no confidence whatsoever I dialled the number and waited for the same old drivel, “I’m sorry but we are unable to process your call.” When that message didn’t actually slam back at me and a voice informed me, “Thank you for your call…the waiting time is 3 minutes,” I almost fainted.

So, job done. I’m legal. No, I am. Thanks to my brother, who is brilliant. Not sure why I’m bulling him up? He never reads a word I write. Sometimes I wonder if anyone does, but that’s insecurity…isn’t it?

On Tuesday, I took a day off from everything. In the morning, I let Richard take me to Melton market. This is a cattle market that is run every Tuesday. It also sells rabbits, chickens, ducks, garden produce, fertilised eggs, etc. It was here that I fell in love with a little duckling. He/she was all alone in a cardboard box and when I peered in, he/she peered back, and its little peepers said, ‘Buy me. I won’t be any trouble. Look how pretty I am with this little pompom on the top of my head.’ This is the point at which you just know that I came home with the duckling? Well, you are wrong. I zipped up my heart and walked away. I bought a dress instead. Did I mention that there was a dress stall? This is the only dress I own and it was purchased purely for sitting out in the garden…because I do a lot of that, don’t I? No. Hardly ever. Too much weeding, watering, hoeing, digging, compost turning….I think you get the picture?

Richard disappeared on Wednesday. I don’t mean he vaporised. I’m not that lucky (joke).  He roared off on his bike to some air force thing and so I was left with time to myself… and the chance to sort out some of the backlog.

I have now almost caught up. One thing is outstanding. An eBook is being reformatted. I know nothing about this but a virtual friend, who has now become so much more, is sorting that out for me.

You know me now, and you know that I believe that something positive always comes from something negative and yet again I have proved myself right. Through this very trying, hair-ripping-out time, virtual friends have stepped in, and for absolutely no gain of their own, have spent endless hours creating, advising, and just plain supporting me, and I will be eternally grateful. So, to these friends I say a heartfelt thank you… and my offer of returned support does not have a sell-by date.

You know who are you and I only refrain from naming you because I know you are all so God-damn modest. Oh, and the other reason is, if I tell everyone who you are, and that you are the nicest, most wonderful guys (gals) on the planet, they will all be scurrying to your doors and you will no longer have the time to get me out of my constant pooh pile! See, I’m not as stupid as I may appear.

Richard has gone back to work today. Weirdly, I’m kinda missing him. I have no excuse now to bugger around doing nothing. Sooooo I’m going to crack on.

Take care my lovelies x


Lastly…I can now announce with a triumphant fanfare that …..The Sleeping Field is now available in paperback! Again, produced by a dear friend and absolutely nothing to do with me.


20 thoughts on “I Can Truthfully Relate to Barry Manilow…

  1. I liked your long diatribe, very amusing.

    I also see on Facebook that The Sleeping Field

    is out now in paperback. Congratulations you

    deserve it, you have worked long and hard to

    achieve it.

    Best of luck, I hope it sells well.

    Roger x

    Sent from Windows Mail


  2. Just love, love Richard…and love your posts. Always good to hear what’s happening in dear England. Your posts make me feel as though I’ve just wandered through an English country garden. Dunno how you do it – but that’s always the way I always feel when reading your posts (even if they include Richard…)


    • Yes, well, you and I both know that it was no easy decision. I had to walk away because if I didn’t I knew that I’d weaken. But, next time, if I see one I’ll get it for you haha. You’ll need a pond though! xx


      • No worries I have the space, tools and the man for building a pond just need a good reason. I wonder if Chea would have thought yum, breakfast! Or, oh look a pet for me!


  3. I haven’t read your books but I read ALL your blog posts and enjoy them immensely (probably that kindred spirit thing 😁).

    My garden is calling but so is the bathroom cleaning – best get that done first 😉

    Hope you get caught up with everything.


  4. Awww the duckling sounded adorable! And you made it through the week, not sure I could have!
    Wishing you all the best for this one – and your book is on my list of “Things You Are Allowed To Buy Once You Get Your First Draft Done, Get On With It Woman.” (There is actually a list called that by the side of my bed. True story.)


    • You made me laugh, Willow. That list is almost as long as a first draft! I’d be interested to know what you are writing and how far along you are with it? Not because there is a potential book sale at the end of it, you understand, but because? …well, I’m pretty nosey xxx


  5. Time and again I wonder why we have to have weeks like this. I have been told that it is character building, but surely at 70, my character is as good as it’s gonna get!
    Glad you finally made progress, that’s all we can hope for, isn’t. That we get somewhere in the end.
    Very brave about the duckling, by the way. (although a consolation prize can be so appealing!)


    • Maybe we just need to keep our ‘characters’ topped up. And the duckling would have been lovely but…any animal coming here has to have exactly what I consider it needs and it would have meant a pond (couldn’t make do with the fish pond!) and a seperate little shed and outside run, and then be totally netted because of the foxes. I think I made the right decision…even though I was sorely tempted. But there’s always next time. I’ve come away before with a rabbit, quail, chickens and Carolina wood ducks, so I don’t always resist haha x


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