My Resolutions? Not To Make Any!

Hi All

OK, so you know for a fact that I’m going to have to witter on about it being the end of one year and the beginning of another, yada, yada, yada, so I’ll do us all a huge favour and keep it brief.

I’m going to thank each and every one of you who bought or borrowed one of my books. And I’m going to doubly thank everyone who has taken the time to leave a review.  There have only been the odd one or two one star reviews and over five books I don’t think that is a bad ratio. At first those ‘one stars’ sent me into a tailspin, until I convinced myself that the reviewer was an idiot, and then I moved on. I don’t usually ‘go on’ about these things, book sales, reviews, etc. because I find the whole thing rather akin to ‘bragging’ and I can’t bring myself to do that somehow. But I did need to thank you.

I’m not going to make any resolutions. When you get to my age you usually have yourself pretty much sorted, because let’s face it, if I still have bad habits now there’s a bloody  good chance they are too deeply embedded  to remove. Besides, I’m not sure that I have many bad habits.

I guess I could be too principled. This has led me to disaster now and then.  And I could be too critical. This has led to a very short Christmas card list. And I’m OCD regarding arranging foodstuffs in the cupboards. All tins have to be facing forwards, labels thrust out like ample bosoms, each showing their contents at just the right angle. And I could be guilty of snapping at Richard too much …on the rare occasion, well, OK,  a few times a day … but I figure I have reason for that, because I’m highly principled and over critical. But other than this I don’t think there is much room for improvement.

And anyway, I much prefer to converse with the chucks and Chea and the plants in the garden. They offer no argument and seem to appreciate me just the way I am.

I really have no plans for the New Year. No resolutions. No plans. I want my life to go on just as it is, with my family safe and healthy, and with my little world intact. This is enough for me. I possibly wouldn’t turn down a lottery win or a major book deal but they would be taken in my stride and nothing much would change.happy-new-year-2015-wallpaper-1024x768

I have one last major thing to get through in 2014 and that is to take Richard to the hospital on New Year’s Eve (tomorrow as I am writing) for his shoulder operation. He pretends he isn’t worried but I know he is …and so I am. An anesthetic is a risk to anyone, and at any time of their lives, but I will play the poker face and help him through it, because despite my many posts over this last year ridiculing him for one thing and another he is a dear soul and, along with my son, the closest thing to my heart. Shit! This blog post is getting really silly now so I’m going to end. When I start admitting that Richard is precious it is time to shut up.

So, dear friends, please have love, peace, and happiness in the New Year, but above all of this please find contentment.



Happy New Year my lovelies x


20 thoughts on “My Resolutions? Not To Make Any!

  1. Lovely sentiments Gail. Normally, I do not do resolutions either, not at my age. But I do have one. When the weather gets warmer, I want to shed the winter weight I have accumulated. Salads are good for that, if my diabetes will let me. Or my latest clothes will cease to fit. Can’t have that.

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    • The thing is, Evelyn, weight can always be shed and doesn’t make us bad people. Not like some of the character flaws some have. They can rarely be shed. Have a wonderful New Year and thank you for your friendship over this last year . And thank you for reading my books and for your kind reviews. These things mean so much. xxx


  2. Happy New Year Gail. Totally agree about resolutions, I never go there, it’s just too much pressure to be perfect in January, I prefer to be moderately imperfect all year round. However, I will try and face 2015 with a smidge less fear.

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  3. Concur with your new year wishes. All I want for 2015 is that my family and friends are as safe at the end of it as they are now. Best wishes to Richard for the op. Will be thinking of you during the next few days. ‘Sterkte’ as we say in South Africa. It means, keep your strength up.

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  4. Thank you Gail. I do hope all goes well for him and that the recovery will be as fast as possible. Daughter waiting for notification iof an operation. Pre-op done already, so just matter of time, as always,
    Evelyn xx


  5. Same here, Jennie. I have decided that if people don’t like the way I am, it’s their problem, not mine. Would like to get a little fitter, but that’s all.
    Best wishes for Richard, bless him. (and you, of course)

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  6. Hi Gail,

    I hope all has progressed well for Richard yesterday and that he will be feeling much happier and pain free soon.

    I don’t do resolutions because I know I won’t stick to them and I don’t see the point in setting myself up to fail 🙂

    I would like to wish you a wonderful, happy and successful 2015 and look forward to reading your posts over the next 12 months (now that I’ve figured out that WP had ‘unfollowed’ your blog for me for some reason and I have now reclicked ‘follow’!)

    Take care xx

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  7. Hi Gail,
    Hope Richard’s op went as well as could be hoped for yesterday!
    Fingers crossed for a speedy recovery… And i’m sure you’ll fuss over him until he’s all better 🙂
    -archna x

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