I Can’t Ignore 3 Nominations …Thank You Patrick, Caz And Lisl.

Hi All

I have succumbed. Why? Well I’ll tell you.

Some time ago I was nominated for The Versatile Blogger award by Patrick Jones. I read the requirements for acceptance of said award and scurried off into the garden to pluck a few dead leaves from the laurel bush. Too scary…and complicated. All that copying of links and nominating other people and stating things about myself that others would find interesting? No way.

A short time later I received another nomination for The Versatile Blogger Award from Caz Greenham.

I already knew the requirements for acceptance, so this time I set about making a batch of pasties for the freezer …and ignored the nomination.

Last weekend another nomination appeared from Lisl Zlitna.  I made a few polite noises and mumbled something about looking into it, with more than the odd intention of rushing out and turning over the compost heap.

Then I kinda realised what an ungrateful bitch I was being and decided to accept their very kind nominations and go ahead with it. Sooo … here we go. These are the requirements…

1 Display the award certificate.

2 Write a post and link back to the blogger (bloggers) who nominated you.

3 Post 7 interesting things about yourself.

4 Nominate up to fifteen other bloggers and explain why you have nominated them.

5 Inform them of their nomination.


Patrick Jones http://www.amazon.com/dp/B0077F0DFI

Lisl Ziltna http://beforethesecondsleep.blogspot.co.uk/

Caz Greenham http://cazgreenham.com/


My nominations for The Versatile Blogger Award go to (why does that sound like I’ve dropped into The Eurovision Song Contest and about to shell-out nil points?)

1 Evelyn Steward. https://evelynralph.wordpress.com  Evelyn is a lovely lady who blogs regularly about nature and all things nice. She also posts her beautiful sketches and craftwork on her blogs and, as a newish blogger, deserves this nomination.

2 Jennifer Moore. http://chuffincat.com/  Jen’s blogs are funny, heart-warming, sad, and at times ‘cat’astropic. Jen writes beautifully about her life with her family and her pets. A must for ‘cat’ people.

3 Elaine Otty. https://thelandroverownerswife.wordpress.com/  Elaine’s blogs are also ‘nature/craft/gardening/family’ themed and make interesting and informative reading. Elaine has been a great supporter of my blog from the beginning of time and for this I thank her personally.




7 Interesting Things About Me?

1 …This is going to be hard!

1 …even harder than I thought!

1 erm …(drums fingers on the table)

Right …

1 I have never been to Nova Scotia.

2 I have no wish to go to Nova Scotia.

3 If my son had been born a girl I would have run for the hills. I wouldn’t have known what to do with a girl child.

4 I don’t possess a single item of ‘real’ jewellery other than a silver chain with a frog charm.

6 I have never failed at anything that I wanted to achieve (big-headed? Possibly)

7 I had a wheelbarrow for my 30th birthday.

Hah! Easy. OK, so it’s a pile of dung. What did you expect? How am I supposed to come up with 7 interesting facts about myself? I don’t see myself as interesting. Do you see yourselves as interesting? Surely it’s down to other people to see us as interesting? Whatever. I should have stated at No 1 that I get easily bored because I’m now bored with it all … so that’s that. See? This is why I didn’t accept the nomination the first time!

Anyway, I’ve done it now, in my own fashion, so, hand on heart, thank you Patrick, Caz and Lisl for your very kind nominations, I do appreciate it, truly.

And I’ll take this opportunity (because they don’t come along very often) to say a huge thank you to all followers of this blog, established friends and new. Thank you xxx

Take care my lovelies xversatileblogger




13 thoughts on “I Can’t Ignore 3 Nominations …Thank You Patrick, Caz And Lisl.

  1. Congratulations Gail. Your blogs never fail to amuse, inform and delight me.they are witty, self-derogatory often, sometimes ‘laugh out loud’ funny. For a very friendly, extremely kind and lovable writer and blogger ( keeper of garden, partner, maid to cats, chucks, and occasional helper of horses). You are very deserving of this award. Hope you win.

    Liked by 1 person

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