Just A Quickie.

Hi All

Just a quickie to stay in touch.

The garden is still taking up masses of my time – but then I figure that’s OK.

Life isn’t always about batting along at a rate of knots, is it? Sometimes – often in my case, it’s about standing and watching the bees on the lavender, and the butterflies on the buddleia. It’s about smelling the roses – literally. It’s about collecting the hordes of snails that chomp their way through the sunflower leaves and seemingly anything else that’s slightly green. I often wonder how long it takes them to make it back to my garden after they have been winged over the hedge and into the neighbour’s garden. (I’m pretty sure someone wrote a book about that? The time it takes for snails to return to a garden? But I may have dreamt it!)… It’s about watching Chea trying to get herself stung by irritating the bees, patting and pawing at them until they buzz off, laden with pollen. She hooked out a little yellow frog the other day and left it lying on the ground with its skinny legs akimbo, looking like something out of The Kama Sutra (not that I know anything about that). I was so pissed off with her, and her continual attempts to kill everything that moves, that, after a very harsh scolding, I shut her in the house. Unfortunately the postman caught the gist of it. We tend not to get much mail these days.

The courgettes are manic. I think they grow just to spite me. Four-inch long babies suddenly grow into teenagers overnight and in the morning they are lying there, all grown up and waiting to be picked. This has caused a glut so last week I made nine jars of courgette chutney. As I mentioned, in the previous post, the boiling vinegar gives me a migraine so to combat this I have to dip a tea towel in water and then tie the tea towel around my face so that the acidic stench cannot get to me.  This works out quite well – in private, but it’s kinda scary for anyone who might venture to the door during the cooking process. The fact that all my tea towels are black probably doesn’t help. 2014-07-24 10.51.32

I’m now waiting for the tomatoes to ripen and then I’ll make a batch of tomato chutney – red with the ripe ones and then green with the ones that don’t make it through the ripening process before autumn shuts everything down. And I decided today to make some apple and ginger and apple and blackberry jam. The apple trees are full of fruit this year, so many that as they grow and expand they push against each other, lose their grip and hurtle to earth. It’s quite dangerous, actually, because an apple could hit you on the bonce at any time.2014-07-24 18.55.10

The other hugely time-consuming thing is the new book. It’s coming along quite well – although some days I do lose control of my characters and the following day I have to delete half the dialogue. It’s currently around 46,000 words so I’m reasonably happy with that.

And, of course, there is Richard. He is the least time-consuming, but nonetheless he does require some of my time so I’ll pop and see if I can find something from the bottom of the freezer for his tea. Freshly concocted delights are a rarity at the moment.  I’m pretty sure that the last time I was head-down in the freezer I saw a lasagna from the Beatle’s era. That’ll do.

So, dudes, happy gardening, preserve making, writing, snail throwing…and whatever else takes your fancy. Oh, by the way, I sprayed the little yellow frog with my plant spray and thirty minutes later it crept back into the beetroot patch. Result!

Take care my lovelies x



14 thoughts on “Just A Quickie.

  1. Thought you were busy Gail, whuch is why I have not bothered you so much. Still having problems but, there you o, time lateron. AM reading The Sleeping Field and enjoying it. Wha is the secret? Ha ha! Time will reveal all. Glad you ar making progress. I am doing the samw with the garden, slowly. Enjoyed picking and eating bkackberries yesterday whilst cutting them back and down. Must soon get this work moved over to new computer (well, Kays laptop) so I can get on with editing. Hugs


    • Hi Evelyn Never worry about ‘bothering me,’ friends never cause me bother. Don’t do too much in that garden, it’s so easy to get carried away with it all. I think once you can get on the laptop things will be a lot easier for you. xx


  2. Our garden is cutting into writing time these days – I noticed an absolute hoard of ready-to-pick cauliflower the other day and must get busy doing something with them. This time of year is amazing – sometimes I think I can actually see the zucchini growing. But, it’s all good! Here’s hoping you continue to enjoy the garden and get to add to the work-in-progress.


    • I know that any day now, Francis, I’ll walk into the garden and that ‘autumnal feeling’ will be there.It’s quite unique…but quite recogniseable and then it will be mainly over for another year. I do find that sad…but at least it will be better for writing. So always a positive xx


  3. Beans are the item I have in abundance these days and there are dozens of tomatoes waiting to ripen but we’ve already had a dozen or so fresh and warm from the greenhouse. Yummy!

    By the way, I hope when you read tales of yet another Land Rover taking up space, time and the readies at Mudville, you can appreciate Richards onelandroverness a bit more 😀 xx

    Glad the frog made it 🙂


  4. NOOOOO! Dear Lord, not another Land Rover? Poor you, Elaine. I have a real problem with your posts. I can read them and ‘like’ them but I can’t seem to leave a comment. Weird! And those runner beans are dreadful things. I cut right back this year and we still have too many. I’ve even tried discreetly hiding some in the courgette chutney. Have you tried beetroot crisps? Love them! x


  5. Sounds like an idyllic existence (except for the migraines and any other aches and pains of course) and you still manage to write loads. Wish I had your discipline.


  6. I love the idea of you wearing your black anti-migraine tea towel like a mask – I can just imagine the look on the postman’s face as he spies what appears to be a chutney-making ninja in the kitchen… 🙂 been a lovely summer so far, hasn’t it. My neighbour has a glut of runner beans too – she keeps leaving them by our front door. Even the chuffin cat won’t touch them now xx


  7. I made a promise to myself that any runner bean produced would be eaten and that I would NOT be freezing a single bean to sit in the deep freeze for two years and then be thrown in the dustbin…… Today I froze three bags of runner beans. I should kill myself now! xx


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