Uh Oh! A Man Without The Use Of His Right Hand?

Hi All

Sometimes I’m wrong. No, really, I am. Here we are galloping towards the end of another year and in my tiny mind I’d decided that all that remained of note, in the remainder of this year, was to pick up a few stocking fillers for the  griddies (grandchildren), ice the bloody Christmas cake that I still haven’t got round to icing, tart up the lounge with a bit of berried variegated holly from the garden and attempt to cook a gammon joint.

I’d throw in a bit of cleaning here and there and that would be it. Then I’d unearth the T.V Christmas edition of ‘What’s On,’ (only ever buy a Christmas one) and settle down around 4.00 pm Christmas Eve until New Year’s Day.

Good plan? Yes. But then, you know what they say about ‘the best laid plans?’

I think I’ve told you in previous blogs that dear Richard has a massive right shoulder problem? He needs an op to shave a tendon and scrape a bone. I appreciate that this is hardly the technical term for such a procedure but other than Googling it (can’t be bothered) or listening again to Richard’s useless effort at telling me what’s going on (can’t be bothered) I’ll just stick to layman’s terms and repeat …he needs a tendon shaving and a bone scraping.

We have actually both been eagerly awaiting this appointment. Richard because he is in intense/immense pain and yours truly because the man makes such a performance out of bringing in a basket of logs from the log shed that I’m seriously considering enrolling him in the local amateur dramatics group. He plays the wounded soldier to Oscar level.

Back to the point. The appointment winged in with a Christmas card that had been delivered to the wrong address and lo and behold there it was …New Year’s Eve.

They want to rip, shave and scrape my sweet little Richard’s bones and tendons on New Year’s Eve.

But, as I explained to Richard, this isn’t as bad as it seems, at least it gets us out of the New Year’s Eve bash six doors up! And think of the money we’ll save not having to buy Fairy costumes.  See, ALWAYS a positive from every negative.

You may think that I’m making a bit of a joke about this and in reality I guess I am. However, I am concerned for him, obviously. He has never had an operation or any hospital procedure and I would be happier if I could be there holding his hand and offering encouraging comments like …breath …breath …pant …pant …that’s great, I can see its head. Or is that something totally different? Yes, OK, I am joking but I always do when I’m nervous. I would rather have the op for him. I always feel that I can handle things better than Richard, but I guess he is just going to have to shape up and go for it.

I’m sure that he will have the last laugh because they have advised at least 3 months off work …and it could be as many as six. Are they totally bonkers? Six months is half a year! Half a year of fetching and carrying for Richard? I don’t think so.

Spain sounds good – a couple of months at my brother’s place – just twenty or so miles from Alicante’? But for me or Richard? Richard I think, because let’s face it, how will he muck out the chucks and stuff like that? But then again, some Senorita might be taken in by his brown puppy-dog eyes and he may never return.  She will show him her castanets and he will show her his scraped bone. Let me think that one through …

Failing this, when my Florence Nightingale mode wears thin, I will shove him into the spare room, the one at the front of the house where he will hear the traffic going by, and still feel life’s pulse. I will leave him with everything he needs, drink, food, Land Rover mags and his charged mobile. To leave it flat would be rather cruel, even by my standards, and then, if he requires further supplies he can text me.

Yes, it might work out OK.

And guess what? I don’t believe that for one minute. I may have to risk the castanet-clicking beauty.


Take care my lovelies

13 thoughts on “Uh Oh! A Man Without The Use Of His Right Hand?

  1. Oh, my! I’ve ‘liked’ this but I don’t really like it at all (although wonderfully funny!). Poor Richard! Is it an old injury? Obviously must have taken years to get into that condition. Pity he didn’t go the chiropractic and massage route years ago – and may have alleviated this problem way back. Do you have something called ‘Body Alignment Technique’ in England. This is an amazing process whereby they work on pressure points to improve energy flow and the body realigns and heals itself. Really works very well. But I suppose it’s too late for that. I can only wish Richard a speedy recovery and you lots of patience! Probably at the end of it, you will need the Body Alignment Technique…

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  2. I think it is one of those ‘wear and tear’ things Malla and worsened by his job – Likened to repetitive strain injury I guess. And as you say, too late for alternative therapies now. You know what men are like …leave everything until it’s too late. And, again, as you say, I’ll be the one needing the Body Alignment Technique! Hope you are well and looking forward to Christmas? Do you have family out there? xx

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    • Yes, luckily have most of my family here at the moment. We will be doing the family gathering thing for Christmas and it’s always a good time – although also luckily, I’m a poor cook so nobody asks me to do anything…
      Hope you and Richard have a lovely Christmas – and I will be sending good thoughts to you both on New Year’s day!

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  3. Thank you Anita/Jaye /Jen? (I’m never quite sure who I’m ‘talking’ to!) for your kind comments and reblogs. I’d like to think that the ‘op’ and ‘convalescent’ period will go smoothly, but what, pray tell, are the chances of that? 😀


  4. Lol, I wouldn’t count on missing that party Gail. You should know by now that having a date for an operation and actually HAVING said operation are two entirely different things, not mutually exclusive, the probability of chance for the two happenstances actually coinciding is (many would argue) as rare as hens teeth 😀 😉

    Seriously though, I hope Richard can finally find relief from his painful shoulder 🙂 x Elaine

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