Kid Me Not Sunbeam!

Hi All.

You’ve heard the saying, ‘these things are sent to try us?’ Well, frankly, I must be the most ‘tried’ person on the planet.

I guess the main problem stems from the sad fact that I rarely know what I’m doing and for some misplaced reason I think I can learn as I go. This sadly is not always true.

Take, for instance, filling in 4 sheets of paper to allow me to purchase ISBNs. Simple as falling off a log? No! Far more difficult and the reason is . . . I don’t understand the lingo, the gobbledygook of it all.

I consider it to be akin to most nerdy ‘techie’ things. Make it is complicated as possible so that the average human being understands sod all and, by default, they, the nerds, appear even more intelligent.

Just one thing that rattled my cage last night and caused me to beat my head on the table while Chea sat inches away, shaking her head and wishing someone intelligent had ‘rescued’ her from the RSPCA. Well, too late, sunbeam.

Taking of Chea. I spent last Saturday at a craft fair selling my books. OK, I’m still not rich but it was fun and I have confirmed another in December . . . but, I digress.

While I was out Richard was in charge of all things . . . Chea, poo picking the chucks, patrolling them while they murdered insects on their daily scratch around, cleaning the filter box to the pond etc. These things, I thought, were within his scope. Wrong.

I came home to Richard, hands on hips (defensive pose if you ask me?) and slightly twitching. He said, ‘Everything is fine, chucks done, pond done and I’ve got up all the fallen leaves from the top of the garden.’

‘Good,’ I said.

Hands still on hips.

‘And how’s Chea?’

He frantically dashed to the kettle. ‘Want a cup of tea?’ he said.

‘Chea?’ I said.

‘Well . . . ‘

When Richard starts a sentence with ‘well,’ AND he’s making tea it’s not a good sign.

‘What’s happened?’ I said.

‘Well . . . when I was picking up the leaves I heard a commotion two doors away, cats spitting and howling and going nuts.’


‘Yes,’ he said, hiding behind the protection of the now boiled kettle.

‘I shook the crunchies!’ he exclaimed.

‘The crunchies?’

‘Yes, you know, to get her in, but she didn’t come back for ages, and when she did finally come back she was limping.’



Right on cue the little wounded soldier appeared from upstairs, hobbling on 3 legs and casting accusing glances at Richard.

By morning she was placing the foot to the floor and the next day she was sound. She wasn’t too bright yesterday so I’m keeping an eye on her in case it was a bite and it starts to abscess. She is due a yearly booster but we have both been putting off taking her to the vet. Last time she was there she incited every cat, in the pre op room, to turn into hissing, spitting demons. She had to be sedated through the cage because the vet dare not pick her up! She hates the vet with a vengeance, almost as much as I hate attempting to fill in forms.

Regarding book sales, because I did mention them, up the page a bit, I just want to set the record straight. I’ve been meaning to mention this before but have never been in the kind of mood I need to be in to mention it. Today I AM in that kind of mood.

When self-published authors are selling lots of books the following fact is void BUT when self-published authors are not selling books, and their sales flat line (and they do) all promises of, ‘I’m just off to buy your book now,’ and ‘going to buy your book to’ . . .  A. Take on holiday. B. Send to a friend. C. Light the fire with. D. Use as a door stop, doesn’t cut the mustard. If our books flat line it’s pretty bloody obvious that no one bought a copy for any of the above reasons or for any other reason. You did not buy the book! And that’s fine, perfectly, absolutely, categorically fine . . . but don’t lie and pretend that you have. OK? There’s no need. Truly. A friend of mine was most upset by promises that didn’t materialise and the long blue line remained a long blue line without a single ‘spike.’

So, if I’ve offended anyone by saying this, tough, don’t lie to me. I may be an idiot but I’m not stupid . . . and, what’s more, I doubt other authors are stupid either.

#hums and shuffles off into the distance!

Take care my lovelies x2015-02-22 20.49.39


10 thoughts on “Kid Me Not Sunbeam!

  1. Chea looks such an angel. And as for flat-lining – well, been there, done that. Actually I do that most of the time. Very impressed that you went to sell your books at a craft market. Did you get much interest? Hope it went well – or as well as us self-pubs can expect…

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    • Hi Malla. Yes, Chea has her moments, she’s a very sweet cat really . . .but appears to hate other cats with a vengeance! I toddled off to the craft thingy with an author friend who lives nearby. It was a small, church hall affair – actually a QUILT fair. I found this out after I’d said I’d do it. I’ve ‘done’ craft fairs in the past – but with something I made, not the novels, so I was well educated to the system. Sometimes no one comes through the door. other times they pass through and continue passing! So I was expecting nothing other than to give out a few book marks with info on that people could take advantage of and find me on Amazon etc. The sales, between us, were only a dozen BUT since then there have been a few Amazon sales. I’ve just booked another for December but this time it is a bigger affair and held in a library so fingers crossed. Re flat-lining – it’s hard ‘selling’ books when all around us people are giving theirs away. I think, in time, things will change? I read of a swing back to paperbacks? I’m pretty sure no one will giving those away in their hundreds? But what do we know, hey, my friend? xxx


  2. Hi Elaine. I think the recent weather, rain, and grey, dark skies has dampened her spirits somewhat, as well. But then it’s had a bit of a dampening effect on mine too! I don’t get email notifications any more when you post. Are you still posting? Hope the tribe is well? 😀


  3. Aw poor Chea – really hope she’s perked up by now, and that the vet visit can be postponed until everyone is fully prepared (gauntlets at the ready?!).
    I get fed up when the traffic through my blog stalls to a halt, so I can only imagine how frustrating it is with promised book sales. When I jump on the book bandwagon, I will most definitely find out for myself! Good luck for the next book sale – shame I don’t live closer, otherwise I’d love to come along and annoy you 😉 x

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