There Had To Be An Ulterior Motive?

Hi All

Can’t profess to having done much these last few days. One reason, of course, is that the man of the house is not at work and is doing his normal trick of suggesting places to ‘pop.’ Today’s little outing was to Matlock in Derbyshire to wander the antique shops – and on his behalf, not mine.

I didn’t object too much because the poor soul has little interest in much other than Land Rovers, motor bikes, and scouring eBay for all kinds of things that he honestly doesn’t need.

I can barely sit at the PC for more than an hour at a time without UPS, the Royal Mail or that other one, you know, the one in Castaway, banging on my front door. So, when he suggested ‘popping’ to Matlock, I went with the flow. I do occasionally.

You see, he has a new interest. Yep, and he came up with it all on his own. He has decided to collect cans! Not tuna or mixed veg cans. Not that kind. No, these are the sort that used to hold petrol, in ‘the olden days.’ 1930’s petrol cans.

Two have arrived recently. Rusty old things that he’s dumped in acid to remove the old paint before repainting them.

He wasn’t successful in sourcing another today but he did ask me if I wanted to go into a lovely stationers we passed. I knew there was more to it than that because usually he’d rather stick pins in his nether regions than stand waiting for me to caressingly finger every pen, pencil, piece of card and paper in Smiths.

I was right, of course. There was an ulterior motive. He wanted to look for a pen to write the inscriptions on the petrol cans.

He did his normal thing of asking my opinion – as if I had one. What do I know about 1930’s petrol cans? I suggested he ask the man behind the counter. After said man had advised him, he purchased two pens – well, actually, I purchased them – but then again, the money did come from the side in my bag where I keep the housekeeping so I guess Richard did purchase them. He purchases all kinds of things without realising it. I’m a strong believer in ignorance being bliss.

I took the opportunity of asking the lovely man’s advice on the purchase of a pen for book signing. Then we got talking about publishing etc. and he offered me the name of a bookstore owner that might be happy to take a couple of my books. Richard, meanwhile, stood in the background grinning and shaking his head. I didn’t see him doing it – I just knew he was – because he always does.

I thumped him when we got outside and he burst out laughing. I strolled off with him trotting behind me, imitating my voice. ‘Yes, I’m a self-published author . . . Famous? Me?  Goodness, no! My name? Oh, for your bookshop friend? Oh, OK . . .  No! Not Orwell. Orbell – and Jennie with an E.’

Richard does this all the time – insists that I put on a posh voice with some people – and he has great fun imitating me.  What he doesn’t realise is . . .  that is my normal voice, the one I use on normal people. My everyday voice is the one I use on him because I don’t want him to feel like a lesser mortal. Hahahah I’m joking. Sort of.

So, back to the collecting of the petrol cans. Seems a weird thing to be doing if you ask me – but each to his own, and if it keeps him happy? I’ve just popped out to take him a creamy coffee – even though he did take the pee out of me earlier – and he’s sitting, carefully painting-in the inscriptions. I glanced over his shoulder, just as he had painted the first four letters of PRATT. I placed the coffee before him and said, ‘If you want my advice I’d leave it at that!’ It took half a second for the penny to drop and then he laughed and smudged the letter.

I think that is probably one of the things that gels our relationship – we never take each other too seriously and we can laugh with, and at, each other. Though, I still don’t know why he wants to collect 1930s petrol cans?

I’m quite surprised that I’ve written about Richard’s little collection because, frankly, I had every intention of ranting and raving about how some people on Facebook are extremely selfish individuals . . . but that’ll wait for another day – because bet your bottom dollar they will still be there and they will still be selfish!

Take care my lovelies x20151028_142949

7 thoughts on “There Had To Be An Ulterior Motive?

  1. I sort of oollect art materials, and lately, clothing, because I need winter, spring and summer gear, in different sizes, but to the arty stuff, I am using the layest collection, used to use the oils, but, you never know. Each to their own. Of course, old oetrol cans do take up a lot more space. Where will Richard put them, one has to wonder? Bestif luck there!

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    • I’m hoping, Evelyn, that they reside in his ‘summerhouse’ (shed) along with his other paraphernalia – brewing equipment and such like! Apparently, he has another ‘eyed-up’ on eBay right now. 😀


  2. A potential book-signing – that’s fabulous and I hope it transpires. Can’t wait to hear all about it. If it doesn’t happen, you could always post photos of the spruced up petrol cans. Happy Friday.

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